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If you need help before, during or after your submission, this is the place to be.


You enter Life Framer by logging-in to your ‘my LF’ account.

After payment you will be redirected automatically to the account registration page where you can create your ‘my LF’ account. If for any reason this doesn’t happen, or you lose the link, you can go back there here:

Please ensure that you register with the same email address as the one you used to pay (you can change it to another address in your account settings afterwards if you need).

Once you have your ‘my LF’ account, you can submit at any point by logging-in from our homepage (the ‘my LF’ button) and then clicking ‘Submit’ on the ‘my LF’ landing page.

Firstly, please check that each one is .jpg format, and less than 8mb in size. Please also ensure that you’re not trying to upload more images than the total number of entries you have available. If the problem persists, just drop an email to