Isolation and Introspection


An Editors’ Pick for our current times

Following the announcement of the winning selection for our April 2020 Open Call and our subsequent Editors’ Pick, our Editors announce a third curated selection of work from the submissions received, this time inspired by and in response to coronavirus.

We must make clear that none of the images in this selection were submitted directly in response to a coronavirus theme, and that while some explicitly confront the topic, or were shaped by its implications, others were made long before the virus came to light. With this latter category then, it is the curator’s interpretation that befits the topic, rather than the photographer’s intent. But is that not revealing in itself? With half of the world’s population in some form of lockdown during April 2020, and the pandemic dominating 24-hour news cycles, it’s fair to say that coronavirus has touched almost everything. With its near-ubiquity, it has become almost impossible to view image-making entirely aside from that lens.

It is of course a somber topic, but within these works we see glimmers of hope, wit and creativity, and as a cohesive selection they highlight the intersectionality of our lives – what draws us together, as well as what separates us. We hope you find something illuminating across the work of these 20 talented photographers.

www.jasnav.com / @jasna_vukos

“This is from a series of self-portraits in hotel rooms that I have visited for work or for personal reasons. Hotels are particularly interesting for me as they almost materialize this feeling of a “non-place” of “being nowhere”. They are places of transition, in which we are almost levitating, or taking a break, before we actually find our “place” somewhere. Hotels are places where our identity, as we know it, can vanish, and where we can, at least for a moment, forget who we are and where we come from, where we can feel free from our roots. Being a nomad myself and having changed my home, country, language, even continent multiple times, I feel that a hotel is a place where all these identities that I feel within can co-exist. It gives me the opportunity to understand that identity has many layers, and that it is a mobile, and not a fixed structure, like we normally believe.”