Haley Morris Cafiero
Featured photographer

Wait Watchers

Haley Morris Cafiero was working on another project when she was inspired to begin the “Wait Watchers” series. A chance picture captured the amused expression of a passer-by as he looked at her. When she noticed that she had again accidentally captured the expression of a random passer-by who was observing her, she decided to attempt to capture more reactions. Although she had heard critical comments about her weight, she did not think she would be able to capture the reactions of people on film until these accidental shots. Morris Cafiero sets up the camera first, then enters the shot as the camera takes continuous pictures. She is not aware of the reactions of the people around her at the time of the picture. People respond more naturally when she seems distracted, so she attempts to perform actions that would give that impression; otherwise, she acts normally and does not draw attention to herself.

© All photos courtesy of Haley Morris Cafiero

Haley Morris Cafiero