Juncture: Life, love and loss



“Death is dark to the mind. It cannot be reduced to the rational — neither thought, nor interpretation, nor even memories. It is through the expression of the inexpressible that art allows us to reach deep into our unconscious and touch this mystery”

– J. Earl Rogers


Ebony Finck won Life Framer’s Human Body theme last year with her delicate and ethereal portrait of her grandfather. It’s the kind of image that stops you in your tracks with its fragility, closing in for a moment and contemplating life and mortality – things bigger than you. The image comes from her series ‘Juncture’ of which she says – “Our mortality is the universal commonality that connects all of us. When death enters our lives, it can evoke uncertainty, fear and a torrent of emotions. As a loved one prepares to die, we are confronted with the realisation that we must look forward, and yet the past collides with the future, skewing it from view”.

We asked Ebony to share the story behind ‘Juncture’ with us.


I developed this series in my final year of photography school, which coin