Improving your Practice


Improving your practice: a growth mindset

Photography is a language that can reach further than any other method of contemporary communication, and now – dare I say it – with the additional platform of social media; it has become an even more democratic medium, however it can be misinterpreted, misused and misunderstood. This is why as visual artists we must hold ourselves accountable to ensure we are always creating the best images we can, learning from each other and sharing our work for the right reasons.

“Visual intelligence in an ongoing learning process, and one that is really never mastered.” – Amy Herman, Visual Educator.

Constantly developing your practice through hard work, upskilling and input from mentors and peers, is an ever evolving process, ideally it is a career long exercise. This isn’t always simple to employ on a regular basis and overtime can fall from our priority list, understandable but ultimately obstructive.

Below I’ve outlined four key areas – from fear and rejection to writing and community – for you to keep in mind as your creative career advances. These areas combined will give you a robust platform to work from when growing your practice, submitting works for selection, exhibiting a series, building your portfolio and navigating the visual arts industry.