Less About the Image, More About Who’s Behind the Camera


Our theme ‘Six Continents’ is judged by the wonderful Patrick di Nola – long time head of reportage photography at Getty Images. He’s now Commercial Director at Verbatim, and agency which he founded this year, representing a range of globally-acclaimed photojournalists such as Veronique de Viguerie, Brett Stirton and Peter Dench.

We sat down with Patrick to ask him about Verbatim, his approach to judging and critiquing photography, the work behind the scenes in photojournalism, and what he think it takes to be a photographer on assignment in a rapidly-changing world.

Banner image © Veronique de Viguerie, represented by Verbatim Agency


Hi Patrick, firstly thank so much for joining us as our judge for Life Framer’s theme ‘Six Continents’. Having sat on award juries before, and through your experience, can you tell us the types of things you’re looking for in a winning image?

With this particular contest and theme I am seeking out images that inspire and inform, that take the viewer to the location and connect them with what they are seeing. There is a wealth of travel imagery out there, so there are some inevitable clichés, but I am seeking something that brings a fresh look at what it is depicting.

What drew you to photography initially? And then from making images to editorial work?

My brother was briefly a travel photographer, so I started shooting as a young teenager, then went on to study photography at university. It was a technical course however, just as the digital revolution was taking place in photography, so as it taught me about Photoshop, metadata, and some of how the industry/business of photography operates. Based on that I decided to pursue a career involved in photography without being a photographer myself. The skills I had enabled me to get a job on a picture desk, and from there I developed a passion for editorial photography, particularly photojournalism. Over the years it evolved from editorial and NGO work, to applying the unique skills and talents of leading photojournalists to the commercial world, working with brands and on campaigns.