by Kumi Oguro

by Kostas Kapsianis

by Tomas Urbelionis

by Tania Franco Klein

by Ola Walków (Valklove)

by Peyton Fulford

by Marcus Engler

by Poline Harbali

by Ludovica Bastianini

by Sachin Khona

by Demetris Koilalous

by Cyrille Robin

by Bivas Bhattacharjee

by Viktoria Sorochinski

by Tim Allen

by Hiro Tanaka

by Romy Maxime

by Ellen Jantzen

by Loreal Prystaj

by Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

 “OPEN CALL” – Announcing the winners

We’re delighted to present the results of the final monthly theme of Life Framer edition III, in the form of an Open Call. For this theme we asked you to surprise us – no explicit lead, and the freedom to investigate everything and capture anything. We asked you to show us life as you’d seen it, experienced it, or imagined it.

The theme was judged by Brian Paul Clamp – Owner and Director of ClampArt – a gallery in the centre of New York City’s art market, specializing in contemporary photography. He represents Amy Stein, Brian Finke and Lori Nix, and holds work by the likes of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Annie Leibovitz and Ryan McGinley.

You can discover the winning images below and join the discussion on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Congratulations to all the talented photographers featured.

First Prize: Giuseppe Lo Schiavo

“This artist’s image of a “wind sculpture” first struck me as otherworldly. A figure enshrouded in a thermal blanket in an isolated alpine landscape has been captured with a very short shutter speed (possible thanks in part to the blazing sun overhead).  Is this a human or a creature visiting from another world?” – Brian Paul Clamp

Second Prize: Loreal Prystaj

“Mirrors placed in the landscape always will bring to mind Robert Smithson and his iconic mirror displacements.  But unlike Smithson’s environmental sculptures from the late 1960s, this photograph includes a mysterious female figure among the foliage.  This is an appealing image making a serious statement about the relationship between humans and the environment.” – Brian Paul Clamp

Third Prize: Ellen Jantzen

“A digital construction of a landscape in the western United States again calls to mind aliens for me.  The photograph echoes Devil’s Thumb in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” but in this fantasy the mountaintop seen appears to be lifting away from itself.  It is an escape or perhaps an attempt to reveal something unseen beneath the surface?” – Brian Paul Clamp

A prestigious jury, 3 international exhibitions and $24000 in cash prizes.

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