An interview with Ed Kashi

In the world of photojournalism, few come much more highly regarded than Ed Kashi – a member of the prestigious VII Photo Agency, who, in an award-winning career spanning over three decades, has worked on editorial assignment for National Geographic, The New Yorker, NBC, Time Magazine and Human Rights Watch.

Hi Ed, thanks for sharing some time with us! Where in the world do we find you and what’s keeping you busy right now?

I’m actually home, which has been a rare occurrence. I’ve been to Singapore, Dubai, India, Germany, LA and Texas this year so very pleased to be home for a moment. I’m involved in a rich variety of projects, from a personal project on kidney disease that is in it’s 4th year, to a series of films for the Newest Americans project out of Rutgers University-Newark, to teaching workshops around the world, lecturing and organizing upcoming exhibitions in Jordan and Virginia. I am also working on a couple of new books.

Have you judged photography prizes before? And with Life Framer being a ‘single image’ award – something quite different to your long-form journalistic projects – what are you looking for in a winning shot?

I have judged many contests, from multimedia, to photo essays to single image categories. For a single image I’m looking for a powerful, dynamic, beautiful image that also tells a story.

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