Nora Stroebel
Featured photographer

Love is just a place

“Love is just a place”, Buenos Aires, 2012

In the middle class residential area Almagro in Buenos Aires life is calmer than in other parts of the city. While taking walks at night, you are likely to meet people who are taking their dogs out or going to buy a beer at one of the 24 hours shops. Here, against expectation, you find „Albergue Transitorios“, pay by the hour Hotels or so called „Telos“. Places, where couples go to be in private and which are widespread all over the city.

Teenagers and young adults who are not allowed to bring their partners to their parent’s home come here quite often. It’s also a popular place to meet your affair. In the argentinean catholic society, Telos symbolize in a charming way the double moral standard. The shiny front both teases and reflects at the same time the desire to have confidentially and anonymity. One can just guess what’s happening inside. Love is just a place, and it is open 24/7 in Almagro.