A Human Topography


An interview with Anna Lazareva

“The term metaphysical represents what can’t be seen at first sight, what is beyond the first impression, what is hidden in fantasy. It’s our imaginations…”

Seeking inspiration for our December 2019 theme – THE HUMAN BODY – we discovered the wonderful work of Anna Lazareva – a young photographer who splits her time between Paris and Moscow, and creates magical, sensuous and high-contrast images of the human body. Intrigued by both her concept and technique, we put some questions to her.

Metaphysical Body Landscapes

My childhood was spent at my grandmother’s house in Romania, near the Carpathian Mountains. Seeing people’s strong bond with earth, observing nature and the landscapes around me influenced my understanding of the earth’s beauty and our connection with it. Life is something whole, indivisible. Earth, sky, plants, fruits, mountains, rivers, men, women, day, night – all merge together and flow into each other. This process is infinite and harmonious. We came from the earth, live on the earth and will return to the earth. And landscapes of the earth can be seen in the curves of our bodies. Growing up I moved to live in big cities, my grandmother passed away and I felt my spiritual connection with nature slipping away. In order to reconnect I start to search for those Romanian landscapes in our bodies.

Hi Anna. Your series is titled “Metaphysical Body Landscapes”. The connection between the body and landscapes is