Strength and Dignity in Injustice


An interview with Francesca Moore

“My great grandmother’s brother was a photographer and had a studio in Genova, Italy, in the 1920s… Portraits at this time documented people of status and power, a kind of validity. I wanted to represent these women activist survivors in a similar way”

Francesca Moore won our May 2020 theme – COLORS – with a beguiling portrait of Sarita Malivi, a survivor of the Bhopal gas disaster and one of the activists campaigning for justice. It is of course an image rich with vibrant color, but that energy is in contrast to her expression. Head slightly bowed and gaze averted from Francesca’s lens, she has a charisma but is detached from the moment – her thoughts elsewhere. It is perhaps just a glimpse into the weight of the tragedy that has consumed her life for almost forty years, and that has been the focus of Francesca’s for almost a decade.

We put some questions to Francesca to understand more about her work, the rationale for creating it, and where things stand for Sarita and her fellow Bhopalites after all this time…