In the Mind’s Eye: Working in Large Format


The making of an award-winning photograph on Florida’s Gulf Coast


My image ‘Explorers, Egmont Key, Florida’ was recently selected for Life Framer’s Youthhood theme judged by acclaimed commercial and fine art photographer David Stewart, having also won Juror’s Choice at the PhotoPlace Gallery ‘Man in the Landscape’ award. I was honored at the eloquence regarding the picture written in his juror’s statement:

“John’s image is eye-catching – there’s a strong composition, a gorgeous palette of colours, and the four boys, stood unnaturally ordered and regimented. As I see it, there’s almost a ‘Lord of the Flies’ feeling about it, something a little unsettling about the way they seem to rule this strange, dangerous environment. That juxtaposition of bright colours and darker ideas works very well. By getting the boys to stop and pose across the frame, rather than just spontaneously capturing them playing, John creates something arresting and interesting – more than just an attractive image.”