My Favorite Shot


What’s the favorite photo you’ve taken?

Could you pick a favorite image you’ve taken? Not easy we know, but to coincide with our September 2022 COLORS call for entries, we asked some of the photographers in our community to do just that. Or at least to pick a shot related to the topic that they hold dearly, were happy to have taken recently, has a great story behind it, or that resonates with them in some other way right now. Here they tell us why…

(Banner image: Luca Tombolini)

LUCA TOMBOLINI / @lucatombolini

“The image I chose is as yet unpublished and belongs to a new series I’m editing at the moment. It’s by far the toughest project I’ve ever done, which spreads across three trips to the Andean plateau in the last three years. The image is taken in a high altitude region of the Catamarca province in Argentina. Daytime colors, especially during sunny days with clear sky, are so intense because of the altitude. We’re at around 4500m/14700ft for this scene and