Reality and perception, the living and the artificial



“[My] photographs play with reality and perception, the true and the false, the living and the artificial”.

Vincent Fournier claims that the photography is about seeing and then choosing. It can be summarized for him as a matter of choice. His works are fuelled by a fascination of science and of different forms of utopia, and are executed with a perfect balance of childlike inquisitiveness and crisp, mature clarity. They are beautiful, poetic visions of the world; the real and the imagined.


You describe your work as “the imaginary and fantasy side of science”. Do you have a background in science? Where do you think this focus comes from?

No I don’t have any scientific back ground. This interest may come from childhood I guess, like many things in life. This fascination could certainly be attributed to the numerous afternoons spent with my parents visiting the ‘Science Museum’ in Paris, discovering some amazing installations.

Observe the stars, travel in space, make life or reprogram it, see the invisible… In scientific and technological research it is always the part of dreams and of mystery which interests me. Between Jules Verne and Jacques Tati, Charles Darwin and David Cronenberg, I play with certain forms of utopia to use the fictional and wonderful potential of science.

I like composing images where the sense and the non-sense mix. My photos question the world which surrounds us by creating shady, improbable, sometimes inconsistent situations, always on the border of serious history and childhood dreams.