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Find out about more about your Profile, and what to do with it.

Every Life Framer entrant and member has the opportunity to create a Profile – a public page which you can use to feature a single series or a selection from your portfolio. It’s designed to complement your own website, or act as a introduction to your work if you don’t have one.

Once created, your Profile is publicly accessible, so you can share a link to it on social media, or email it out to your own network.

We feature some of our favorites on the Collection and you can request for yours to be featured via your ‘my LF’ account. Members also use their Profile to submit to the Series Award and request feedback.

To create your Profile, log-in to ‘my LF’. You’ll then see the ‘Profile’ button – click this and you’ll be guided through the process. When you are logged-in to ‘my LF’, you’ll see your profile in ‘Edit’ mode, and when logged-out you’ll see it in ‘Publish’ mode, just like everyone else sees it.

You can access your own with the format

Your Profile is entirely separate to your entries for the monthly themes – you enter these via the ‘my LF’ ‘Submit’ area. You do however use your Profile to submit to the Series Award (members only).

If you get stuck while creating your Profile, drop us an email and we’ll be happy to help –