Life on the Margins


An interview with Boris Joseph

“Wherever they are, Roma live on the margins of society, but in Slovakia their fate is worse than elsewhere. Walls are being built to hide them and they live in an environment reminiscent of a country at war…”

Boris Joseph won our Civilization theme with a captivating, troubling image of a young boy in a Roma settlement in Slovakia. It was the kind of image that stops you in your tracks – a “nightmarish” reality, as our judge Wilfrid Estève described it, that one can’t quite imagine existing in the Western world. Keen to know more about the image and its wider story, we put some questions to Boris…

Hi Boris. Congratulations on winning our YOUTHHOOD theme! Do you resonate with Wilfrid Estève’s comments?

Yes, like him, I was initially surprised by this nightmarish environment and I found that the situation of the Roma is still very precarious. But despite everything it is changing, but very slowly. Some chil