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Street Life Editors’ Pick

“The marvels of daily life are exciting; no movie director can arrange the unexpected that you find in the street” – Robert Doisneau

Banner image and text courtesy of Veronique Sciretta.

“This image is from a trip from Havana to Santiago. I capture moments when I am very anchored in the place where I am”.


Following David Alan Harvey’s selection of winning images for our theme ‘STREET LIFE’, this compilation of 20 images, selected by the Life Framer editors represents some of the other talented photographers whose work struck us and left a mark. Some are more literal representations of the theme, and others are more abstract, but each one is a stunning image worthy of exposure and attention.

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Image courtesy of Nicolas Dassler.

www.dasslerphotography.com and Instagram: @nicolasdassler

Image courtesy of Jon Setter.

Instagram: @jonsetter

Image courtesy of Alessandro Antonini.

“Doha, Qatar. People enjoy some fresh air staring at the beautiful Doha Skyline from the Museum of Islamic Art”

Instagram: @alexandrophotography

Image courtesy of Michelle L Elmore from her series ‘Ya Heard Me’.

“This is from my study of grills in New Orleans. I walked up to folks with a magnifying filter on my 50mm lens and took three shots each. Altogether I photographed over two hundred people in two years.”

www.michelleelmore.com and Instagram: @ig88shell

Image courtesy of Robyn Daly from her series ‘Sky Colours’, shot in New York City, 2015.

www.robyndalyphotography.com and Instagram: @robyndaly_

‘The Living Mountain’ courtesy of Afra Yan.

Instagram: @afrayan

Image courtesy of Nancy Lee.

Image courtesy of Lu Wenpeng.

www.luwenpeng.net and Instagram: @luwenpeng

Image courtesy of Bastien Deschamps from his series ‘Je Cours après mon Ombre (I chase my shadow)’.

Esther Granek is one of my favourite poets. Her poetry is always between shadows and light, melancholia and hope, reality and dreams, and she influenced my photographs for a quite a long time. As she passed away one year ago last month I made a photo essay inspired by her poem ‘Ombres’ (Shadows) in the streets of Tokyo as an homage.

“Quand mes penses sarrtent
Et figent les instants

Quand en moi se rptent
Dautres lieux dautres temps

Quand dun mot dune phrase
Sestompe le dcor

Et quand un ange passe
Dennui ou de remords

Je cours aprs mon ombre
Et nul ne sait

Esther Granek, Ombres, 1981″”

www.bastiendeschamps.com and Instagram: @ecdemomaniak

Image courtesy of Anton Guatama.

www.antongautama.com and Instagram: @antongautama

‘White Dog in Blizzard’ courtesy of Brian Deutzman.

www.briandeutzman.com and Instagram: @briandeutzman

Image courtesy of Kevin Lo Kee Pierrat.

www.lokee-photo.com and Instagram: @lokee.photo

Image courtesy of Benoit Benedetti.

Image courtesy of Alan Burles.

“Street photography can be more than shapes, shadows, movement, patterns and colours. It can be rich in ideas and humour as Elliot Erwitt has shown across his whole career. Like nature, life gives constantly and I consider my photos to be gifts presented by life when I am lucky enough to be seeing in the right way. My photographs were reviewed in a magazine in China recently and I managed to get the Cantonese text translated. The reviewer said: “Sometimes a photograph needs you to just enjoy it, and sometimes it requires your eyes to listen to the jokes it’s telling you”. I can’t put it better than that.”

www.alanburles.com and Instagram: @alanburles

Image courtesy of Alexandre Chaplier from his series ‘Waiting for Tomorrow’.

“Through my photographic wanderings in todays urban Morocco I seek to reveal individuals who seem haggard or as constrained by the evolving city. It is a Morocco that is sometimes in motion, sometimes fixed in the past, with no clear crossroad between a country that is being built and another that remains deeply rooted in tradition. It is a country where construction sites reveal contrasts and anachronisms. The streets seem frozen in expectation of being caught up in the wave of renewal. It is this face of Moroccan society – this Morocco in suspense – that fascinates me and that I persist in photographing.”

Instagram: @alexandrechaplier

Image courtesy of Vincent Tillieux.


Image courtesy of Yann Macherez.

“A huge tiger shark right in the middle of the street. As I was walking on my way to the fish market in Stone Town I literally bumped into this beautiful predator. He was lying there with dark eyes surrounded by a troop of fishermen. The meat had been divided equitably and distributed to each fisherman showing pride and happiness. A bloody celebration”

www.today-project.com and Instagram: @yannmacherez

Image courtesy of Sara Nicomedi.

www.saranicomediphotography.com and Instagram: @saranicomedi

Image courtesy of Pierre Belhassen.

www.pierrebelhassen.com and Instagram: @pierre.belhassen

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