Intelligence and Imagination


Open Call Editors’ Pick

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.” – Albert Einstein

Following Martin Parr’s selection of winning images for our OPEN CALL theme, this compilation of 20 images, selected by the Life Framer editors represents some of the other talented photographers whose work struck us and left a mark. Each a stunning image worthy of exposure and attention…

These are intended to be a conversation starter… so feel free to join the discussion on our social networks.

Banner image and text courtesy of Navinn Nava from the series Hedonist.

“The media has conditioned us to become mindless consumers. Advertisements are marketed to us 247. It is what we fixate on and it serves as a constant distraction. The fix is only temporary and the pleasure derived from this is the most superficial form of satisfaction. This body of work revolves around consumers’ guilty pleasures and overindulgence. By employing satire and exaggeration these works interrogate the lack of self-control in contemporary society while depicting its excess. Through humor and the absurd these works aim for the audience to question their relationship with both advertising and consumption.”

www.navinnnava.com and Instagram: @navinnnava

Editor’s comment: “If you’re looking for drama, you found it here. Brilliantly composed, Navinn drives his point on over-consumption home, not just through the stark complementary color scheme (which attracts immediately), but also through a ‘Theater of the Absurd’ style of posing and set creation. Being boxed in by the countless boxes of pizza is a beautiful final touch.”