FAQs – Image Requirements

Find out about requirements for your images before submitting to the award.

We accept photos of any type – film and digital, landscape, portrait, square…. Please make sure that each one is in .jpg or .png file format, and less than 2mb in size – we recommend around 1000px shortest dimension. We’ll of course ask for bigger images if you’re chosen as an exhibitor.

Don’t worry about naming images – they’ll be automatically re-named with your full name and the theme when you submit them. If you would like to include titles or descriptions, please include them in the description box on the upload page.

Yes – there’s no restriction on when an image was taken. What the image says is more important than when it was shot!

Yes. Life Framer respects your rights and does not claim copyright for works you submit to the award. You will retain full copyright in each entry, with us granted a licence to use it for specific purposes (e.g. on our social media and in relation to the winners exhibitions). For more details, please read our full rules.

The best camera is the one that’s always with you. Photography is clearly evolving and we pivot with the times too… So yes you can submit pictures taken with a mobile/cell phone and Instagram ones too. It’s not all about the filter though, so keep your shots sharp and meaningful!

Please note that due to resolution constraints of some phones, mobile/cell phone images may have to be printed at a size smaller than camera images if exhibited in the final shows.

Yes, we love photography no matter the style or genre. As long as photography is the principle medium, we also accept mixed-media images.

Yes of course – it’s your art and the effects you choose to apply in-camera and afterwards are your decision. Please don’t add any watermarks to your images though.

Yes, when you submit your images there is a text box which you can use to add descriptions and titles.

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