A Transition of Self


Photography writer Francesco Scalici (follow him on Instagram here) shares his favorite photographers confronting the subject of youthhood in their work from a range of perspectives…

Banner image © Marvel Harris

The beauty of youthhood and growing up as an individual is a transition of feeling, as one’s attitude and character of the past is challenged by those of the present or future. And although children and teenagers are faced with hard circumstances and situations which they will not always be able to control, this struggle breeds beauty in chaos.

Photographically, youthhood tends to focus on the fragility and emotion of the ‘self’. And although images under this umbrella may present the truth, they are shrouded by layers of interpretation and in some cases mistruth. Youthhood as a category allows the photographer to become more of an artist in delivery and to explore ideas of the ‘self’ with greater artistic freedom.

The following list of photographers aims to provide an interpretation and analysis of the ‘self’, highlighting images in which there is a bridge between the emotions of youthhood and the photographer’s interpretation of them. While some are not new, we cannot help but analyse them in the context of today’s social environment. What it means to grow up in today’s society may result in completely different photographic approaches or interpretations of youthhood.