Return to Paradise


Born in Salta, Argentina, Guadalupe Plaza Petersen is a conceptual visual artist who has worked across Argentina, Italy, Indonesia and Spain. Concerned with the macro-trends impacting society, an d our place and role as individuals in the natural world, her most recent series Return to Paradise offers a provocative, open-ended reflection on the impending ecological crisis we face, combining traditional photography with post-processing and digital experimentation.

Keen to understand more about her work, motivation and passions, we put some questions to her…

“Return to Paradise makes reference to our current time of the Anthropocene. This series works as a meeting point, to rethink and overcome this separation of humanity with the environment, to make us reflect on the climatic urgency, generate environmental awareness and responsibility for the planet that contains us.

It poses the question: where do we stand in this symbiotic world, close to this common future?”

Images and story courtesy of Guadalupe Plaza Petersen. See more at www.guadalupeplazapetersen.com