Project Description

“YOUTHHOOD” – Announcing the winners


We’re delighted to present the results of Life Framer edition II’s eights theme!  We asked you to explore the road through life, transitional stages, the teenage years, sexual expression, social beliefs, growing up. From birth to toddler to child, teen and pre-adult… The photography competition was judged by Stacy Kranitz.

Stacy Kranitz is a documentary and portrait photographer who has been working on long form projects for more than 8 years. Stacy has a unique ability to capture raw freedom and carefreeness. Her style is unpretentious yet devastatingly powerful. Her stories have been published in magazine like The Fader, Forbes, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Spin, Stern, The Wall Street Journal and Wired.

You can discover the winning images below and join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter. Congratulations to all the talented photographers featured and thank you all for your support. Youth demands more than ordinary life. Age clings to it!

All images © the photographer.