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Learn all you need to know about our Series Award.

The Series Award is a special call for entries for bodies of related work (or ‘series’). In contrast to the monthly award which is a ‘single image’ contest (you can of course enter multiple images, but each one is judged on its own merit), the Series Award is for bodies of connected work. It runs annually, and so is open for the entirety of each edition of Life Framer. Results are announced shortly after the close of the final monthly theme of Life Framer. You can find out more about it here.

The Series is open to all Life Framer members. As a member you can also enter 12 consecutive monthly themes (10 images per theme) free of charge.

The rules are the same as the monthly award – you can read them here.

You can only enter the Series Award once (with a single body of work of up to 20 images), and so please consider carefully before doing so. You can submit up to the end of October 2020.