Project Description

“OPEN CALL” – Announcing the winners


We’re delighted to present the results of Life Framer edition II’s fourth theme. Pictures are worth a thousand words as the old saying goes… For this theme we asked you to show us those pictures in an open call – no explicit lead, and the freedom to investigate everything and capture anything. We asked you to show us life as you’ve seen it, experienced it, or imagined it. The photography competition was judged by Steve Bisson.

Steve Bisson is an Italian curator, editor, online publisher and gallery director. He is a photography guru who works for magazines, books, festivals, museums and galleries all over the world. He is the founder of Urbanautica, one of the most distinguished and most loved independent online photography platforms online. We caught up with Steve and asked him his thoughts on his judging position. His response was wise and honest: “I believe that a good photograph is not necessarily a knock out. It can also be something that gives you a hand. I have been invited to some juries before, however I do not particularly like to judge. I approached photography because I felt that I could learn something from others. I never stopped believing in this.” Thank you to Steve for joining us and playing the game!

You can discover the winning and shortlisted images below and join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter. Congratulation to all the talented photographers featured and thank you all for your support. Life is not an equation to be resolved, but a true reality to be experienced. Let’s face it now!