Emotion beyond Truth


An interview with Felipe Fittipaldi

“My idea was to suggest something about their universe. It was a search for the emotion, not the truth.”

Felipe Fittipaldi won our Open Call theme – judged by Katerina Stathopoulou, curator at MoMA – with a stunning composition from his series ‘Backlands Sertão’. Katerina noted the viewpoint – almost that of the deceased – and the power in withdrawing certain physical elements from the scene, and described it as a photograph that “tells multiple stories and raises multiple questions”. Fittingly, we wanted to ask Felipe more about the image and series, along with his approach to long-form documentary project-making. His responses were thoughtful and surprising, covering the passion that went into the project, how we builds a frame from the elements around him, and how his work fits into the ever-evolving world of professional photography…