My Favorite Shot


What’s your favorite photo?

“This one”. “No, that one”. “Or maybe this one?!”

Could you pick a favorite image you’ve taken? Not easy we know, but to coincide with our August 2020 CIVILIZATION call for entries, we asked some of the photographers in our community to do just that. Or at least to pick a shot related to the topic of Civilization that they hold dearly, were happy to have taken recently, or that resonates with them right now. Here they tell us why…


“The title of the photo is ‘Concrete Theatre’ and it was shot in Hong Kong in 2019. I was walking up on one of the famous vantage points of the city on a late afternoon. From up the hill we can see the whole city unfolding, but I noticed that there was a construction site of a new public housing estate just behind the hill. In Hong Kong it is common for construction of new buildings to use soft semi-transparent curtains to wrap up the structure. On that day, these big orange curtains flying softly in the wind with the soft sunset light on them and the workers that you can spot here and there in the middle of all this concrete felt so dramatic. It was like looking at a play of a massive scale recounting the fast expansion of this unique city which is Hong Kong”.