Passages of Quiet and Rebel Fragility


The Life Framer editors make their pick of the images and stories not included in the judge’s selection for our ‘Youthhood’ theme.

Following David Stewart’s selection of winning images for our theme ‘Youthhood’, this compilation of 20 images represents some of the other talented photographers whose work struck us and left a mark. Some are more literal representations of youth, and others are more abstract, but each one is a stunning image worthy of exposure and attention.

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Banner image courtesy of Stefanie Minzenmay.

www.stefanie-minzenmay.de and Instagram: @fotografiesmy


Images courtesy of Melanie Desriaux from her series ‘Conquest’.




“I started a ‘family study’ in my own family and then traveled to South Africa to combine the photos of my own children with shots of families in the township of Kliptown. I didn’t only explore how things are now, but also how they could have been – although nothing is set up. I’m touched by the way people – anywhere in the world – are trying to make the best of their situation, without disregarding their dreams. The pictures are just fragments of daily life and only partly reveal the reality. In this way, I try to create a trailer to reflect a certain atmosphere. The viewer is left the liberty to imagine the story behind it.”

Image and text courtesy of Inge Driesen from her series ‘It Wasn’t a Dream’.

www.projectbeta.be and Instagram: @ingedriesen


Image courtesy of Hugo Aymar.

www.hugoaymar.fr and Instagram: @hugo_aymar


Image courtesy of Andrea Monforti.

Instagram: @andmonfs


“‘I want to die’. During February 2013, this e-mail was sent by my best friend in my university, who was doing his job-hunting then. In Japan, more than half a million students participate in job-hunting simultaneously every year. Students go into this frantic game with their desire and anxiety for their future careers. ‘Recruit’ is a personal story of Yo Toshino, my best friend from my university, and his job-hunting experience. This is also just one of the stories amongst more than half a million job-hunters in Japan”.

Image and text courtesy of Hiroshi Okamoto from his series ‘Recruit’.

www.hiroshi-okamoto.com and Instagram: @hiroshi_okamotoo


Image courtesy of Verl Adams.



“Game, dream, small childhood epiphanies.

You win, you lose, you dream to grow in beauty, through passages of quiet and rebel fragility”.

Image and text courtesy of Paola Serino from her series ‘Childhood Ballads’.



“For two weeks straight, I drove along the Eastern Cape of South Africa and witnessed extreme contrasts in the land and its people. Within minutes, I drove from fancy vineyards set in abundant nature to dry townships where electricity is a luxurious privilege. This resilient nation that fought through apartheid and racial segregation, has now the opportunity to educate the younger generation in hope of a fresh start. This series is the result of the many visits I made to elementary schools and villages where I tried to understand the South African way of life and document this new generation that is filled with hope and acceptance”.

Image and text courtesy of Nicolas Gouin.

www.nicolasgouin.com and Instagram: @nico_gouin


‘Evie and Ewen’ courtesy of Vincent Gouriou.

www.vincentgouriou.com and Instagram: @vincentgouriou


“I walked into Round K about a year ago; a peaceful and friendly café in the Lower Manhattan neighborhood of New York. It is the owner’s will to welcome customers as if they’d entered the informal space of someone’s house and I, like most of the people stopping by, immediately felt welcome. However, as you can expect from any metropolis, most of the customers remain anonymous and led by my curiosity, I decided to portray the variety of characters passing by.

There’s a 30 minutes window in the summer evenings, when the sun light comes through the front windows. I find this light to be somehow evocative of a nostalgic past. That light, along with the confined space where I take these photographs, seems to comfort people, soothe them. Ultimately, I am interested in something far deeper and richer than how the subjects look: I want hints of their personality to come through their general presence in a public yet intimate setting”.

Image and text courtesy of Matteo Patocchi from his series ‘People of Round K’.

www.patocchiphotography.com and Instagram: @patocchiphotography


Image courtesy of Andrea Nuvoloni.

www.andreanuvoloni.com and Instagram: @thesadstork


‘Fluid’ courtesy of Jane Long.

www.janelong.com.au and Instagram: @long_jane


      Image courtesy of Marco Giannattasio.


“This image is from an ongoing long-term project where I portray people in a moment of psychological encounter with themselves or those who are close to them. Each image is another family and another relationship. All the scenes are based on my observations and interpretation of the true relationships that I witness when encounter the families, however the scenes are moderately orchestrated in order to bring out the essence of their particular bond”.

Image courtesy of Viktoria Sorochinski from her series ‘Silent Dialogs’.

www.viktoria-sorochinski.com and Instagram: @viktoria_sorochinski



‘Blue Sorrow’ courtesy of Tahmineh Monzavi from her series ‘Afghanistan Today’.

www.tahminehmonzavi.com and Instagram: @tahminehmonzavi


Image courtesy of Lauren Mitchell.

www.laurenmitchellphotography.com and Instagram: @lauren_m_mitchell


‘The Jewel in the Crown of Kashmir – Dal Lake, Kashmir’ courtesy of Jonny Pickup.

www.jonnypickup.com and Instagram: @jonny_pickup


Image courtesy of Holger Nitschke.

www.lichtreize.com and Instagram: @lichtreize


Image courtesy of Henriette Ebbesen.

www.henrietteebbesenart.tumblr.com and Instagram: @henrietteebbesen

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