Daniel Ali
Featured photographer

Searching For Karachi

‘Searching For Karachi’ is a photographic series consisting of portraits and moments depicting the everyday for a Karachiite street dweller.  In 2012, Daniel Ali visited Karachi with a 4×5 camera with the aim of developing an understanding for and empathy with life in a city that is portrayed by the media as a melting pot for religious extremism, a hot bed of terrorist activity and riddled with all levels of corruption.There is no other way to handle a city like Karachi other then to allow the energy and orderly chaos to take you from one moment to the next, delving into the many different cultural, political and religious factions.

Daniel Ali (b. 1985, lives in London) is a social documentary and portrait photographer. Daniel’s photographic series’ documents various lives, environments and cultures around the world. He displays staged portraits in direct comparison to straight documentary imagery, and in doing so offers new perceptions about these individuals.  The intent is to allow the viewer to engage with a familiar topic, but with the aim of presenting alternative interpretations of the individual and their environment.

© All photos courtesy of Daniel Ali

Daniel Ali