Project Description

“AN INSTANT” – Announcing the winners


We’re delighted to present the results of Life Framer edition II’s seventh theme! Life is a gas, and so for this theme we asked you to forget the past, put the future on hold, and focus on the now – a detail, an expression, an action, a feeling.  The photography competition was judged by Matt Eich.

Matt is a much sought-after independent photographer born and based in Virginia, USA. His work centres on social documentary storytelling, exploring individuals and communities, the issues they face and their sense of identity – from his own backyard and family to the societies of Peru, Rwanda, Botswana, India, Mexico and the United Kingdom. He said about the selection:

“I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of interpretations of the theme “An Instant.” I gravitated towards frames where the light, color, form and content all coalesced. Selecting and ranking images can seem like an arbitrary task, but in the end I was thinking about images that have staying power … photographs that diffuse the temporary nature of the ‘instant’.”

You can discover the winning images below and join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter. Congratulations to all the talented photographers featured and thank you all for your support.

All images © the photographer.