Dear Daughters


Banner image: Vida and Ray

A dialogue on feminism today.

In their wonderful new series ‘Dear Daughters’, Marzia Messina and Sham Hinchey, otherwise known as Mars & Sham, explore feminism through father-daughter dialogue and touching, empowering portraits.

Parents to a 10 year-old daughter themselves, women’s rights have always been a discussion point in their family. Intervention, ‘calling out’ and education remains reliant on adults even in the most advanced and democratic societies, and it’s a role that parents must embrace to ensure that equal opportunities and equal rights do not run the risk of being underestimated and absorbed as tradition, culture or religion.

Using an invented board game (a collaboration with their daughter Penelope) as an accessible stimulus, Mars & Sham met with 22 men and their 8-11 year-old daughters, and explored concepts, definitions and everyday scenarios relating to feminism. In doing so they encouraged reflection, empathy and discussion beyond ordinary conversation – a short but intense adventure into challenging themes. In some cases it was clear that it was the first time the f