PLACES by elementWo focuses on the power of ISIS’ images and visual communication, as well as on the violence of these images and their ability to tell the truth.

So far, ISIS has communicated with the outer world and especially with the West mainly through images and videos shared on social media. The killings were real but many backgrounds were, at least partially, staged. ISIS has become Western countries’ public enemy no. 1 and is perceived to be at the gates or their civilization. Yet, the majority of westerners know nothing about it except for the bizarre mix of fiction and reality that ISIS wants them to see and be afraid of. The power of this fiction is enhanced by modern technologies, deeply influencing our reality of life. The series aims to visually narrate this violence without showing it.




Artists’ dummy book

PLACES is an independent artist dummy photobook by elementWo, an Italian photographic duo formed by Sharon Ritossa & Alba Zari. Sharon Ritossa and Alba Zari have been working together since 2014. This is their first book.


Softcover Book , 50 pages, 20×26cm

Made in Italy and printed on 115 gr paper and  GSK 200 gr paper (front cover)

Limited edition of 75 signed and numbered copies

Available for purchase for $30 – free postage worldwide


Disclaimer: Life Framer is only acting as a third party to facilitate payments and is not making any profit from sales, or dealing directly with shipping. Please contact Sharon and Alba directly via elementwo.elementwo@gmail.com for all inquiries including stock and shipment. If you are currently working on a photobook, let us know. We would be happy to help!