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These images represent the very best of today’s photography, as selected by our jury members. Congratulations to these talented photographers. Your work holds power!

How often do you travel the same route home from work, to the shops, or to college and nothing ever changes? People pass by, their heads down, cars whizz back and forth, and you keep walking in the same old way. And then suddenly, one day, by chance something different catches your eye. Click! You freeze that moment where all the elements align: sunlight, subject, and setting.

It’s possible many of the photographers on the following pages have had a similar experience to the one above. Some may look like lucky catches, but it’s likely many hours, days, weeks or even months have been spent in those places, looking, waiting and hoping for a picture to reveal itself.

Such is the perplexing and contradictory nature of photography. The act of making pictures can be thrilling, addictive, and undeniably fulfilling; but it can also be immensely frustrating, disheartening, and even soul-destroying. While chance plays a part, great photographs are not down to luck alone; the people who create them practise serious patience and dedication.

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