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In addition to the monthly themed competition we’ve shaped a series award for photographers who would like to submit a body of work. It is an open call for entries… Any topic, any genre, any format.


Win a prestigious solo exhibition in Rome

The winner will have their own show and evening launch at the Matèria Gallery, a stunning exhibition space specialised in contemporary photography, and located in the San Lorenzo neighborhood of Rome. The winner will also have their work published in GUP magazine.

Receive personalized feedback on your submission

Our guest critic team gives structured and detailed feedback on every Series Award submission, with the aim of helping each photographer develop their practice. Feedback is designed to give a fresh perspective and professional insight into aspects such as photographic technique, statement writing, sequencing and editing, and story-telling.


The grand winner of the Series Award will be selected by esteemed gallery owner Brian Paul Clamp.

After completing a Masters of Art degree in Critical Studies in Modern Art at Columbia University, Brian founded ClampArt in central Manhattan – a gallery specialising in contemporary photography from emerging and mid-career artists. He represents a selection of well-known names including Amy Stein, Brian Finke and Lori Nix, and holds work by the likes of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Diane Arbus, Annie Leibovitz, David Bailey and Ryan McGinley. He is author of numerous publications on American Art, and a frequent portfolio reviewer, on panels and at photo festivals all over the world.

His unique standing, working closely with his represented artists and as a passionate contributor to the emerging photographic community makes him a perfect juror for our Series Award.


> Open call for entries

Enter a photographic project on any topic, of any genre, and in any format.  We’re interested in the execution, the originality and the meaning of your art. There are no categories or themes so just enjoy the freedom and submit your main body of work.

> How to enter

The Series Award is only open to members of Life Framer. Each series submission should be comprised of  5 to 20 photos. Membership cost is 80 USD.

> Upon submission

Following your entry you’ll also be able to enter all future monthly themes of the Life Framer Prize 2017 (with group shows in Tokyo, London and New York!). You’ll be granted access to the My LF area and all exclusive membership features.


Previous winner – Frederik Buyckx

The winner, selected by acclaimed fine-art photographer Mona Kuhn, is Frederik Buyckx with his series ‘WOLF’. His series will be presented at a solo exhibition at Matèria Gallery in Rome from 8 June to 4 July 2017, curated by Life Framer and Matèria Gallery owner Niccolò Fano.

Looking through the images of Frederik Buyckx, words such as magical, ethereal, and enigmatic spring to mind. Perhaps it is the way the Belgian photographer deftly renders the scenes before him in black and white, his touch subtle and light; or maybe it is the intrinsic beauty of the landscapes and the compositions he makes in and of these places. Surely it is all of these things, yet a second glance confirms what we already know: these images are ultimately indefinable, they exist in a realm of their own, and no matter how hard we try it is impossible to put a finger on what makes them so captivating.

But that is precisely the joy of such a body of work – one that delights in its mysteriousness. Motivated by a desire to immerse himself in nature and experience both its beauty and fearsome spirit first-hand, Buyckx journeyed across Europe, crossing paths with people and animals who live off the land. Allowing himself to be at one with the landscapes he encountered, in the way a wolf might, Buyckx embraced the inevitable loneliness that came his way, deliberately entering into uncomfortable situations so he could photograph what he was seeing and experiencing in the most real way possible.

Life Framer has given me the opportunity to showcase my work on the international stage. I had the privilege of showing one of my series both online and in an exhibition, which was fantastic exposure and within a few days of the exhibition I had received serious interest from potential buyers. Several of these have already led to sales”

Justine Tjallinks – previous winner