Havana Taxi Company


An interview with Markku Lahdesmaki

“My love of photography inspires a constant stream of personal work that is largely inspired by the values I hold dear — joy of life, peace of mind and a sense of humor”.

Cuba, and Havana in particular, is undoubtedly one of the world’s most photogenic places. It’s a must-visit place for cultural and visual aestheticists – particularly as the relaxation of US embargos threaten to modernize and homogenize a world that has been seemingly frozen in time since the 1950s, for good or bad.

Markku Lahdesmaki’s images caught our attention for the way in which he captures the beautiful American muscle cars Cuba is known for, across stunning compositions that celebrate the country’s people and architecture as much as its vehicles. Each has an elegant sheen to it, worthy of the polished cars themselves, and a sort of magic realism – each frame its own mini ‘world’ full of tiny details to absorb.

We put some questions to Markku to find out more…