• Kris Arzadun

    Kris Arzadun

    San Sebastián, 1976.
    It wouldn’t be fair to say that I’m a self-taught photographer. My father was my teacher. By the age of 6 I was already taking photos. I grew up between his slices. At about the age of 21 I quit photography, very unmotivated. But 12 years later, in 2009, I bought a new camera and started again. It’s a big gap, but I don’t regret it. It’s just the way it was. My parents made me love travelling. I took Tourism Studies at the University. I enjoy travelling as much as taking photographs.

    What motivates me to keep on taking photos is very simple: I love to frame the world. Capture the life and show it the way I see it. It’s the best way I know to express myself.

    2013: Life Framer Winner. Theme: A World of Culture
    2013: Life Framer Finalist. Theme: A Human Touch
    2015: Life Framer Finalist. Theme: Six Continents

  • Matt MacPake

    Matt MacPake

    Matt MacPake is a documentary photographer, living in London, whose work is focused on people and the environment. Born in the North West of England, Matt graduated in 2005 with a BA (Hons) in Photography at Blackpool & The Fylde College.
    In 2015 Matt was shortlisted for the Bar Tur Photobook award at The Photographers Gallery for his project ‘To & from the North Circular’. The Portrait of security guard John came fourth in 2015 The Portrait Salon and was featured in the Guardian, BBC & was part of the Portrait Salon exhibition in London & Tokyo, Japan.
    In 2016 Matt’s portrait of Wilhelemna, was one of 100 images selected in the British Journal of Photography’s Portrait of Britain, to celebrate the country’s unique heritage and diversity. The exhibition was shown across JCDecaux’s digital network of screens in railway stations, shopping centres, high streets and bus stops around the UK. Matt has shown work in Berlin, San Francisco, Des Moines I, Johannesburg, Krakow, London & Brighton. Matt recently completed a MA in photography & is a Senior Photography lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire. 

  • Adam Kuehl

    Adam Kuehl

    Although Kuehl enjoys photographing a variety of subjects, his work is rooted in nighttime landscapes. His series Savannah Nights has exhibited internationally and gained him inclusion in Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward Tenth as one of the Top 100 Emerging American Photographers. Kuehl was named 25 Under 25: Up-And-Coming American Photographers by the Center for Documentary Studies. His work has also appeared in The New York Times, Architectural Digest, Vogue, PDN, National Geographic Traveler among many others.

    Kuehl works as a professor at SCAD and a freelance photographer based in Hong Kong.

  • Hakim Boulouiz

    Hakim Boulouiz

    Hakim Boulouiz is a Professional Photographer and an Expert in Urban aesthetics with a multidisciplinary training. After receiving a diploma in Architecture, a diploma in Filmmaking, a Master's degree in Territory Planning, he completed a PhD at the University of Geneva analyzing the mutual inspiration between urban modernity and the art of short film. Hakim considers street photography as a visual recycling. Like a sculptor manufacturing several forms from scrap metal or a designer working to give waste new life in a new use. Hakim has won several international photography awards. He currently lives and works in Switzerland.

  • João Pedro Machado

    João Pedro Machado

    In 2011, when his interest in photography began, concludes the Introduction to Photography Course in APAF (Portuguese Association of Photographic Art). In 2012 finished the Degree in Management in ISEG (Superior Institute of Economics and Management). From 2012 to 2014 attends the Photography Course in Ar.Co (Center of Art & Visual Communication).
    Since then his work focused on the attempt to document the world that surrounds him with a strong emphasis on personal memories and experiences.
    A confessed film lover his work has been published and exhibited both national and abroad.
    Currently lives and works between Braga and Lisbon, Portugal.

  • Antonio Privitera

    Antonio Privitera

    Antonio Privitera was born in Siracusa, Italy, in 1984.

    He graduated in cinema and philosophy with BFA from the University of Trieste in 2009. In the same year he obtained a master’s degree in documentary and photography at IED of Venice and received his MFA. Privitera has been the recipient of international grants and awards. His work is widely exhibited in Europe and overseas as well. His photographs have been featured in several publications worldwide.

    Currently he lives and works in Rome as a freelance artist, photographer and creative director.

  • Michael Martin

    Michael Martin

    Michael Martin is an artist and teacher who specializes in photography. After serving as Associate Professor and Academic Dean for two decades at Cogswell College in San Jose, California, he was recently appointed as Adjunct Lecturer at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California. His artwork has been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe. He lives and works in San Jose, California.

    Michael’s community service work includes Board President of WORKS/San Jose Gallery, the City of Santa Clara Cultural Advisory Commission, and most recently Chair of the San Jose Arts Commission, where he was also member of the nationally recognized Public Art Committee and the San Jose Mineta Airport Art Program Oversight Committee.

  • Edgar Takoyaki

    Edgar Takoyaki

    I am a contemporary photographer currently residing in Ventura, California. For over a decade now I have been visiting Japan and documenting different cities across the country. I am shooting film with a Mamiya C330 medium format camera and a Nikon F3 35mm camera. In an attempt to capture how dense and layered, cities like Tokyo and Osaka can be, I have used in-camera double exposures, long exposures and window reflections. Much of the work (including studio work) reflects the influence of Japanese culture and science fiction and is distinguished by a dark, atmospheric quality that suggests a larger story behind each image. 

    This project, ANALOG JAPAN, was started over a decade ago on my first trip to Tokyo. Since that first visit, I have returned almost every year to photograph as much of the culture and beauty that Japan has to offer. The larger cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya are so dense and packed with visual stimulation. I wanted to capture as much of the visual impact that these cities offer using analog film cameras.

    I love the way different film stocks capture different looks throughout Tokyo. Some of the photographs are double exposures or layered window reflections that show how rich and dense these cities can be. Other photos are simply shots that show the grand scale of a city like Tokyo.

  • Johan Brink

    Johan Brink

    My pictures are mostly from streets around the world. Where ever I am I walk the streets, or waiting in a corner looking for interesting colors, shadows and people. Trying to find moments of everyday life, something weird, colorful, friendship or loneliness.

    Trying to get the time for me and my camera when not working as a copywriter. I'm living in Kungsbacka, a small town on the Swedish West coast, just outside Gothenburg, with my wife and for another year or two (I guess) my daughter and my son just a block away.

    A dedicated collector of photography, photo books and dreaming about making my own.

  • Nicola Muirhead

    Nicola Muirhead

    Nicola Muirhead [b. 1986]
    I am a British-Bermudian contemporary documentary photographer and visual storyteller. My personal projects and documentary work focus on rural and urban communities, as well as personal and cultural identities, and how these realities are influenced by political, environmental and economic factors.

  • Hendrik Braet

    Hendrik Braet

    Hendrik Braet is a Belgian documentary-based photographer whose work focuses on his own culture. His motive is: 'It all happens close to you!'

    Hendrik attended the University of Ghent and the Academy of Fine Arts of Ghent. He received a Bachelor's degree in Political Sciences and a degree in Photography. At the moment he 's finishing his second year specialization Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts.

  • Alessandro Cirillo

    Alessandro Cirillo

    Alessandro Cirillo, Bari, Italia

    Independent photographer his research moves on the themes of the mutations of the territory with reference to the people who live there and on the concept of identity and relationship. Collaborate with agencies, private and public institutions. He regularly holds photography courses, workshops and master classes in public and private schools, in Italy and abroad. He has exhibited in many important Italian cities, including Milan, Rome, Venice, Genoa, Bari, Lecce and also abroad, in Switzerland, France, and Russia. His photographs are part of prestigious collections including those of the Giacomo Costa Foundation in Genoa and the Palazzo Vendemini (Savignano sul Rubicone) in Italy and those of the Musée de l'Elysèe in Lausanne in Switzerland and the Manege Central Exhibition Hall in Saint Petersburg. Russia. In 1999 he won the Portfolio in Piazza in Savignano sul Rubicone under the direction of Mario Cresci and, in 2013, the Confini prize for contemporary photography in Italy.
    His short movie "Una storia di Piero" won in 2016 the Next Generation Film Festival in Triggiano (Ba) and in 2017 the Best Cinematographic Opera Award at the Festival Luccica in Bari. He is present as an author in several volumes including "Territori del Cinema "by Gangemi publishing house. He has been working as a photo editor and book designer for several years and has published numerous publications.

  • Hon Hoang

    Hon Hoang

    Hon Hoang is a Vietnamese-American street, portrait, and event photographer currently based in South Korea. He was born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, but grew up in Los Angeles, California. He began studying Photography shortly after graduating from UCLA where he studied Psychology. He sees Photography as a medium that answers questions, satisfies curiosity, and showcases the things that are often left unseen.

    He is currently working as a freelancer and on various photography projects such as www.enflight.design

  • Isis Ascobereta

    Isis Ascobereta

    After a PhD in Comparative Literature, she discovered photography and became interested in minimalism.
    Since then, she has explored the subtleties of her daily life by giving them a graphic and refined touch.
    In 2017, she was a finalist for the Siena International Photo Prize.
    Isis Ascobereta lives and works in Paris.

  • Maurizio Targhetta

    Maurizio Targhetta

    I live in Padua, Italy.
    For many years I have dedicated myself to street photography which, I think, can help us understand the reality we are experiencing.
    All my projects want to stimulate a reflection and interpretation in a social and anthropological key on the reality in this particular historical moment.

  • Eleonore Simon

    Eleonore Simon

    Eléonore Simon is a French photographer currently working in Valparaíso, Chile. She studied at the Université Lumière Lyon II in France and at the University of Pennsylvania, and holds a MA in Art History. After several years working in New York working as a studio manager and serving as teaching assistant at The International Center of Photography, Eléonore is developing long term personal and documentary projects in Chile.

  • Maarten Vromans

    Maarten Vromans

    Maarten Vromans (1975, Netherlands) roams through cities and landscapes. With his photography he explores the impact that people, nature and weather have on urban development. Currently he investigates if it is possible to produce strong images by just leaving everything to chance.

    His photos were published in New Dutch Photography Talent 2016, an annual platform publication featuring the work of hundred upcoming Dutch photographers. He has exhibited his work in Rotterdam, Amsterdam, The Hague and Budapest. Maarten is represented by Zerp Galerie, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

  • Marco Caterini

    Marco Caterini

    Born in Arezzo in 1976, Marco is a visual artist and independent photographer. His education is characterized by a strong attraction toward visual arts but with a keen interest also in various disciplines.
    This curiosity led him to study in several Italian and foreign institutions, including the University of Siena where he studied History, Art History and Aesthetics; the London College of Communication where he had access to a stimulating debate on photographic techniques and contemporary photography; and Goldsmiths College where he achieved a Master of Arts in Photography and Urban Cultures in the Department of Sociology, during which he was able to investigate not only the most recent social and photography theory but also widen his knowledge on urbanism, politics, bio-politics, economics, philosophy, cultural and human geography, media theory, theory of the body and affects, among other disciplines and many personal interests.
    Since 2003 he has practiced photography as a creative medium useful for the development of a mature social consciousness as well as effective means of personal growth. In recent years he has exhibited and published his works in England, Italy, France and Canada. Some of his works have been purchased by public and private collections in England and Taiwan.
    His travels through Europe, the Middle East, but especially long stays in Southeast Asia and England, allowed him to investigate the various aspects of urbanism and the morphogenesis of contemporary cities.
    In his images he represents the urban traces of contemporary political, economical and social trends, making evident the close relationship between capital, power and space, which is deeply influencing globally the shape of cities and their suburbs and facilitating the emergence of phenomena such as the exponential growth in the size and number of cities, megacities and large urban conglomerates in Southeast Asia and, at the same time, contributing to the emergence of deep economic, social and spatial inequalities within the urban fabric, but also to impose pre-established ways in which people and the human and social body interact, socialize, develops and unfolds.
    The interdependence and complementarity of "urban activities" and "industrial activities" leads the artist to turn to the relationship between power, sustainable development and industrial technologies. His images visually define the aesthetic relationship between the industry and the surrounding landscape and how the idea of the sublime - that traditionally is referred to as the natural landscape - has in the last century fully extended to the categories of the technical and technological "landscape," thus establishing the categories of the “industrial” and “technological sublime.”
    Within reportage photography he shows interest in human and animals rights; environment and sustainable development; politics of formation of economic and social inequalities; unequal distribution of capital and formation of poverty; migration flows of temporary workers and refugees; government surveillance and political protests; new cultures and urban rituals (entheogenic, tribal, raves); spirituality; genders; sexuality, etc.
    He conducted a detailed study on the relationship between reality, perception, intuitive and visual processes, moving from phenomenology as a philosophy of perception and combining ancient and modern monistic views of reality (ex. spirituality, Eastern rituals and religions, quantum theory, etc.) with visual theory.

  • Tony McAteer

    Tony McAteer

    I'm a photographer from Belfast now living in Bath, UK.
    Since finishing my MA in Fine Art & Visual Culture in 2000, I have been probing at the narratives inherent in the structures and transformations of urban growth around the world.
    In the sweeping views of City+, the intense attention to structure, detail and surface of Crowned, through to a particular look at two Chinese city centres in Flat-Pack, my work illustrates a fascination with urbanism as the boldest expression of social structures acting on us.

    I have received several photography awards including Architectural Photographer of the Year at the ND awards in 2016. And most recently been a winner of PDN's Curator, Fine Art Photography award, 2019. My work has also been included in several international exhibitions, most recently ‘Look’ Photo Biennial Liverpool in Oct 2019, the PDN award exhibition, Canoe Studios, NY Oct 2019 and the LA Month of Photography in May 2018.

  • Alessandro Zanoni

    Alessandro Zanoni

    I'm a visual designer and photographer based in Milan, Italy. After attending Fine Art School and taking courses in illustration at the European Design Institute of Milan, I began my profession as a graphic designer, first in the field of printing and publishing and subsequently in web and interaction design. A devourer of music I worked for a decade writing reviews for the influential rock magazine Jam. I recently began my approach to photography obtaining important awards. I have exhibited in both solo and group shows in Milan, Naples, Paris and New York. A tireless metropolitan traveler, my work is focused on finding unusual and urban wastelands: the quest of human footprint in the anthropocene era captured through the lens of my sleek yet detached gaze.

  • Kari Bjorn Thorleifsson

    Kari Bjorn Thorleifsson

    Kari Bjorn is an Icelandic photographer, based in New York City.

  • Filippo Poli

    Filippo Poli

    Filippo Poli (Milan, 1978) studied architecture at Milan, Seville and Barcelona. Since 2008 he specialized in architectural photography and collaborates with architecture firms and institutions. International magazines and publishers regularly publish his reportages.
    In 2017, he was selected to exhibit at PhotoEspaña in Madrid, Deutsches Architekturmuseum in Frankfurt and Palau Solterra the Fundació Vila Casas Museum of Contemporary Photography in Torroella de Montgrí. In the same year, he won the prize organized by Fundación Enaire (ex Aena) and was selected for the European Architectural Photography Prize Architekturbild. In 2016, he got a mention at Lensculture award, in 2015 at Monochrome, in 2014 he got the third prize at PX3 Paris with a work on the social housing “Walden 7” by R. Bofill. He got mentions at IPA prize, Photography Master Cup, Philadelphia Basho award and in 2012 he won the ArchTriumph International Architectural Photography Award.
    In 2015, he was one of the ten Italian architectural photographers invited to take part to the exhibition “Architettura Sintattica” on Milanese modern architecture at Expo Architecture Pavilion.
    He participated to collective exhibitions in Italy and U.S.A and in 2014 he was invited to present a personal work on Asnago Vender architectures at Venice Biennale. He is now involved in a long-term project on colonial architecture in Sao Tomé and Principe.

  • Roel Verhoeven

    Roel Verhoeven

    As an Amsterdam based Art Director/Graphic Designer I'm always looking for the most perfect graphic composition, but at the same time, my photo's tell a story.

  • Edoardo Cozzani

    Edoardo Cozzani

    Edoardo Cozzani is an Italian visual artist who lives and works in Brooklyn. After obtaining a master degree in law at the LUISS Guido Carli university in Rome, he graduates from the full-time program of creative practices at the International Center of Photography in New York. During the same year he starts being represented by Cultrise, a roman art platform and curatorial project and one of the photos of the project produced for graduation is selected as signature image for a group show at Rita K. Hillman gallery.
    He was able to show his work through both groups and solo exhibitions (ACTA International gallery, Rita K. Hillman gallery, Cultirse, Lab 174) , artist talks (American Academy in Rome, ICP in NY) , a residency program at the Italy America Chamber of Commerce and at I Never Read book art fair in Basel, Switzerland.

    Cozzani is interested in the interactions between nature, men, and the structures that govern this coexistence.
    His production is made of lens-based pictures and camera-less photographs, that are created by using a completely analog process.
    Using photography as a method of investigation of reality that does not entail a realistic representation of the world, Cozzani makes work that ranges from film photographs to mold based photograms and sculpture.
    This way, by stripping photography down to its bare essentials, he is able to intersect with other media and focus on the notion of light-sensitive reactions.
    He is mostly interested in exploring the relationship between material and subject to demonstrate the unity between the living world and the world we live in. 
    Cozzani’s research is all based on the role myth played in the shaping of society and the history that brought its iconography to animate from a natural to an artificial habitat.

  • Guilherme Marcondes

    Guilherme Marcondes

    I am a filmmaker, animation director and photographer originally from São Paulo, Brazil living in Brooklyn, NY for the last decade. I have a degree in Architecture & Urban Planning and started my career as an illustrator. I am interested in the relationship between people and the built environment around them.

  • Derek Man

    Derek Man

    Derek Man is a photographer based in London. Born and raised in Hong Kong, he has lived in the UK since 2005 and became a naturalised citizen in 2016. His work explores cultural identity and what we call home – how we form a sense of place, and what makes us feel like we belong.

  • Alastair Mclachlan

    Alastair Mclachlan

    BA graduate in Fine arts and Drama. Drive-in stalker, fire chaser, magic bus driver, rooftop venue instigator, image appreciator, visual content producer, dreamer and glass half full whiskey drinker.

    I am captivated by the tension between dramatic and astounding beauty in the landscape and the results of our presence within it.

    My work is documentary in intent but I am not a disconnected observer.
    I like my pictures to tell stories, to reach beyond the “document”, to seek an imagined truth and act as meditative material for further rumination.

    I feel an affinity to nature, in general, but especially to my own Land and respond to it as a tribute to the pieces of earth that I grew up on, my ancestry and the larger South African Landscape.

    I am accustomed to and yet continually amazed by the unique dichotomy that is Johannesburg. It’s an incongruous relationship built on curiosity that, while drawing me in visually, frightens me for its future.

    I use my photography in an attempt to connect, to ground myself and see how I belong and where I am heading ….even if it is not 'picturesque' but somehow ties together my experience of this city as a living growing and strange entity.

  • Raul Guillermo

    Raul Guillermo

    Peruvian documentary and fine art photographer based in Paris.

  • Ibai Rigby

    Ibai Rigby

    Ibai Rigby was trained as an architect in Spain and in Switzerland. He has worked as an architect in the realm of heritage preservation and tourism development in different locations in Europe and in the Middle East, having lectured in universities around the world. His early interest in photography making and landscape representation has led him to believe that architecture goes beyond the construction of buildings, engaging also in the construction of imaginaries. Ibai’s visual works include a large amount of architecture photography in the developing world as well as other specific documentary projects.

  • Anna Siggelkow

    Anna Siggelkow

    Anna Siggelkow deciphers the urban space and puts it in a new context. She shows a world flattened between figuration and abstraction.
    Even if certain elements of the scene are pragmatic and just functional by nature, they develop a curious, particular energy in the pictures.

    The banal objects in the settings seem to play a role in a somehow important, and on the other hand absurd spectacle. Anna is making fun of the human effort, giving everything a clearly defined function. It is a manic answer to a capitalist designed world, playing a visual game of a goal-oriented lifestyle.

    Between a magical vision and a postmodern conglomerate of equivalent elements, with no meta meaning, a 2D vision, with no link to a third dimension, the pictures might even be post-historical, not telling a story anymore.

    Thus natural elements find a place in the settings, more like cultivated plants, than being a natural counterpart. Typography dissolves in symbols.

    The human body seems to be erased, since his mortality cannot fit in this alternative creation of a world of objects. And so patina is not been found, and if, it seems to be added on purpose, rather than being part of a disaggregation.

    Anna Siggelkow‘s work relates to the contentual engagement with the terms of art and technology and its word stem ‚techné‘. As to be found in Heideggers philosophy, Anna does not differentiate between its technical and creative characteristics, but in a manner of how one perceives the world.

    Artist and commercial photographer based in Cologne I Germany

    2001 – 2007 Academic studies at „ecosign/ Akademie für Gestaltung“, Cologne (Germany)
    Subjects: Design/ photo design
    Diploma in design/ photo design („sollbruchstelle“)

    Work Experience:

    Assistance to Adrian T Kubica, Robin Preston, lindemannFotodesign, Marcus Pietrek, Tania Walck,
    Tomas Rodriguez, susanne troll fotografie, Jörg Hejkal, Marcus Pietrek and others
    2007-2009 Photographic journeys
    2007 Participation at Cologne Kunstverein (art association)
    2007 Internship at „fotografie tomas rodriguez“ (lifestyle photographer)
    2004 Internship at „Fotografie Jörg Hejkal“ (photographer)


    2018 Winner of Life Framer Photography Award - “Open Call
    2018 Winner of Life Framer Photography Award - “The Face of the Earth“
    2018 Being chosen for the portfolio walk 2018 (Deutsche Fotografische Akademie) at the Deichtorhallen
    Hamburg I Germany
    2019 Being chosen fo the 3rd circle of parallel photo plattform 2019-2020 , an european mentorship for emerging photo artists
    2019 Winner of Reclaim Award


    2017 „Mut zu Toleranz, Freiheit und Liebe“ – 8. Mühlheimer Nacht – Kunstwerk e.V. – exhibition of several artworks – Cologne (Germany)
    2016 „Wir wollen mal nicht übertreiben“ – PIK – class of Mischa Kuball – „Lotus Power“ – installation – Cologne (Germany)
    2015 „Krambambuli – Erzähl mir eine Geschichte“ – group exhibition – Marie Wolfgang – „Ferner hier“ – Essen (Germany)
    2013 „Mensch und Topografie. Weit, weit von hier, hier vor meiner Tür“ – Emscherkunst. 2013 –
    Blowin’ Free – Das Containerdorf der KunstVereineRuhr – group exhibition – „ferner hier“ – Oberhausen (Germany)
    2013 Exhibition of several artworks – Goldkante - Bochum (Germany)
    2012 „Fotoweihnachtsmarkt“ – Projektraum-Fotografie – exhibition of several artworks – Dortmund (Germany)
    2011 „le bloc - Mode und Design“ – exhibition of several artworks – Cologne (Germany)
    2010 „SuperMarkt – Cologne Music Week - Passagen“ – exhibition of several artworks – Cologne (Germany)
    2009 „Hug me, Heimlich“ – 10 Jahre Lange Nacht der Kölner Museen – exhibition of several artworks – Cologne (Germany)
    2008 „Sense of place“ – exhibition of the artwork „sollbruchstelle“ / „geradeausdranvorbei“ – Cologne (Germany)
    2007 „sollbruchstelle“ – exhibition of the artwork „sollbruchstelle“ im „off Broadway“ – Cologne (Germany)
    2007 „sollbruchstelle“ – diploma exhibition in the ecosign/Akademie für Gestaltung – Cologne (Germany)
    2005 „passagen 2005“ – exhibition of the artwork „geradeausdranvorbei“ – Cologne (Germany)

  • Thibaut Derien

    Thibaut Derien

    Thibaut Derien is a french photographer. He was a singer for 10 years but he has now exchanged the words against the image and the music against the silence. His series "I live in a ghost town" contains 55 photographs, all gathered in a book published in 2016. This work was exhibited during Paris Photo and in several galleries in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, and Japan.
    He's preparing a book on his new series for the end of 2017.

  • Melika Dez

    Melika Dez

    Melika Dez is a photographer who captures dancers executing some of the most graceful moves in the world's biggest cities. As a former professional dancer, she knows just when to snap the perfect moment. Somewhere between precision and the beauty of spontaneity, she immortalizes these dancers in beautiful locations that will become the dancers' urban stage.

  • Aleksandar Radic

    Aleksandar Radic

    With black and white photography I explore the world that surrounds me in my everdaylife and on my travels.

  • Federico Borella

    Federico Borella

    Federico Borella is a photojournalist working for QN (Quotidiano Nazionale ), national newspaper in Bologna, Italy. Since 2009 to date—he has also contributed to La Repubblica and L'Espresso Group.

    Internationally published , Federico has more than nine years of experience as a news photographer and reportage working for both national and foreign magazines, agencies and publications, including Time Magazine, National Geographic USA and National Geographic Italia, Alpha magazine, Magazinet Norway, Dagens Nyether, Corriere della Sera, Quotidiano Nazionale, Panorama, L'Espresso Group, Parallelozero).

    In September 2017 he screened at Visa pour l'image two different projects: “The enduring life of a quad amputee veteran” and “Sheroes” and he was also a member of the jury of the Visa d'Or news section.

    Well versed in video making with advanced knowledge of storytelling, composition, lighting and post production—Federico is an educator in photography and photojournalism.

    Federico completed a degree in Classical Literature & MesoAmerican Arqueology at the Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna in 2008. He then completed a Master in Photography Journalism at the Jhon Kaverdash Academy of Milan. From 2009-2015, he is a commissioned photographer for John Hopkins University in Bologna. He is also a contributing photographer for the International photojournalism agency Parallelozero.

    Winner of the Lensculture emerging talent award 2017
    Shortlisted at the Lumix photo festival 2018 in Hannover

  • Amy DiMare

    Amy DiMare

    I grew up in a place where most people come to vacation. A small corner of Utah's south east desert, Moab. A high aired desert filled with endless adventure, possibilities, and opportunities. I'm one of those people who always returns to my home town, but it's hard not to when home is a such a beautiful place. I make a lot of art about where I'm from but I also like to incorporate my home into art about my travels. Having an amazing home base to always come back to makes it easy to travel but never a pain to come home. My photography is a blend of landscape, city-scape, and an eclectic blend of collage.

  • Laurent Nicourt

    Laurent Nicourt

  • Stephan Guttinger

    Stephan Guttinger

    Brutalist architecture and minimalism in monochrome. London, UK.

  • Jeremy Stebens

    Jeremy Stebens

    Jeremy Stebens is suburban California ex-pat, who now lives and works in New York. His photographic work, has primarily centered on where his every-day life and travels have encountered the uncanny and spans a wide array of locations and subjects. He began photographing in high school as a filmmaker without means to make a film, and soon grew to love the medium for its ability to show others what he has seen - moments and real life backdrops to an unmade movie that lie just beyond our contemporary world. He developed his eye as he studied film at New York University with an emphasis on directing and production design, and since his graduation from Tisch in 2016 has made the push to bring his work to a larger audience.

  • Craig Proudford

    Craig Proudford

    Craig is a Sydney based photographer with a background as a print maker and graphic designer.

    After working in Design for a decade in Australia and the UK, Craig returned to an early love of photography
    and has been recognised for both his commercial and personal projects, with several accolades internationally and nationally and he has been exhibited internationally and nationally.

    Craig most enjoys the opportunity photography gives him to focus his attention on the smaller details giving them a new perspective. He documents the beautifully dirty, decayed, and hidden, the graphic, fun and unexpected among other things.

  • Ali Sahba

    Ali Sahba

    Ali Sahba is a Tehran born, Hamburg raised and London based photographer and designer whose focus is to create and explore new tools combined with technology in a minimal and abstract way.

    Although he studied Film and Motion Design, he has always been passionate about photography and has worked in this field professionally and also took part in various photo exhibitions and had numerous online publications as well as print publications such as Der Greif, Photonews, Life Framer, Fubiz, Photo Triennale Hamburg and credit exhibition in Hamburg.

  • Matthias Forster

    Matthias Forster

    Matthias Forster is a swiss-based photographer. He attended a self-taught photographer class and graduated in photography at the Swiss school of journalism. He is primarily working on long-term projects. His field of work are mainly subjects of public and urban space. In the last 15 years he traveled Asia extensively and spent a lot of time exploring major cities. Furthermore he is working on projects focusing on the balancing act between photography and painting.

  • Nanjing Tang

    Nanjing Tang

    Born in 1990 in Tianjin, China.
    Lives and works currently in Paris, France.
    Her work focuses on urban landscapes and finding commonalities between different regions.
    Her last photography series "Entre le Béton" was filmed in the department 94 (inner-suburban of Grand Paris), where she was deeply fascinated by the architectural form and space atmosphere, leading her to explore her own questions. The form of the suburbs is universal in the world, and the corresponding living structure of the residents are also similar. Even if in different countries, the suburbs are like waves in the ocean, they are coming from the same source and running into the same end.

    Exhibitions and prizes:
    2019—The exhibition of the laureates of the Bourse du Talent 2019, Bibliothèque Nationale de France
    2019 - Special Prize, Bourse du Talent #80 Espace Architecture Paysage, France
    2019 - Selected, PEP-Photographic Exploration Project, Berlin, Germany
    2019 - Group exhibition “Suburbs” , LoosenArt, space MILLEPIANI, Rome, Italy
    2019 - Group show at Fotofever, 24P Studio, Paris, France
    2019 - Solo show “Entre le Béton”, Inside Space, Tianjin, China
    2019 - Art book in China -abC Art Book Fair, China
    2017 - HEAT Paris 2017 - asian contemporary art festival, Paris, France
    2017 - MANIFESTO'S TIME-ORVIETO 2017, Orvieto, Italy
    2016 - WORKS IN PROGRESS 2016 SRFC, Rome, Italy
    2013 - Graduation Exhibition of the Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), Beijing, China
    2010 - Canon Photography Award of Excellence, China

    Education background:
    2008 - 2013 Bachelor of Photography at the Central Academy of Fine Arts of China
    2015 - 2016 Master of Photography at Scuola Romana di Fotografia e Cinema, Italy

  • Rob Payne

    Rob Payne

    Rob grew up in sunny Dorset, United Kingdom where days at the beach and long walks in the countryside fuelled his love of natural landscapes. Rob wasn’t born with a camera round his neck, much to his mother’s relief, but started his photographic career in a foundation course at Bournemouth Arts University. Another degree and a lot of practice later, Rob started assisting in London. He was lucky enough to work and learn alongside some of the industry’s big hitters.

    Rob turns the ordinary into extraordinary. He takes everyday scenes, landscapes or objects and creates a unique atmosphere around them using light, colour and composition. This ‘atmosphere’ is hard to pinpoint. It has been described as ethereal and unearthly with an otherworldly feel about it. The atmosphere can of course change depending on the feelings that the picture is trying to evoke. Rob likes to think it’s something that people might easily overlook but once captured in a photograph has a permanence, palpability and quiet beauty for all to see.

  • Marcin Szprengiel

    Marcin Szprengiel

    Born and raised in Gdansk, Poland. Marcin Szprengiel’s unique perspective on beauty derives from the decaying architecture and life of communist Eastern Europe.

  • Francois Aubret

    Francois Aubret

    François Aubret is a French minimalist photographer currently living in Los Angeles. His work is a documentation of geometries he comes across in urban environments. Like a graphic designer, he composes architecture, urban elements and nature into vibrant photographic designs. Despite the sameness of our modern cityscapes, François reveals the hidden beauty and humour found in them.

  • Guillaume Flandre

    Guillaume Flandre

    I'm a self-taught award-winning photographer from London who loves travel and street photography.

  • Tara Fallaux

    Tara Fallaux

    Photography and film give me an opportunity to fulfill my curiosity for the mysteries of everyday encounters. I am always interested in people’s vitality and fate, how we shape the world around us, and vice versa.

    On an emotional and narrative level, I am interested in looking at human bonds and at people’s being, both physical and mental: love relationships, family, friendship, childhood, aging, physical fragility, sensuality, courage, desire and hope. I recognize that these are very broad themes. But it’s this universality that creates a bond, touches us as we recognize common existential questions and feelings. The stories I tell through my photographs or films don’t provide answers to these questions. Hopefully, they act as moments of contemplation and recognition. This open humanist focus is the common strand between my personal projects and my commissioned work. Whether I am photographing and filming on assignment or for personal work, my drive is to tell stories that touch and inspire people.

    On a technical level I like my images to have a sense of peace and quietness. Even if I capture a busy scene I find it important that the image is clear. A combination of real life stolen moments and carefully arranged framing, light and color composition. Whether it’s an assignment with a large crew behind me, or a documentary portrait just by myself I have the same approach.

  • Joel Jimenez

    Joel Jimenez

    Joel Jimenez (b. 1993) is a Costa Rican visual artist based in Barcelona, Spain.

    His work is influenced by the conceptual analysis of space and its possibilities to convey human conditions, emotional and psychological states; and how it correlates with social issues in our contemporary society.

    Throughout his images, he reflects on the dynamics of identity and memory between people and the environment they inhabit.

  • Itamar Dotan Katz

    Itamar Dotan Katz

    I am an analog photographer that usually shoot on the go, reacting to what I encounter, so to me, still photography seems to be expressing a moment through experiencing it and, at the same time, experiencing through expressing. It helps me absorb the new culture and sites while embedding my own presence in the situation.

  • Rens Dekker

    Rens Dekker

    Rens Dekker (1977) is a Dutch designer and photographer who has provided many domestic and international companies, brands and artists with a visual identity.
    Photography helps him to express himself and therefore most projects are non-commisioned. Often the subjects in his photographs can be linked to important people and events in his life.

  • Nicholas Simenon

    Nicholas Simenon

    I'm a young fine art photographer, specializing in B&W pictures of streets. I have a landscape background but had to adapt when I came to live in New York three years ago, to pursue a BFA in Photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

    Not having access to the same kind of landscape as when I lived in Switzerland, I began shifting towards street photography. The style I adopted also changed, as my mindset changed. I began observing the world with another eye. I'm now showcasing the concrete jungles as I see them, instead of showing nature, as I used to do.

    This work also serves as a self-exploration. After creating pictures, there is a journey to understand how, and why I created them. I've always seen art as a form of self-understanding for the artist, and always find new items about me after reviewing my pictures.

  • Mattia Corato

    Mattia Corato

    I was born in Milano back in 1983 and fell in love with analog photography when I was a young teenager. Today I live in London and work in the sustainable investing industry. My passion for photography is still alive and growing every day. I am particularly interested in street and documentary photography. I love the look and the feeling of analog pictures and the whole emotional process around it. Shooting film gives me special satisfaction and happiness.

  • Reginald Van de Velde

    Reginald Van de Velde

    Reginald Van de Velde (Belgium, 1975) scouts the unknown and the unseen. As a wanderer of wastelands he journeys all over the world, trying to capture the momentum of splendour still undisturbed by the turmoil and temptations of modern society. He is a vagabond for lost beauty, a chronicler of forgotten magnificence.

  • Loes Heerink

    Loes Heerink

    Loes Heerink is a content creator from the Netherlands. She works on photo series in her spare time. Merchants in Motion is her first photo series, it was published in a book (2018). She is currently working on the series Farmers and Growers and Lucid Eyes.

  • Christoph Montebelli

    Christoph Montebelli

    Christoph Montebelli is a German and Austrian photography artist and writer working between Europe and Africa. He holds degrees from the universities of Rome and Yale, where he studied as a Fulbright scholar.

    His photographic work, which explores the visual impact of urbanisation and globalisation, in particular in Africa and the Mediterranean, has been exhibited amongst others in London, Brussels, Casablanca and Berlin.

  • Philip Warp

    Philip Warp

    Philip Warp is a street photographer based in Brooklyn, New York.

    He is originally from Florence, Italy, where he was born and lived for 17 years before moving to New York.

    His passion for night photography came from an urgency to discover a different side of New York City. A more intimate and introvert side of the city.
    Hiding under his umbrella, Philip quietly observes and documents the silence and the energy of the night, the inhabitants of the city, and their emotions.
    Unique of his style is the way he leverages his umbrella to manipulate light and compose his photos.

    Rain, umbrellas, dark and elusive figures, reflections of light, and vivid colors are all elements that prevail in all his photos.

    For Philip, the city is a universe of vivid colors that exists only in his mind. His photos are a way for him to bring to life his visions.

  • Emanuela Meloni

    Emanuela Meloni

    I was born in Cagliari, Italy in 1987.
    I studied political science in Rome for two years, then chose to change path. I graduated in Philosophy in Trent in 2010.
    I started working on photography in 2008, taking part in many workshops in Italy. These experiences led me then to look for a more professionalizing path.
    I was admitted to the National School of Photography in Arles, France, (École Nationale Supérieure de la photographie) in 2012, where I graduated with honors in June 2015.

    For me, art is a unique access to the world, a threshold that mirrors the relationship between my inner being and what surrounds me.
    The perceptive and sensorial experience of reality can open our mind and our creativity to unattended and unknown places.
    In those places -both real and unreal- I try to find my place, in the attempt to translate in images the connection with the people and the landscapes I meet.

    Photography often goes hand in hand with other media, like sound and video, or with the complementary voices that create a junction among subjectivity, otherness, identities, territories and landscapes.

  • Matthew Brooks

    Matthew Brooks

    Matthew Brooks is a Montréal-based artist originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He holds a B.F.A. in Photography from Concordia University and is currently an M.F.A. candidate in Studio Arts at Concordia University. He was named the 2017 recipient of the Lande Award in Photography as well as the 2018 recipient of the Roloff Beny Foundation Fellowship in Photography. In 2017 he was awarded a SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Master's and currently holds an FRQSC Master's Research Scholarship (B1).

    Aging architecture and material culture are frequent themes in his large-scale photographic work which explores ambiguous narratives and the veracity of the image. Within his hyperreal tableaus, the viewer’s sense of the real is destabilized, creating an uncanny sense of both reality and fiction. The construction of the photographic image is constantly at play in his works as he creates cinematic, anachronistic scenes which combine mundanity and artifice.

    His work has been recently included in solo and group exhibitions at the Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery, Occurrence, Centre Skol, Galerie B-312, and Galerie POPOP among others. In April 2017, he presented a new large-scale public artwork in New Westminster, BC for the Capture Photography Festival which was on display until March 2018. His work has been published in print and online in publications such as Magenta Magazine, Lenscratch, It's Nice That, Huffington Post, FotoRoom, and Ain't Bad Magazine among others. His work is included in the Capital One corporate collection as well as private collections.

  • David Schermann

    David Schermann

    David Schermann, born on 3.1.1992, has been photographing since 2008. His independently acquired knowledge of photography and image processing has since been continuously expanded by sophisticated techniques and artistic skills. He is inspired by movies, song lyrics, but also painters like Caspar David Friedrich - to create both realistic and fantastic images of his own perception, which not only convey the photographer's impressions to the viewer, but also address and animate his own imagination and feelings. Schermanns work gets regularly published various art magazines. He was also in the commended section of the Sony World Photography Awards 2018, guest editor on 500px.com and part of the Learn & Explore project of Nikon Asia.

  • Rémy Soubanère

    Rémy Soubanère

    Fine art and documentary photographer based in Paris, France.
    Working on the imaginary part of the reality
    Interested in social systems and how they affect urbanism, habitat, bodies and lives.

  • Dinos Georgopoulos

    Dinos Georgopoulos

    I photograph the social landscape in Athens and other cities of Greece, since 2009. I have taken photography courses at BlackBox photography school, as well as at the Municipality of Zografos and the Students Cultural Association of the University of Athens.My photographic work has been exposed in various collective photography exhibitions.

  • Naiwen Zhang

    Naiwen Zhang

    My name is Naiwen Zhang, born and raised in China, I recently graduated from International Center of Photography - Bard MFA program and currently live in New York. My practice includes photography and videos. I am interested in time and memory. My works are focusing on telling non-liner stories of my inner world in response to the outside reality

  • Joel Pulliam

    Joel Pulliam

    I was born and raised in the United States. I had thought to be a writer, but instead I made a career practicing law, first in New York City and then in Washington, DC.

    It has been close to twenty years since I discovered Tokyo. However, it was only in 2018 that I moved here; these photographs were taken since then.

  • Yiannis Trifonopoulos

    John Trifonopoulos

    Yiannis Trifonopoulos (b.1986) is a graphic designer and a photographer based in Kavala, Greece. He is a member of Photoclub of Kavala since 2015. He has attended workshops with Eleni Mouzakiti and Stratos Kalafatis.

  • Cristobal Ochoa

    Cristobal Ochoa

    My artwork takes a critical view of the social, political and cultural issues that have surrounded my daily life for the past few transformative years. I was a political activist in Venezuela, which led to being forced to escape and seek refuge in France.  Since 2018 my life has changed drastically. Firstly going through the difficult experience of seeking refugee status in France and then adjusting to my new reality. I am currently addressing all the questions that have risen and trying to comprehend and adjust to the change.  My camera has been my only companion during these years, creating a direct connection with my new environment.  It has been present during the political persecution I suffered by my own government and my new life in France.

  • Camino Laguillo

    Camino Laguillo

    I was Born in 1971 in León, Spain. I Graduated in Law at the University of Seville and Lived in New York City from 1995 to 2002, where I studied video at the School of Visual Arts, and initiated in photography.
    I live currently in Seville, where I combine my artistic and teaching work.

  • Eric Houdoyer

    Eric Houdoyer

    I use natural light as a projector.

  • Gianluca Attoli

    Gianluca Attoli

    Self-taught amateur photographer from Monza, Italy. I approached photography in early 2019. I am mostly drawn towards human-altered landscape, particularly suburbs, sometimes with a penchant for strong moods.

  • Alessio Pellicoro

    Alessio Pellicoro

    Born in Taranto (1994), Alessio Pellicoro lived there until I came to Rome for University studies. Recently graduated in July 2019, I studied photography for three years at IED Rome (Istituto Europeo di Design).
    I discovered photography when I found some old dusted cameras of his father in a broken bench...
    Photography became the reason of my life and the only way for him to see and describe "...the world behind my house" as Luigi Ghirri would said.

  • Ventura Formicone

    Ventura Formicone

    Ventura was born in Notaresco, a little village in the hills between the Gran Sasso mountain and the Adriatic Sea. After completing secondary school, Ventura moved to Bologna to study agronomy at university. In those formative years at university he become interested in photography, and produced his first professional works as a photographer. After completing his degree at the university, Ventura moved to Madrid, where he started to explore and develop his photographic language. Ten years ago, he started to work in the field of development in collaboration with several NGOs and UN agencies, with a focus on the Middle East. Ventura has held several exhibitions of his work, including "Suspended Lives", a controversial work on Palestinian women political prisoners, which was launched in Madrid in 2011.
    He is currently based in Istanbul.

  • Francesco Romero

    Francesco Romero

    I’m a former musician and producer whose current artistic output is photography. I’m based mostly in Italy and I focus on themes of absence, decay and isolationism from a graphical and geometrical point of view. I’m fascinated by the dystopian aspect of everyday life.

    I like to decontextualize details, landscapes, architecture, allowing them to stand alone as alien images. 90% of my shots are music inspired, especially from northern electronica, drone music and Detroit / German techno, but I’m also massively influenced by early US hardcore-punk and Industrial.

  • Joep Hijwegen

    Joep Hijwegen

    I’m a 25 year old philosophy graduate located in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I was born near a small rural town but I’ve always been a city person. My first encounters with photography were from my father who shot mostly landscapes and nature, but I didn’t become interested until I discovered street photography, initially with a small polaroid camera. I’ve always gotten obsessed with whatever interested me and tried to write and compose music before finding my bliss in photography. Literature, especially existentialist philosophy and fiction (Dostoevsky and Kierkegaard) is still my major source of inspiration. With my photography, I hope to empower and inspire people to see differently and to embrace the freedom that comes with our ability to frame life as we see it.

  • Jan Schuenke

    Jan Schuenke

    Jan Schuenke is German fine art and commercial photographer specializing in architecture, landscapes, and interiors. Born in Starnberg, Germany, in 1978 Jan received an old SLR camera from his father when he turned 14. He is a seasoned and experienced traveler, fascinated by the diversity of culture and nature, which informs
    his perspective for his photography.  From Sydney to Tokyo and Vancouver, Jan has wandered and photographed all over the globe. He now lives and works in Munich and partly in New York. His fine art photography often shows the influence of humans on nature and vice versa and has been exhibited in Frankfurt, Munich, Perth, Seoul and Melbourne.

  • Seunggu Kim

    Seunggu Kim

    Seunggu Kim lives and works in Seoul, South Korea. He earned his BFA in photography from Sangmyung University, and MFA in visual art from Korea National University of Arts. He would like to describe how we are living. He thought photography could show our ‘real world’. He wanted to balance the unnatural elements in the rectangle frame and describe that we are getting used to the social ironies of reality.

    Select recent milestones include: Ten by Ten, Houston FotoFest; Grand Prix Winner, Tokyo International Photography Competition; Korean Photographer’s Fellowship of the year, KT&G; The Finalist of 2018 Art Photography, Lens Culture; Supported Artist of 2019 Solo Exhibition, Filter Space; The Korea Society, Aperture Gallery, and The UPI Gallery in New York; Filter Space in Chicago; The Museum of Contemporary Photography of Ireland; Laney Contemporary Fine Art in Savannah; Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in Beijing

    His new book, BAM ISLET, was published by KT&G Sangsangmadang in 2019.

  • Daniele Meli

    Daniele Meli

    My Name is Daniele, Italian film photographer. I mainly work on series and Humans were here is my first one. Passionated about both medium format and 35mm, I develop my films and scan the negatives in my apartment.

    Preferred Film: Kodak Ektar 100
    Preferred cameras: Pentax ME, Mamiya 7ii, Hasselblad 500 cm

  • Fabrizio Spucches

    Fabrizio Spucches

    Fabrizio Spucches was born in Catania / Italy in 1987.
    He studied at Accademia di Belle Arti of Catania - Italy, Universitè de Picardie Jules Verne of Amiens - France and University for the creative arts of Canterbury - UK.
    He has been working for ten years with Italian photographer Oliviero Toscani.
    In 2019 he worked as a Creative Director at United Colors of Benetton and Fabrica research center.
    He is currently living and working in Milano at Spucches Studio.

  • Diana Cheren Nygren

    Diana Cheren Nygren

    Diana Cheren Nygren is a fine art photographer from Boston, Massachusetts. Her work explores the visual character of place defined through physical environment and weatherPlace has implications for our experience of the world, and reveals hints about the culture around it.
    Diana was trained as an art historian with a focus on modern and contemporary art, and the relationship of artistic production to its socio-political context. Her emphasis on careful composition in her photographic work, as well as her subject matter, reflects this training.
    Diana's photographs have received numerous honorable mentions from the Lucie Foundation and have been included in a number of juried exhibitions at Subjectively Objective, PhotoPlace Gallery, the Midwest Center for Photography, Rhode Island Center for Photographic Arts, PH21 Gallery in Budapest, Arlington Center for the Arts, the Griffin Museum of Photography, and the Curated Fridge. A book of her photographs, "Capturing the Light", was published in 2017.

  • Francesca Forquet

    Francesca Forquet

    I am a photographer and art director based between Santa Monica, California and Milano, Italia.

  • Emil Rashkovski

    Emil Rashkovski

    I am a visual artist based in Sofia, Bulgaria.
    My work includes outdoor, documentary and conceptual photography, research, installations. I am focused on the impact and connections between the environment and the marks we, humans, leave behind. I like to rediscover the surrounding world through my lens and vice versa - to develop my photography under the influence of the environment. The process involves a long study of themes, repeated exploration of locations, selection of specific conditions. I reinterpret the environment and frame it in topics such as past-present-future, consumer society, alienation, ecology, and in general in the context of human relationships and their connection with the surrounding world. I want to provoke our thinking and discussion about how we, humans, should coexist and balance with the environment.