Documenting The Ordinary


Rosalie van der Does on documenting the ordinary

Rosalie van der Does is a Dutch photographer with a diploma in both Applied Photography and Visual Communication. While she often works on assignment, her personal projects have much to do with documenting patterns of human behavior that one can find in everyday environments. For example, her series “Picking and Packing” (Shoppen En Proppen) documents how different people load their purchases at IKEA into their cars. “Saved Love” (Opslag Verliefd) looks at the myriad of ways Dutch citizens have put their tiny, yet ubiquitous “garage boxes.”

Both of these projects document slices of everyday life, and the fact that the projects are done as a series allows us to see both the similarities and differences in how we as a human species organize little bits of our daily lives. While you document the ordinary, there are many authentic human experiences to choose from.