Lynette Letic
Featured photographer

Between the Two

As a first generation Serbian-Australia, Lynette Letic is interested in the idea of living between two countries and ultimately, how one reconciles and defines their cultural identity in an Australian context. Through conversations with her family and members of the Serbian community, she began to consider the migrant experience. A new-found curiosity led her to seek a better understanding of her origin, along with the experiences of others who’ve reconciled their origins with new surroundings.

Feelings of nostalgia, displacement, and pride emanated from the stories told. She sought to document experiences through the visual, archival and textual, working towards presenting the collection of intimate tales in the form of a book.

Here hope is that Between the Two translates issues that are relevant not only to those of Serbian descent, but anyone faced with the struggles of reconciling their heritage and culture with identity.

© All photos courtesy of Lynette Letic

Lynette Letic