On the Periphery


A journey through the suburbs of Los Angeles

Sinziana Velicescu‘s ‘On the Periphery’ explores the aesthetic and utilitarian effect of architecture in and around parts of Los Angeles that are less visited by the general public. Each image is a mini, minimal masterpiece – a perfect combination of clean lines and vivid colours, finding order, calm and beauty in an endless American suburbia.

She’s also an avid Instagramer, and her handle @casualtimetravel while seemingly random at first, is actually an apt description of her work. In a gentle, un-fussy way she captures ephemeral, fleeting moments in a city that never sits still. Boroughs that will be gentrified, cracked paintwork that will be re-decorated. The cleanliness of her approach and the crisp blue skies give her work a timeless, enduring quality.

We asked Sinziana to share the story behind her work with us.