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Available to all Life Framer members and entrants, our Profiles are designed to complement photographers’ websites (or be a first step if you don’t have one), acting as an additional tool to celebrate an individual body of work. Photographers can build and share their own, and our editors feature some of their favorites in our virtual art space, the Life Framer Collection. Members also use their Profile to receive personalized feedback and submit to our annual Series Award.

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A Profile is a public portfolio page that can be created by all Life Framer members and entrants, where you can showcase your best work along with some information about yourself. It’s designed to complement rather than replace your website (if you have one), acting as an additional tool to celebrate your work in a simple and elegant way.

Your Profile is an advert for your work that you can share with your network. For photographers who don’t yet have a website, it can also act as a perfect starting point. You can also request for it be included in our Collection – a virtual art space where our editors share some of their favourite bodies of work from the Life Framer community. As a member, you’ll use your Profile to submit to our Series Award, and you can also request personalised feedback on it.

For entrants, you might want to share your favourite or most recent single series, or you might want to showcase a selection of your best images… the choice is yours. For members the same applies, but when it comes to submitting to the Series Award, your Profile should contain a single body of work, of 5-20 images.

You can access your Profile through ‘my LF’, and also through the direct link of format –

When you are logged-in to ‘my LF’ and head to your Profile, you will be able to edit and update it. When you are logged-out, and for anyone else who visits it, they will see the current ‘live’ version.

Yes you can. Head to your account page (via ‘my LF’) and you can add the links there.

Head to our Collection to see some that have been selected for feature by our editors

If you have any issues, please contact us – [email protected]