Paola Paredes
Featured photographer


Unveiled‘ is a documentary photography project that captures how Paola Paredes finally revealed her sexuality to her parents after twenty-eight years of secrecy. It is not only an invitation to witness the emotional journey before, during and after that liberating moment of revelation, but also an opportunity for her to tell the people she loves the most who she really is. Gay, proud and happy.

In the weeks prior to telling them she was gay, she spent time documenting her parents. She photographed them constantly on a day to day basis as a way to analyse their relationship while desensitising them to the presence of the cameras.

These pictures are not only a personal diary of Paola Paredes’ determination to pursue her art at the risk of rejection, but an upfront and often intense examination of what family, love and honesty still mean in a world that is changing beyond recognition.

© All photos courtesy of Paola Paredes.