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World Travelers Editors’ Pick

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller

Following Steve McCurry’s selection of winning images for our WORLD TRAVELERS theme, this compilation of 20 images, selected by the Life Framer editors represents some of the other talented photographers whose work struck us and left a mark. Each a stunning image worthy of exposure and attention…

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Banner image and text courtesy of Luciana Trappolini.

“The desolate Easter Saturday procession where three hundred women dressed in black mourn the death of Christ.”

Instagram: @traluce64

Editor’s comment: “An exceptional use of black and white photography. The image manages to depersonalize the individual while effectively creating a patterned landscape. Yet it’s the pattern that brings us back to wondering about the individuals… the lone, suited man top right adds an additional layer of intrigue.”

Image and text courtesy of Simona Ciocarlan.

Instagram: @simona.ciocarlan

“This image is part of a documentary project that seeks to provide insights into the lives of people that continue to practice ancestral rituals and wear traditional attire in Europe. Throughout this series I am investigating how our perceptions over the world are influenced by cultural heritage. It’s fascinating to discover ancient traditions passed from generation to generation still being celebrated and preserved in our days. Although many aspects of a culture could be considered unfamiliar, ultimately we are all bound by the same primordial feelings – love, hope and fear.”

Editor’s comment: “While the lighting, color and composition are excellent, what really sets this photo apart is the pattern repetition in the clothing, the embroidery, and the wall hanging. Just beautiful”.

Image courtesy of Giacomo Carlini.

Editor’s comment: “The quintessential travel photo. At first glance it looks like so many other travel photos of this region, yet the deeper one goes into it, the more the uniqueness of the capture really shines. From the action of creating a fire in the boat, to the expression on the subject’s face, it all brings the viewer into a palpable, sensorial experience of this moment.”

‘Sock-It’: Image courtesy of French Cowboy.

www.french-cowboy.com and Instagram: @french_cowboy

Editor’s comment: “An engaging and suggestive juxtaposition infused with everything from amusement to societal commentary. Very rich.”

Image and text courtesy of Loes Heerink from the series Merchants in Motion.

“Merchants in Motion tries to highlight the beauty of Vietnamese street vendors. The series contains images of street vendors all shot from above.”

www.loesheerink.com and Instagram @lheerink

Editor’s comment: “The top-down point of view really works in capturing the simplicity and beauty of the different circles and what lies within them. The colors really set the baskets and their contents apart in a startling yet pleasing way. There’s a satisfying order to the frame, and a wonderful sense of freedom.”

Image and text courtesy of Jean Claude Nouchy.

“This image was shot during my recent trip to Iceland. The colours were so mind-blowing a single image could never express the intensity and grandeur of such a landscape view. With my images I tried to emphasise both the size and the picturesque look by framing tightly on the main elements in front of my eyes.”

www.visualcortexlab.com and Instagram: @visualcortexlabphoto

Editor’s comment: “Excellent color and patterning, the composition draws the viewer in across a large expanse to the mountain beyond, while the pastels in the sky heighten the sense of peace.”

Image courtesy of Gaston Emery.

www.gas3d.com and Instagram: @gas3d

Editor’s comment: “Images with the subject smiling at the camera can sometimes be cheesy, but here the dramatic sky, the bright colored crops and the sheer infectious charm of this Indonesian farmer make it work.”

Image courtesy of Gabriela Gutierrez.

www.gabrielagum.com and Instagram: @iamgabrielagum

Editor’s comment: “A clear, simple composition highlighting a moment in time and culture in a bravely abstract way. Well done!”

Image courtesy of Matthew Thorne.

www.matthewjjthorne.com and Instagram: @matthewjjthorne

Editor’s comment: “A creative telling of a life well-traveled, Matthew’s image is quietly confident – the visible film grain creating a tactile, evocative feeling of life on the road.”

Image courtesy of Kathleen Gerber.


Editor’s comment: “This image is amazing in so many ways. The subject’s expression, the colors, the detail…all come together with great impact. The juxtaposition of this lady’s beautiful, glimmering jewelry against her modest surroundings, and the way details are picked out of the shadows with natural light is just stunning.”

Image and text courtesy of Mahesh Balasubramanian.

“Taken during The Mayana Soora Thiruvizha festival which takes place every March in the small village of Kaveripattinam the day after Mahashivarathiri – The great night of Shiva. The festival is devoted to Angalamman, a fierce guardian deity worshipped widely in Southern India.”

www.maheshb.com and Instagram: @mahesh_portraits

Editor’s comment: “Obviously the color and tight framing makes this image stand out, but looking deeper, the expression in the child’s eyes, the texture on the face, the intimacy of the red paint on the hand…it all comes together into a haunting and beautiful whole.”

Image courtesy of Beniamino Pisati.

www.beniaminopisati.com and Instagram: @beniamino_pisati

Editor’s comment: “The excellent composition and post-processing, lead to an exquisite sense of storytelling. The subject is so expressive, one can’t fail to feel oneself bringing the fish home along with him.”

Image courtesy of Seungwook Lee.


Editor’s comment: “Captivating in its balance and implied momentum, the simplicity of the composition brings both a sense of peace and a heightened interest to a place where images can sometimes verge on cliché. Creatively done!”

Image courtesy of Patricia Sofra.

www.patriciasofra.com and Instagram: @patricia_sofra

Editor’s comment: “An amazing juxtaposition of textures and colors. The elegance of the rock to the right works symbiotically with the fluidness of the cloth to the left, and the men anchor the image with a dramatic sense of scale. Beautiful.”

Image and text courtesy of Edgar Takoyaki from the series Analog Japan.

“For the past four or five years I have been visiting Japan and documenting different prefectures with a 35mm and medium format film cameras. This image was shot in Kamakura.”


Editor’s comment: “Chock full of symbolism, this capture evinces the power of creative reflections. There can be great beauty in turning the world upside down.”

Image and text courtesy of Nyree Cox.

www.piktureit.net and Instagram: @nyree_cox

“Ladies selling coffee in Saudi Arabia – I call them the entrepreneurs.”

Editor’s comments: “Excellent storytelling. One can’t help but wonder about the lives of these women in this sparse environment, especially when contrasting their muted clothing with the brightly-colored van behind them.”

Image courtesy of Quim Fabregas.

www.quimfabregas.org and Instagram: @quimfabregas

Editor’s comments: “The texture, expression and confident close-up framing make this an image to return back. One wonders about the story behind it – that single tear so evocative.”

Image and text courtesy of Solène Gün.

“This photo was taken in the province of Boulmane among Berbers in Morocco. This small hamlet inhabited by 5 families is perched in the mountains. This image is representative of the daily life of the children who live there. In this picture two children from the village come back from a walk on their donkey before nightfall.”

Instagram: @gunsahma

Editor’s comments: “Part of what makes a great travel image is capturing a sense of culture and place. This image does this with great simplicity and grace.”

Image courtesy of Kasia Trojak.

www.kasiatrojak.com and Instagram: @kasia.trojak

Editor’s comments: “A single action caught through many different angles. Even the photo of the model reflects a key piece of the what’s going on. Kasia juxtaposes the concept of glamor with this modest barbershop quite brilliantly. An excellent composition, brilliant framed!”

Image and text courtesy of Federico Frangi.

“Wishes flying in time, whispers encircle the emptiness in the ear of the traveler. Fuji film 100, roll 35, Ladakh, India, 2009.”

www.federicofrangi.com and Instagram: @federicofrangi

Editor’s comments: “There’s something haunting about the look in this child, especially when contrasted to the background. Excellent storytelling.”

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