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Find out about requirements for your images before submitting to the award.

We accept photos of any format – film camera, digital camera or cell phone, in landscape, portrait or square. Please make sure that each one is .jpg format, and less than 8mb in size. We recommend around 2500px longest dimension. We’ll of course ask for bigger images if you’re chosen as an exhibitor.

For re-sizing your images, we recommend learning an editing software package like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP, although we also find to be effective and very simple to use.

Don’t worry about naming your images – they’ll be automatically linked to your account and the theme when you submit them. If you would like to add titles or descriptions please include them in the description box on the upload page.

We accept images old and new – It doesn’t matter when they were taken. You may submit the same images to multiple themes and also to you Series Award entry.

Yes. Life Framer respects your rights and does not claim copyright for images you submit to the award. You will retain full copyright in each entry, with Life Framer granted the rights to use your image in conjunction with the award. For more details, please read our full rules.

The best camera is the one that’s always with you and so yes, we accept images taken with mobile /cell phones. Please note that due to resolution constraints, mobile phone pictures may have to be printed at a size smaller than camera images if exhibited in the final shows although with modern phones this is not usually the case.

Yes, we accept all forms of post-processing and image manipulation (including cropping and re-coloring) as well as mixed-media art, as long as photography is at the heart of your images. Please note that some judges may be less interested in heavy post-processing, and so we recommend that it is done tastefully.

Yes, when you submit your images there is a description box in which you can add text such as titles, descriptions or a series statement. You do not need to submit your entries one by one – you can submit them together, with one set of text that includes individual descriptions of your images in the order of upload.

Please do not include watermarks on your images. While we recognize that you want to protect your provenance of your work, it is no longer common practice to add watermarks to images shared online, and can at worst negatively affect the impact of your images. Instead, we ensure that the images we post are always of relatively low file weight with full photographer copyright details.

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