The Meteorite Hunter by Alexandra Lethbridge is an archive of a search for meteorites and the places they come from.

The work is based on the impulse to search for the ‘other’ within the everyday. Using the notion of the Meteorite as a metaphor for the fantastical hidden with in the everyday, the body of work is a document of a hunt to locate the ethereal and sublime in the mundane and banal.



So often the familiar is overlooked in favour of the exotic as we crave to see and experience things that are strange and different to us. Sometimes the perception of something extraordinary or unusual lies within our control and the search for the otherworldly becomes an obsession where the reward is always out of reach.

The epitome of that is The Meteorite Hunter. Their job entails searching for a glimpse of a translunary guest, a clue to something that tells us more about who we are and where we come from.