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“There is nothing in this world that does not have a decisive moment” – Cardinal de Retz

Banner image and text courtesy of Liz Dórea.

“Who never felt interested by the flattering aesthetics of the cigarette smoke? This is a portrait of one of those moments of enchantment. After careful observation it was taken during a cold evening in Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”.

Instagram: @lizdorea

Following Clément Saccomani, Managing Director of NOOR Images’ selection of winning images for our ‘AN INSTANT’ theme, this compilation of 20 images, selected by the Life Framer editors represents some of the other talented photographers whose work struck us and left a mark. Some are more literal representations of the theme, and others are more abstract, but each one is a stunning image worthy of exposure and attention.

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Image courtesy of Youngjae Lim.

www.youngjaelimphotostories.com and Instagram: @youngjayonthestreet

Image and text courtesy of Jonatan Egholm Keis.

“While sleeping on the plane to Italy my sister suddenly poked me and asked if I could roll up the window curtain in order to recieve some sort of indication as to how long we had flown. At this exact time we were right above the Italian Dolomites and one single cloud caught between the surrounding pinnacles floated around in a valley beneath us. I quickly grabbed my camera and caught the scenery before the peaks disappeared in the haze behind us within what felt like few seconds, leaving us with a completely flat and dull landscape.

Luck is a funny thing. If not for the curiosity of my sister I would’ve missed this majestic and unusual sight”

Instagram: @by_jones

Image courtesy of Sandra Guldemann Duchatellier.

www.sandraguldemannduchatellier.com and Instagram: @projet_narcisse and @sgduchatellier

Image courtesy of Damien Drew.

photography.damiendrew.com and Instagram: @damien_drew

Image courtesy of Julia Coddington.

www.juliacoddington.com and Instagram: @juliacoddington

Image and text courtesy of Yukari Chikura from the series ‘Fluorite Fantasia (Looking for my Father…)’.

“Fluorite is a beautiful mineral that catches the light of our star and radiates it back in the darkness of night. My stone was a memento from my father, glowing and enigmatic. His death was too sudden before we realized the cancer attacked from all directions and took him. All I wanted was to sit down with him and talk about his experiences, ask him about the secrets he carried with him, but before I could gather my will to do so he was stricken mute and then disappeared into mystery.

After his death I walked with tears behind my eyes and bitterness under my heart. In the cold beautiful blue stone innumerable stars glittered and drifted. In a dream I wandered among them searching. When I awoke unexpectedly I found myself in the house where he was a child. It was full of smells and sounds and familiar but cryptic and mystical objects. His presence felt so strong that I thought his voice might come from the next room. I believed deep inside myself that I could meet father there, day after day, wandering around in the mystical scenery”.

“We all have our time machines don’t we
Those that take us back are memories
And those that carry us forward are dreams”
– HG Wells


Image courtesy of Thomas Belmas.

www.tohmazaki.com and Instagram: @tohmazaki

Image courtesy of Nik Brezginov.


Image and text courtesy of Yo Vo.

“Portrait of a kid on the streets of Sofia, Bulgaria”.

Instagram: @yo.vo

Image and text courtesy of Mick Cassidy from the series ‘Da Island Horse’.

“The Island is an enclave in Limerick City, Ireland that has always been associated with social deprivation and crime. The other side of the coin is the love people of all ages have for their horses. Some even keep their horses in their homes. The girl on the horse is an incredible woman and at 16 was training in horsemanship at one of the top stables in the country. I’ve since heard she became pregnant and her training has now been put on hold, hopefully only temporarily, but more than likely permanently. The Island is an incredible place – dangerous yes. somewhat of a no go area. I have worked to build up a relationship with the community and hope to return to document the relationship between the locals and their horses. There are many areas to explore such as animal welfare, poverty and crime”.

www.soundireland.com and Instagram: @mickcassidy

Image courtesy of Dimitri Mellos.

www.dimitrimellos.com and Instagram: @dimitrimellos

Image and text courtesy of Zach Lowry from the series ‘Last Days of Mosul’.

“This image is from a series captured in the final days leading up to the liberation of Mosul, Iraq in July 2017, under my project. This image shows a man resting on makeshift crutches he found in the Old City of West Mosul that helped him walk through the fighting after he escaped an airstrike on his neighbor’s home”.

www.zachlowry.work and Instagram: @zach.lowry

Image courtesy of Melissa O’Shaughnessy.

www.melissaoshaughnessy.com and Instagram: @melissaoshaughnessy

Image courtesy of Olivier Bekaert from the series ‘Con Su Permiso’.

www.olivierbekaert.be and Instagram: @olivierbekaert

Image and text courtesy of Baptiste De Ville d’Avray from the series ‘L’Apparition d’un Lointain si Proche’.

www.baptiste-dva.fr and Instagram: @ayonimorocco

Image courtesy of Willem Kuijpers.


Image courtesy of Max Sturgeon.

www.maxsturgeon.com and Instagram: @msturgeon3

Image courtesy of Beth Magre Loren.

www.bethmagre.com and Instagram: @bethmagre

Image and text courtesy of Denis Vejas from the series ‘Post-Colonization’.

“This image is from a series focusing on cultural intersections and the human consequences of the control and exploitation of colonized people and their cultures”

www.denisvejas.com and Instagram: @denisvejas

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