Street Life 101


Nine street photography philosophies to challenge and advance your craft

Street photography is a beautiful thing. It’s perhaps the purest and most democratic form of photography – no studio, no set brief, and open to anyone with a camera and the will to leave their living room. With such accessibility though, comes an abundance of imagery, and therefore it takes special work to transcend the expected, the tropes and the clichés. ‘Pure’, as referred to in the first sentence, should not be mistaken for ‘simple’. The best examples of the genre (and the genre being pretty broad in our view) may sometimes look effortless, but they no doubt require patience and resolve, technique, creativity and concept.

This abundance extends to articles about street photography. There are a million blogs and features showcasing street photography tips, techniques and inspiration, some more valuable than others, and so we risk treading old ground. But these nine philosophies (or informed suggestions if you prefer) are our attempt to distil some of the pieces of advice that have really resonated with us, or that we’ve discovered for ourselves along the way. Some might be second nature to you already, and other may not echo with your style or aspirations, but nonetheless we hope you find some small nuggets of inspiration among them. Happy snapping!

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Shoot a lot, Discard a lot

“Street photography is 99.9% about failure.” – Alex Webb

“You shoot a lot of shit and you’re bound to come up with a few good ones.” – Trent Parke