The Sky Above Kóspallag


This work is about a small village, Kóspallag, in the Börzsöny mountains, it is a documentary, but it is based on very subjective experiences. What I experience here has a special power, the landscape creates order and people adapt to it in the hope of a more sustainable future.

Images and story courtesy of László Gábor Belicza.

www.laszlogaborbelicza.com and Instagram: @laszlogabor.b

Although I have similar experiences since in my family, farming, gardening and animal husbandry play an important role, but here the bond between nature and man is really close. Of course, maybe it’s just because I can see all this from the outside, so it is often a precarious process, because I am an outsider. The fact that I am taking photographs of people, landscapes, and still life is less pronounced.

I’m more and more embedded here, community and individual destinies are forming in front of my eyes and I want to be part of that. I don’t know what came first, that it would be good to live here, or that what is here should be immortalised. Obviously, the eye that sees more, more intimately, is the privilege of the locals, but that is not my task for the moment; I infuse the land, the house, the landscape, the rural tranquillity with my own emotions. In this, the trust of the people of Kóspallag helps me a lot.

(2020 – ongoing)