My Favorite Shot


What’s your favorite photo?

“This one”. “No, that one”. “Or maybe this one?!”

Could you pick a favorite image you’ve taken? Not easy we know, but to coincide with our January 2021 NIGHT LIFE call for entries, we asked some of the photographers in our community to do just that. Or at least to pick a shot related to the topic of Night Life that they hold dearly, were happy to have taken recently, or that resonates with them right now. Here they tell us why…

(Banner image: Tom Leighton. See more below)

GABRIEL ISAK / @gabriel_isak

’Under the Moon’. This image was photographed in Death Valley, California in 2018 when I took a trip to the west coast. I photographed it right after the sun had set to create the painterly blue atmosphere in the image. My friend posed for me in a black bodysuit as I photographed the image on a tripod due to it being very windy and cold. I’m so grateful we got the shot, since it was such a magical moment to experience a landscape so surreal as this one. I’m excited to go back to Death Valley one day soon when travel restrictions are over to explore more of its landscape and create more works there.”

LARA WILDE / @lara_wilde

’Youngsters – A young couple looking after the horses, taking a rest at the water tank’. “As for everyone, this was not a normal year for me. I am a true Berlin girl – I love the busy streets of my town, but fled the scene due to Coronavirus. I spent the summer at my Mom’s house, a small village in Lower Saxony, Germany. There, I was touched by how differently time passes, on how the next generation of farmers is growing up and how they might or might not spiral out of the old ways. Inspired, I created a series about working with your hands in the face of climate change, on thinking about global themes while working on what is right in front of you. The picture shows my little brother with his girlfriend on a hot Saturday night. Not hitting the clubs but watching the horses. I thought, with different clothing this could have been a picture from hundreds of years ago. This kind of stability made me jealous for a moment… What kind of life am I living?”

JUSTIN LISTER / @justinlisterphoto

’Self Reflection’. The project from which this image is taken has very real experiences from my life and childhood as the inspiration for each image. Even though the project is very personal, I know that a lot of these are shared experiences in many families. I want the viewer to make up their own story for this, and perhaps even imagine a different interpretation. This shot is probably my favorite. The concept came directly from a devastat