5 Lessons Bruce Gilden can teach you about Street Photography



Bruce Gilden is one of the most influential, and perhaps most misunderstood street photographers of our time. His prolific career started in the 1960s and he’s barely put a camera down since – carving out an instantly recognisable style. Armed with a flashgun in one hand and his camera in the other, his images of the residents of New York (and beyond) are impulsive, forceful and most often unsolicited, but they capture the energy, chaos and idiosyncrasies of our urban environment like no other.


The following article is an abridged version of ‘5 Lessons Bruce Gilden Has Taught Me About Street Photography’, originally written by Eric Kim. Eric is a practicing street photographer and teacher, and serial blogger. His writings give unprecedented insight into street photography in its broadest sense, and we highly recommend you immerse yourself in them.


What I love most about Gilden is that he is faithful to who he is as a human being in terms of his photography. He doesn’t bullshit around and pretend to be someone he isn’t. Rather, he photographs