• Manu De Caluwe

    Manu De Caluwe

    As a small boy I found my safe space through a lens. I found a way to open up towards the world. After many years I noticed that the world was opening up towards me. Nobody told me what to do and I could just stay silent. Thats why I enjoy to travel and discover "through the lens". There is poetry, creative connections that runs through my work. My curiosity only grows while I walk further and further away. Just like a journalist I also have the need to understand the truth. Once home, I dive into my inventory on a daily base, to make sure I have been able to get the most out of my work.

  • Alexis Pazoumian

    Alexis Pazoumian

    Of Armenian and French origin, born in Paris, Alexis Pazoumian is a photographer and director. He did a graphics school in Paris during 4 years. He will graduate with Congratulations of the jury in 2012. The notions of humanity, identity, society and territory are the heart of his reflection. Through few photographic projects in the favelas of Brazil, India, Armenia and recently in New-Orleans He questions the relationship of individuals in their environment. Finalist of the photo-reportage student competition «Paris Match» for his series on the Favelas, he made his first exhibition for the first time at 51 rue de Seine 'Plan b la galerie' in 2012. Alexis joined the Hans Lucas Studio in 2016.

  • Antonio Privitera

    Antonio Privitera

    Antonio Privitera was born in Siracusa, Italy, in 1984.

    He graduated in cinema and philosophy with BFA from the University of Trieste in 2009. In the same year he obtained a master’s degree in documentary and photography at IED of Venice and received his MFA. Privitera has been the recipient of international grants and awards. His work is widely exhibited in Europe and overseas as well. His photographs have been featured in several publications worldwide.

    Currently he lives and works in Rome as a freelance artist, photographer and creative director.

  • Michael Martin

    Michael Martin

    Michael Martin is an artist and teacher who specializes in photography. After serving as Associate Professor and Academic Dean for two decades at Cogswell College in San Jose, California, he was recently appointed as Adjunct Lecturer at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California. His artwork has been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe. He lives and works in San Jose, California.

    Michael’s community service work includes Board President of WORKS/San Jose Gallery, the City of Santa Clara Cultural Advisory Commission, and most recently Chair of the San Jose Arts Commission, where he was also member of the nationally recognized Public Art Committee and the San Jose Mineta Airport Art Program Oversight Committee.

  • Edgar Takoyaki

    Edgar Takoyaki

    I am a contemporary photographer currently residing in Ventura, California. For over a decade now I have been visiting Japan and documenting different cities across the country. I am shooting film with a Mamiya C330 medium format camera and a Nikon F3 35mm camera. In an attempt to capture how dense and layered, cities like Tokyo and Osaka can be, I have used in-camera double exposures, long exposures and window reflections. Much of the work (including studio work) reflects the influence of Japanese culture and science fiction and is distinguished by a dark, atmospheric quality that suggests a larger story behind each image. 

    This project, ANALOG JAPAN, was started over a decade ago on my first trip to Tokyo. Since that first visit, I have returned almost every year to photograph as much of the culture and beauty that Japan has to offer. The larger cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya are so dense and packed with visual stimulation. I wanted to capture as much of the visual impact that these cities offer using analog film cameras.

    I love the way different film stocks capture different looks throughout Tokyo. Some of the photographs are double exposures or layered window reflections that show how rich and dense these cities can be. Other photos are simply shots that show the grand scale of a city like Tokyo.

  • Dineke Versluis

    Dineke Versluis

    In her work as a visual artist and photographer, Dineke Versluis has been documenting outdoor situations and architectural sites, often void of live human activity. With her symmetrical approach and love for detail, she aims to achieve an unbiased view by literally putting her subjects at a certain distance, driven by the desire to capture a minute part of reality before it is lost to view and forever left unnoticed.

  • Stefano Lista

    Stefano Lista

    I was born in 1974 and I studied Economics. At the age of 36 I decided to quit my job and fully devote myself to photography. I began to study photography, starting from its history, its language and its greatest authors. Today I am a documentary photographer and a teacher.
    I am particularly interested in two themes:
    1) humanistic photography that captures people when they lower their guard and let go, with or without awareness, of the image of themselves that they would like others to see;
    2) the investigation about the concept of physical and spiritual “reclusion” to which the man is subjected or undergoes by choice.

    My photographs have been exhibited in Tokyo, Bruxelles, San Francisco, Paris, Rome, London, Barcelona, Hamburg, Trieste.

    Together with my wife Adele we offer wedding reportage services proposing a documentary and innovative vision of ceremony photography. We are also the directors of Meshroom, one of the largest photography schools in central Italy.

    Some of my work is distributed for editorial purposes by Parallelozero Photo Agency.

  • Mark Phillips

    Mark Phillips

    Mark studied engineering and has a PhD from the University of Cambridge. His interest in film and photography began in his late teens, working on short animations and mainly monochrome images. Now based in South Buckinghamshire, UK, his practice is focussed in documentary photography, with his main interests in Social Documentary and occasional Street Photography.
    Although largely self-taught, he has also attended a number of courses, to build specific skills. In June 2014 he gained his Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS) and has completed a number of short courses including MoMA (Seeing Through Photographs), London Street Photography Symposium, Magnum Education on Photobooks and Publishing, Magnum Workshops and other documentary workshops.

  • Hendrik Braet

    Hendrik Braet

    Hendrik Braet is a Belgian documentary-based photographer whose work focuses on his own culture. His motive is: 'It all happens close to you!'

    Hendrik attended the University of Ghent and the Academy of Fine Arts of Ghent. He received a Bachelor's degree in Political Sciences and a degree in Photography. At the moment he 's finishing his second year specialization Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts.

  • Tim Fenby

    Tim Fenby

    I am a documentary photographer based in Melbourne, Australia.
    I'm interested in capturing the surreal aspects of modern reality.

  • Gaile Juknyte

    Gaile Juknyte

    Gaile Juknyte is a portrait photographer from Kaunas, Lithuania, who currently resides in London, United Kingdom. In 2015 she graduated BA (Hons) Photography in Middlesex University, London and discovered her passion for traveling. Fortunate enough to visit 7 countries in a few months, she left London to travel South East Asia and Indonesia mainly focusing on volunteering and animal rights.

  • Fred Mitchell

    Fred Mitchell

    Fred Mitchell is a German-born American photographer working in Los Angeles. He holds a BFA and MFA in photography from the University of Alabama, Birmingham and University of Nevada at Las Vegas, respectively. Upon completion of his degrees he has worked as an adjunct professor, art director, and photographer all while maintaining his practice as a fine artist.

    Fred regularly explores process & project based work, where he researches and explores topics organically while he constructs a body of work. Often, his projects weave multiple seemingly unrelated themes to create complex visual narratives with the intention of unique experiences to be gleaned upon multiple viewings.

    He has received grants from the state of Alabama as well as from the city of Las Vegas and state of Nevada. In 2019 his work has been featured in exhibitions in throughout North America as well as internationally most recently in Italy, Germany, & Japan. Previous online exhibitions include Cumulus Photo Review & Humble Arts Foundation. His work is included in Noah Waldeck’s (Subjectively Objective) Observations in the Ordinary. Recent periodicals to contain Fred’s projects include Stem Magazine, Community Garden, and Architectural Digest. In Fall of 2020 Yoffy Press will be publishing his first monograph, “You Can’t Go! If  You Leave, All The Plants Will Die!” interpreting failed relationships through deceased plant material.

  • Giacomo D'Orlando

    Giacomo d'Orlando

    Giacomo d'Orlando is an Italian documentary photographer currently based in New Zealand.
    He begun his career of professional photographer in 2011, when he was 21, working for a photographic studio in his born city, Verona.
    After more than 3 years spent in the advertising photography industry, he decided to follow his true passion, the documentary photography. For this purpose, in 2015 he decided to move to Nepal where he begun his first long-term project about the Gender Based Violence. Since that time he specialize himself documenting social issues and environmental problems while occasionally is working for travel magazines.
    In the last years he has been living in Nepal, Peru, Austrlia and now is currently living in New Zealand, where is carrying on a long term project about the Refugees of the Climate Change.
    His purpose is report the social and environmental issues that our world is going through nowadays, giving to the people who don’t have the chance to travel the chnce to raise their awareness about these important topics. The reportages of Giacomo d’Orlando has been published worldwide in many recognized magazine such as VSD, DLUI ”La Repubblica”, Vice, DestinAsian, Washington Post among the others, and awarded by some prestigious photo competitions such as PX3 (State of the World 2019), International Photography Awards (2018 ,2019), MIFA (2017, 2019), TIFA (2018) and Chromatic Photography Award (2017).

  • Camilla Ferrari

    Camilla Ferrari

    Camilla Ferrari (1992) is an Italian documentary photographer based in Milan. She graduated with a Humanistic Science and Communication BA from the University of Milan in 2015, and continued her education at the Italian Institute of Photography from which she graduated in 2017. Her work won various awards including 30 Under 30 Women Photographers, ARTPIL, The Independent Photographer / Street Photography competition and Gli Occhi della Guerra Best Portfolio Prize (Gli Occhi della Guerra), Il Giornale.
    Her interest lies in the relationship between human beings and their surroundings, exploring this relationship with a delicate voyeurism. Part of her research is concerned with how social media have the power to enrich visual storytelling through the mix between short videos and photographs, still and moving images. Perpetuating the sense of gentleness that arises from her photographs, she expresses her delicate observations also through her instagram stories, which are an active part of her practice.

  • Simone Padelli

    Simone Padelli

    Simone Padelli (1986) is an Italian professional photographer and artist. After obtaining his Bachelor of Arts at LABA (Florence, Italy) in 2010, he approached the professional world of photography as a fashion photographer for Gucci in Florence. After working for a year for Gucci, he moved to London where he obtained a Master’s degree at the London College of Communication in December 2012. He currently works as a freelance photographer mainly in the fields of fashion, architecture and design. Together with others professional photographers and graphic designers, he set up a co-working studio based in Florence. Simone's work has been published in Harper's Bazaar and cliché web magazines, and displayed in several solo and group exhibitions in the UK and Italy.

  • Antoni Lallican

    Antoni Lallican

    ​Antoni Lallican is a French photographer born in 1988 in Paris.
    After working as an office executive for several years, he has radically changed his way of life through his first long travel in 2015. Seeking meetings and adventures, he also discovered his passion for photography through the incredible human interactions made possible by his camera.

    He has since decided to dedicate his career to photography with a focus on portraits of people made in their real-time environment. Traveling alone, Antoni Lallican tries to immerse himself as much as possible in the countries he crosses and the populations I mets in order to have a look as objective as possible on the experiences that he lives.

    After a first exhibition in PFE festival in 2017 and a publication in fisheye magazine in march 2018 for his serie "Sleeper Class", Antoni Lallican started a reflexion about the consequences of the Kashmiri conflict on the identity of its inhabitants. He is actually exhibiting the result of this reflexion : "Kashmiris, snapshot of people facing an uncertain futur", in the cultural center FGO - Barbara in Paris.

  • Spag Bertin

    Bertin Spag

    Self-taught, photography is the medium I use to express myself, tell my vision of the world, and share my explorations. I am particularly attached to candid photographies that shows everyday life.

    Since 2007, I travel a lot: cycling adventures around the world, road trips, artistic projects in slums, etc. Travels influence my photography practice, both mingle and give me the power to explore the world, meet people and learn.

    contact : [email protected]

  • George Nobechi

    George Nobechi

    George Nobechi. Born in Tokyo, Japan 1980. Canadian/Japanese. Graduated from the University of British Columbia with a BA(Honors) in History and International Relations. A fourteen-country, six-continent round-the-world solo journey in 2008 spurred his passion in photography. In 2015 Nobechi studied under renowned National Geographic photographer Sam Abell and decided to pursue photography full-time. His series of window photographs made during three years on the road, "Here.Stil." (Umoored) was awarded the best landscape series in PDN Magazine's "The Curator" awards, Silver Prize in Best Fine Art Series in PX3 Paris Photo, and a coveted Top 50 Award in Critical Mass in 2017. Nobechi's work has been exhibited in Japan, Italy and throughout the USA and has received numerous international awards.

  • Ken Buslay

    Ken Buslay

    Ken Buslay was born in western Germany in 1987. After many years of living in Berlin and studies at 'Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie', he decided to leave the idea of life in one certain place behind. Today, he curiously travels the world with at least one analogue camera and a field recorder in his bag.

    The freedom of going to wherever intuition brings him, living only with the most necessary things, out in the nature or a different culture is the most giving source of creativity and life energy for him.

  • Claudia Cuomo

    Claudia Cuomo

    Claudia Cuomo is a young photographer from Naples (Italy) living in France since 2012. She started to take pictures at 18yo, following demonstrations and protests.
    Her work deals specially with street photography, social reportage, travel and lifestyle.
    Her photo essay Battle of Algiers made the short list of World Nomads Travel Photography Scholarship 2017.
    Winner of EnGENDERed contest in November 2017, her series Humans In Their Skin was exhibited at International Photography Festival of Tel Aviv.
    Full interview at: https://www.eyeem.com/blog/take-ten-claudia-cuomo/

  • Michiel De Lange

    Michiel de Lange

    Traveling street photographer and veteran expat architect currently living in Qatar. My work is mainly inspired by a fascination with our "human condition", capturing people and their daily lives within different cultural, religious and social environments.

  • Frederik Buyckx

    Frederik Buyckx

    Frederik Buyckx was born in 1984 in Antwerp, Belgium. He received a Master’s Degree in Advertising Design at St-Lucas Antwerp and studied photography until 2013 at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent, Belgium. Frederik became a freelance photographer in 2010. Since then, he started working for national and international media. Besides assignments he mainly focuses on personal projects. For his series “Jesus, Make-Up and Football” he documented the daily life in the favelas in Rio de Janeiro. The work won several awards, including a World Press Photo Award in 2013, and was published in a book by Lannoo (Belgium). In 2017 Frederik was named 'Photographer of the Year' at the Sony World Photography Awards.

  • Alessandro Zanoni

    Alessandro Zanoni

    I'm a visual designer and photographer based in Milan, Italy. After attending Fine Art School and taking courses in illustration at the European Design Institute of Milan, I began my profession as a graphic designer, first in the field of printing and publishing and subsequently in web and interaction design. A devourer of music I worked for a decade writing reviews for the influential rock magazine Jam. I recently began my approach to photography obtaining important awards. I have exhibited in both solo and group shows in Milan, Naples, Paris and New York. A tireless metropolitan traveler, my work is focused on finding unusual and urban wastelands: the quest of human footprint in the anthropocene era captured through the lens of my sleek yet detached gaze.

  • Gregory Collavini

    Gregory Collavini

    I find romance in rough landscape constructions, which probably comes of my Italian and German descents. I like spaces. They give me emotions. I also like to match opposites and create ambiguity. Therefore my goal is to question our modern society through landscape management and architecture photography.

  • Calvin Scott

    Calvin Scott

    Calvin Tyler Scott (b. 1998) is a New York City based photographer. With a background as a charcoal and ink-based graphic artist, he’s embraced photography for its objectivity. Calvin is invested in the story-telling nature of photography, and its use in social provocation — concepts all incorporated in his journalism and portraiture. His work is often focused on natural light, context, and empathy.

    While attending The Savannah College of Art & Design, Calvin relocated to New York City to pursue a career as a photographer. There, he has trained under Platon, Mark Seliger, and Annie Leibovitz, forging an eye for cultural realism and sculptural composition — despite his very, very poor eyesight.

    In January 2019, his work was published in PDN Magazine, as a winner of PDN Faces. Later that year, his work was chosen to be permanently featured in the American Photography Archive.

  • Christian Nilson

    Christian Nilson

    With his roots in street photography, autodidact Swedish photographer Christian Nilson’s work now takes the form of imagery through short and long term documentary projects. Following a move to Switzerland in 2006 he challenges his natural introverted character through the camera. His uncompromising style and openness allow his audience to enjoy and celebrate his chosen subjects; using flash photography his pictures reveal much ‘because I want the viewer to see everything, no hiding, no guessing.’

    Following his London debut at FIX Photo Festival Nilson gained representation at L A Noble Gallery. He is also a member of The Swiss Association for Contemporary Photography NEAR and the Swiss photographer agency 13 Photo. Nilson’s work is informed through his experience, living in Sweden, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland alongside extensive travels for photographic projects and assignments.

  • Vassilis Triantis

    Vassilis Triantis

    Vassilis was born in 1975 in Greece and is currently living in Amsterdam. He comes from a scientific background and after completing a doctorate in medical biology, he turned to photography which he now combines alongside his career in medical research.

    He is interested in urban patterns of life and behaviour; how human and humanised nature mingle and clash. His practice explores themes of isolation and identity, the juxtaposition of collective and individual, communication versus segregation. By using small narratives he wants to shed light on ways we affect and are affected by artificial social and physical environments.

  • Serge Bouvet

    Serge Bouvet

    My work has been featured recently by Le Nouvel Observateur, Le Figaro Magazine, the National Geographic, Art travel, Afar Magazine, etc. Recent 2016-2017 exhibitions include shows in Switzerland and on may 2017 in Russia.

  • Alexei Siozov

    Alexei Siozov

    Alexei Siozov (b. Athens, Greece) is a photographer & visual artist, whose work explores archetypal symbolisms, religions and mythological narratives from around the world.
    He holds a BSc in Mathematics from University of Patras and a BA in Photography from Middlesex University of London.
    In 2016, his latest work, Arcana, was presented widely to the audience in Benaki Museum, as one of the "Young Greek Photographers" during the European month of Photography in Athens Photo Festival.

  • Anton Gautama

    Anton Gautama

    Gautama began taking pictures with a mobile phone. Since 2015 he has been working professionally as photographer with a passionate focus on documentary photography. He believes that the essence of photography is the ability to help us understand life. Gautama seeks unique moments that can generate powerful emotional responses. With a patience and determination, the photographer often immerses himself for months at a single location pursuing his photographic observations.

    Photographs from Anton Gautama have been featured in several on-line and printed magazine platforms since 2016, such as LensCulture, National Geographic Traveller, and many others. His works have been exhibited at the Goethe Institute, Jakarta, Bandung Creative Hub, Institut Seni Indonesia in Jogjakarta< Leica Store Indonesia, and many others. His book Pabean Passage about traditional Indonesain spice markets, was published in 2016.

    In October 2015 Anton Guatama opened a private photo gallery in Malang in order to share his passion of photography. In keeping with his interest in exploring and preserving Indonesian culture, he also restored a full set of Javanese gamelan and placed it inside the gallery.

    Originally from Makassar, Indonesia, Anton Gautama is a Surabaya based photographer with a Masters in Business Administration.

  • Max Sturgeon

    Max Sturgeon

    I'm a filmmaker and photographer based out of Austin, TX and Warsaw, Poland. When not working on set of a production I spend all my time overseas traveling and taking photos.

  • Corinne Isabelle Rinaldis

    Corinne Isabelle Rinaldis

    I was born in a car running on the highway. It is on the road that I feel home. I travel the world to get to know my family.

  • Adriaan Devillé

    Adriaan Devillé

    I started in 1982 on December 15 building up my vision and it was only in August 2009 when I shot my first picture with a borrowed digital reflex camera (Canon EOS 50D). A few years, and a camera (Canon EOS 6D) later, I still travel from my home town to others' home town.

  • Amy Tuxworth

    Amy Tuxworth

    I am freelance photographer and filmmaker.

  • Sophia Wohleke

    Sophia Wohleke

    Sophia Wöhleke works with analogue photography in order to explore ideas of place and identity. Exploring the duality of the strange and familiar, her works plays with the line between reality and fiction, often invoking nostalgia for a place unknown. Sophia graduated with a BA with honours in photography from the University of Brighton and is currently completing her Master's degree at University of the Arts London. Born in Germany but raised in France, Sophia has had an international upbringing that continues to influence her practice.

  • Charles Xelot

    Charles Xelot

    Born in 1985, I am a documentary and fine art photographer specialized on the Russian landscape and society. I am exploring changes in our environment and questioning the border between art and document. My works has been published in various magazines and books and exhibited in galleries and museums in France, Switzerland and Turkey.

  • Jacob Wallwork

    Jacob Wallwork

    Photographer from Melbourne, Australia.

  • Camille Delbos

    Camille Delbos

    Camille Delbos is a published photographer and up-and-coming filmmaker. But first all he is an adventurer and slow traveller and for him the journey is more important than destination.

    For more than 2 years he explores the remote corners of Asia and more specifically spent 6 months documenting the cultures and landscapes of Pakistan.

    His love of the outdoors and sensitive approach of humans take him from the heart of cities to more isolated areas.The visual narrative is central in his approach, a way for him to help to challenge and raise awareness on major issues of society.

    He shares his time between his works in Europe and his extended travels in Central, Eastern Asia and Middle East to develop his personal photographic research, lead photography workshops and fulfill his assignments.

    His work has been featured among others in Al Jazeera, National Geographic Your Shot, and in 2016 he has been finalist at numerous international competitions such as ND Awards, TPOTY and National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year. In 2017, the Chercheurs d’Images Festival invite him to exhibit his series The Last Wakhi Shepherdesses.

    Camille is Studio Hans Lucas member.

  • Mateusz Gryta

    Mateusz Gryta

    I'm a Polish photographer and currently a design student based in London. I explore urban spaces across the world, not taking into account the stereotypes of what is worth visiting or looking at. I believe in concepts of Psycho-Geography and Flâneur, where a street encounter can be more interesting than Eiffel Tower or Big Ben. I am searching for random moments of beauty and connections between humans, human made things and urban landscapes.

  • Berber Theunissen

    Berber Theunissen

    I, Berber Theunissen (Otterlo NL, 1989), focus my camera on things that affect me personally. Things that I love, but also things that make me feel vulnerable. I capture the moments, emotions and memories in which these intense situations were revolving around me. Photography offers me a foothold, enabling me to observe my life in a more objective way. I reflect upon my own struggles by looking at how my friends and others around me cope with similar situations and feelings.

    I graduated cum laude from the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam in 2013. For my graduation series “Vagabond” I explored how one lives without a permanent home, and how it feels to wander between friends and family with few possessions. After eight years of living in Amsterdam I really started missing the woods, the quiet and the smells of the woods. On January 1st, 2015, I moved back to nature, the environment that inspires me most.

  • Lucy Ridgard

    Lucy Ridgard

    Lucy Ridgard is a portrait photographer interested in capturing people (often teens and the elderly) whose identities are interwoven with their sense of fashion and style, that she frames against unexpected environments. Her juxtaposition of self-consciously constructed styles with disordered settings produces statements about worlds colliding.

    For example, Lucy’s project ‘Children of the corn’ portrays ‘indie’ teenagers sprawled across the canvass of the Suffolk countryside, evoking natural beauty versus the stylised posturing of teenagers; the timelessness of the natural world against youth and ageing: images that recall Lucy’s colourful experience of growing up in 80s-90s’ Suffolk.

    Her project on teenagers in Marrakech represents the global expression of teenage identity through Western fashions, from boys sporting Adidas and Converse, to James Dean-denim style, contrasted against the earthy hues and materials of northern Africa. She was awarded Winner, ‘Best Single Image’ Renaissance Photographer Prize (2015) for one of the portraits in this project, ‘From Marrakech Head North’.

    Lucy is heavily influenced by documentary photography and blends it with portraiture and fashion photography. Recently, her work has become more choreographed and directed, whilst still making social commentary.

    Her photographs have been featured in The Guardian, The Financial Times, Dazed Digital, i-D, Vice, GirlGaze, and magazines such as Positive, Something About, Rodeo, Used, Hunger and EyeEm. She has exhibited her work in London, New York and Switzerland. As well as winning the ‘Best Single Image’ Renaissance Photographer Prize (2015) she was shortlisted for the IPF photography prize 2017, selected as one of the Labs New Artists 2017 and exhibited at the Biel/Bienne festival of Photography 2018 and at PhotoEast photography festival 2018

    Lucy works on film using a medium format camera.

  • Baptiste De Ville d'Avray

    Baptiste de Ville d'Avray

    Photographer, since 2005. Lives and works between Europe and Africa.

    Baptiste de Ville d’Avray’s photography is orientated towards a cinematographic, latent and contemplative vision of the landscape and portraiture. Since 2009, he has been working on a project based on the transformations of Mediterranean landscapes, particularly in Morocco. His images seek to construct mini photographic fictions based on a real territory that becomes a character in its own right and on anodyne moments from daily life, by flirting with the boundaries of documentary photography and poetry. They express the contradiction between a perpetual movement and the immobility of bodies, thus presenting an X-ray view of the inner workings of a country and its inhabitants.

    Baptiste is a member of Hans Lucas Agency.

    In 2017, his work "So far away, yet so close" has been shown in several exhibition in France and Morocco and featured on several online magazine.

  • Michael Meissner

    Michael Meissner

    Michael Meissner lives and works in Cologne as Creative Director in an advertising agency. For over 20 years he has been mesmerized by the idea of freezing moments and scenes to brand them with a unique, personal view.

    He believes that fascination can be found within the ordinary, and that most stories of life taste their best when served raw. Therefore he seeks to find visual thrills, unsuspected beauty and true soul in his close surroundings as well as on travels.

  • Milena Villalon

    Milena Villalon

    Milena Villalon, born in Barcelona in 1988, completed her photography studies at Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie in Berlin, focusing on documentary, journalistic and artistic genres. She has completed her final project under the direction of Werner Mahler, showing a visual history among women. She has taken part in different workshops with Ute Mahler (fashion workshop in Halle, Germany) and Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris (“The art of editing” at Fotografiska Museum, Stockholm).

    She works as an independent photographer paying attention to the human being and the sporadic.

  • Joachim Hildebrand

    Joachim Hildebrand

    Joachim Hildebrand studied Fine Art Photography at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid under, among others, Elger Esser, Joan Fontcuberta, and Martin Parr. His works have been exhibited internationally and honored with awards such as the European Architectural Prize. Hildebrand lives and works in Frankfurt and Berlin.

    The photobook "Wild West" by Joachim Hildebrand has been released in May 2018. It is published by KEHRER-Verlag, Heidelberg and includes essays by Celina Lunsford and Manfred Berg.
    ISBN 978-3-86828-866-7

  • Michael Joseph

    Michael Joseph

    Michael Joseph is a street portrait and documentary photographer. Raised just outside of New York City, his inspirations are drawn from interactions with strangers on city streets and aims to afford his audience the same experience through his photographs. His portraits are made on the street, unplanned and up close to allow the viewer to explore the immediate and unseen.

    Michael’s project “Lost and Found” has been featured on Vice.com, CNN.com, AllAboutPhoto.com and published in magazines internationally. He has been exhibited nationally, notably at Daniel Cooney Fine Art, (New York, NY), the Aperture Gallery (New York, NY), Project Basho Gallery (Philadelphia, PA) as well as the Rayko Gallery (San Francisco, CA). He has lectured for Amy Arbus at the International Center of Photography (New York, NY) in portraiture classes at the New England School of Photography (Boston, MA) and taught at the Light Factory (Charlotte, NC).

    His portraits are held in the permanent collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, the Fort Wayne Museum of Art in Indiana and private collections. He is a 2016 Photolucida Top 50 winner, LensCulture Portrait Award Finalist and a recipient of the fellowship in photography from the Massachusetts Cultural Council. He is represented by Daniel Cooney Fine Art, New York City.

  • Simon Beraud

    Simon Beraud

    (b.1993 in France; currently in Czechia) Partly self-taught, the camera has accompanied me since late childhood. I use it to keep a distance and at the same time exist with others in a social environment, discover new places, face the unknown, and to feel at home when - for short or long periods of time - I travel.
    In a context that I document and in more transposable ways, my work relies on other people's emotions and mine. I photograph both friends and strangers, in the intimacy of their homes and outside.

  • Palebluewanders


    Antonio M.M. was born in 1985 in Mallorca, Spain. He received a Master’s Degree in Marine Biology in UCT, Cape Town, South Africa. Since 2011 he has been a world nomad. His love for traveling lead him to his second love of his life, photography. He is a self taught photographer in the pursuit of maintaining a nomadic lifestyle.

  • Alana Perino

    Alana Perino

    Alana Perino was born in 1988 and led a split childhood between New York City, the North Fork of Long Island, and the stretch of highway between the two. She studied European Intellectual History and Photography at Wesleyan University, where her questions concerning the nature of belonging were only further complicated. After working as a photojournalist in the Israeli-Palestinian territories, skeptical of the privileged nature of her stay, Alana returned to the United States. Continually drawn to issues of land-ownership identity, she has been completing several road trips across the country to photograph “American” heritage sites. Alana resides in Oakland, California, where she works as a lighting technician, a photographer, and when time allows, as an artist.

  • Miltiadis Igglezos

    Miltiadis Igglezos

    Miltiadis Igglezos was born in 1981 in Davleia, Greece, where he lives until now. He has studied architecture in the Department of Architecture of University of Thessaly (Volos, Greece) and photography in the Leica Academy (Athens, Greece). He is a freelance photographer. His professional work focuses in architectural photography. His personal work is mainly characterized by the depiction of the transformation of natural, agricultural and urban landscape.

  • Geert Van Den Eede

    Geert Van Den Eede

    There is a documentary aspect in my images, but my work is also the result of what a place does with me. Mostly I work in the open and public space. For more than 10 years I travel and photograph in the Balkans, not yet too polished and over-organized, a region in transition, on the move. Like I have to be on the move

    Living in Brussels, Belgium

  • Andrés Gallardo Albajar

    Andrés Gallardo Albajar

    Self taught photographer from Spain, living currently in Estonia. Urban and architecture mainly. I got my first DSLR camera as a gift from my mom and my brother in 2012 and photography has been my main passion ever since.

  • Ante Badzim

    Ante Badzim

    My dad gave me my first camera at the age of 10, it was at this early age that photography became an escape and my one true form of expression

    My approach is to show the true beauty of the subject, where it demands attention by introducing space and minimising distractions. The simplest of things, when isolated, can represent something beautiful. What we take for granted seems often to be the most important, when I bring attention to these simple elements it can function as a reminder to truly appreciate the finer things that surround us.

    It is humbling to be recognised for my photographic style and achievements by Instagram, 500px, EyeEm, Collective Hub, Taxi Mag, Brilliant Mag, Cool Hunter, Blow Up, Olympus, Men In This Town, Feature Shoot, Get Lost Magazine, Capture Magazine, Rokeby Gallery, NINE, SBS among others and most importantly my 400,000+ community.

  • Tommaso Rada

    Tommaso Rada

    Tommaso Rada is a documentary photographer working on socio-economic issues. His projects describing the surrounding society are aims more to create questions than to looking for answers.

  • Nina Vossen

    Nina Vossen

    I was born and raised in Almere, Flevoland, The Netherlands, while most of my familie lives spread across the world. Flevoland, a flat and dull, yet pretty area, is my country’s youngest province and the world’s largest artificial island. About a hundred years ago, the Dutch drained a bunch of water and created land in its place. My hometown Almere didn't exist before the 1970s and is still very much developing itself.

    With my personal written and visual stories, I reflect on my identity and how it’s influenced by my culture and surroundings. At the same time, I investigate how the identity of a place can be affected by a person or people. How does this interaction work? I use my thoughts, observations, experiences, conversations with others, and literature to investigate how I relate to my surroundings and the other way around. I am my own case study, because I believe the more personal and intimate a story is, the more universal it becomes.

    You'll often see my photographs and texts combined with each other. I tend to use both media separately as well, depending on the project.

  • Stephan Gladieu

    Stephan Gladieu

    Stéphan Gladieu is a 49-year old photographer.

    His career began in 1989 covering war & social issues, travelling across Europe,Central Asia, the Middle East (Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Egypt, Pakistan) and Asia (India, Nepal, Vietnam, China, etc).

    His work began as travel features, but he became increasingly interested in using portraiture to illustrate the human condition around the world. His portraiture has included covering the Saudi Princes, Princesses in Nepal, actors & directors behind the scenes at Cannes Film Festival, politicians, intellectuals, but also everyday people the world over.

    Stephan still realise international features and portraits series, for international magazines but he is mainly focus on is personnal work: human story through colorfull portrait collection
    On the side of his journalist activity, Stephan is working with private compagny (LVMH, Danone, TOTAL…) and International Intitution (World Bank, UNICEF) to work on their visual identity.
    Stephan is represented by Olivier Castaing, owner of the School Gallery, in Paris.

    Nowadays, Stephan Gladieu’s work is published in leading publications in France and internationally.

    Published books:

    Women: The futur of Africa published by the World Bank 2018.
    The Central African Republic: Hope and resilience published by the World Bank 2017.
    Hip Hop culture published by Somogy editions d’art 2011.
    Fenêtre sur Courts (Windows on Court – Roland Garros), published by Intervalles in 2007.
    Destins de Harkis (Harakie Destiny), published by Autrement in 2003.
    Femmes Afghanes (Afghan Women), published by Hoëbeke in 2001.
    Afghans, published by Autrement in 2001.


    - Herero, Maï Maï and Surma, London Photo, London, 2018
    - Herero, Realportraitik #1, School Gallery, Paris 2018
    - Central Africa World Bank, USA, Washington 2017
    - Central Africa, Musée Branly, Paris 2016

    - French Handcraft, LVMH Fondation, Paris 2016

    - For The World Bank. " The year of woman's empowerment", Paris/ Washington 2016
    - Caen War Memorial, Destins de Harkis France 2012
    - North Station Paris, Portraits, France 2011
    - Plaine Commune, terre de création, Stade de France 2010
    - Various portraits, Galerie Artcurial, Paris, 2008
    - Destins de Harkis (Algerian War), at the” Musée de l’Armée des Invalides”, Paris 2003
    - Destins de Harkis (Algerian War), at the Archives Municipales de Marseille, 2004
    - Destins de Harkis (Algerian War), at the Centre Culturel de Sucy, Nov 2004
    - The life under Talibans in Afghanistan, in Paris, 2001
    - The life under Talibans in Afghanistan, at the Bayeux Festival, 2001
    Various work, at Visa International Photoreportage Festival in Perpignan, 1998, 2000,2003, 2006, 2008

  • Desiré Van den Berg

    Desiré van den Berg

    Desiré van den Berg (Zaanstad, 1991) is a photographer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In 2011, Van den Berg became active as a nightlife, subculture and travel photographer and now she is mostly known for her editorial, documentary and portrait photography. She has a BA in Linguistics from University of Amsterdam and studied Chinese at University of Leiden and City University Hong Kong. Van den Berg is an autodidact in photography, exploring both digital and analogue photography. Interested in scientific and philosophical theories questioning truth, objectivity and reality, she considers her work as an ongoing study of these subjects.

  • Long Nguyen

    Long Nguyen

    Street photograph

  • Mattia Corato

    Mattia Corato

    I was born in Milano back in 1983 and fell in love with analog photography when I was a young teenager. Today I live in London and work in the sustainable investing industry. My passion for photography is still alive and growing every day. I am particularly interested in street and documentary photography. I love the look and the feeling of analog pictures and the whole emotional process around it. Shooting film gives me special satisfaction and happiness.

  • Monia Marchionni

    Monia Marchionni

    Monia Marchionni (Italy 1981) is a visual artist and fine art photographer, graduated in Academy of Arts at Bologna, and a second degree inLiterature and Philosophy at Bologna with a specialization in History of Contemporary Art (2008). She is fascinated by photography for that "double glance" typical of themedium, the "already seen" become "never seen" with a different cut of the scene and with the imagination, where the boundary between reality and fiction becomes more and more confused. Photography allows her to show reality as she sees it: places swallowed by an evanescent atmosphere, metaphorical characters, every picture is poised between fiction and reality, like a dream. Monia photographs what she wants to see. With an introspective look she interprets the space connected to her own story as she sees it and not as it presents itself objectively. The Macro cosmos merges with its microcosm, with its affections, with its memories, often in the photos appear her friends, and her relatives. Composition, scenes constructed as cinematographic frames, and the extraordinary that mixes with the ordinary are the elements that characterize each of its images. Her photos will be exhibited in 2019 in the galleries of Tokyo, New York and Milan.

  • Federico Frangi

    Federico Frangi

    I discovered photography unexpectly, during a trip to India and Nepal in 2008.
    Traveling by motorcycle on the routes of the Himalayas and coming in contact with millenary cultures, people and landscapes lost in time, I took my first photos.
    It was successful and after most of ten years as a graphic designer I decide to turn to photographer.

    I use analog cameras and I print my final arts with modern ink-jet technology on handmade paper from Nepal.
    This approach gives a special stamp to the work, which acquires a texture and a color performance far from the usual, something pastel and very little saturated. The images thus acquire a degree of timelessness and pictorial touch.

  • Tony Meintjes

    Tony Meintjes

    I live in a small town outside of Cape Town, South Africa.
    After many years of advertising, then establishing a wet and dry
    printing service for photographers, I have found some time
    to re-look at the work I have made over the years.
    Currently I find the idea of pairing images very attractive,
    as it is open to chance and serendipity, as is photography itself.

  • Yuri Andries

    Yuri Andries

    Yuri Andries (b. 1986 Sint-Niklaas, lives and works in Ghent, Belgium)

    A longing for the other as well as encounters with the uncanny inform the photographic language of Yuri Andries. The artist works both close to home, or travels miles away to explore unknown territory. His images are characterized by a deliberate use of colour and a keen sense of the graphic. They evince a serene aesthetic and a search for stillness. They hover between dream and reality, between reality that is not the truth and fiction that is not a lie.

    Yuri Andries holds an MA in Graphic Design from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent. During his Graphic Design studies, he developed an interest in photography, fascinated by the medium’s tense relation to reality and its function both as a documentary medium and a means to stimulate the imagination. For six months, Andries attended a seminar with Magnum photographer Carl De Keyzer, and took various courses in analogue photography. In 2014, he took on a position as an assistant in a photo studio to further develop his skills in technology, such as the use of light and the digital editing of images. Since 2016, he focuses on his own photographic projects which have been published in National Geographic, GUP Magazine, Ignant and Aint-Bad, among others.
    © Sofie Crabbé

  • Christopher Pugmire

    Christopher Pugmire

    Hello Internet,

    My name is Christopher Pugmire.

    I was born in England but grew up kind of French and now live in Amsterdam after five years in Barcelona.

    This ongoing identity crisis is best dealt with by photographing other people. I'm interested in identity, stories and themes.

    I try to mix honesty with irony but I'm still figuring that out.

    For some reason I have an obsession with ex-USSR countries.

  • Loes Heerink

    Loes Heerink

    Loes Heerink is a content creator from the Netherlands. She works on photo series in her spare time. Merchants in Motion is her first photo series, it was published in a book (2018). She is currently working on the series Farmers and Growers and Lucid Eyes.

  • Gil Bartz

    Gil Bartz

    A freelance photographer and cinematographer based in Berlin and born in Northern Germany in 1981. After completing his studies in 2002, he started to work in the television industry as a camera–assistant. In 2007 he quit his job to become a cinematographer.
    He studied Cinematography at the University for Film and Televison “Konrad Wolf“ in Potsdam – Babelsberg. He graduated in 2012. For the next two years he has travelled through the Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Russia working on personal photo-projects. Since 2015 he is working as a freelance photographer.

  • Christoph Montebelli

    Christoph Montebelli

    Christoph Montebelli is a German and Austrian photography artist and writer working between Europe and Africa. He holds degrees from the universities of Rome and Yale, where he studied as a Fulbright scholar.

    His photographic work, which explores the visual impact of urbanisation and globalisation, in particular in Africa and the Mediterranean, has been exhibited amongst others in London, Brussels, Casablanca and Berlin.

  • Philip Warp

    Philip Warp

    Philip Warp is a street photographer based in Brooklyn, New York.

    He is originally from Florence, Italy, where he was born and lived for 17 years before moving to New York.

    His passion for night photography came from an urgency to discover a different side of New York City. A more intimate and introvert side of the city.
    Hiding under his umbrella, Philip quietly observes and documents the silence and the energy of the night, the inhabitants of the city, and their emotions.
    Unique of his style is the way he leverages his umbrella to manipulate light and compose his photos.

    Rain, umbrellas, dark and elusive figures, reflections of light, and vivid colors are all elements that prevail in all his photos.

    For Philip, the city is a universe of vivid colors that exists only in his mind. His photos are a way for him to bring to life his visions.

  • Emanuela Meloni

    Emanuela Meloni

    I was born in Cagliari, Italy in 1987.
    I studied political science in Rome for two years, then chose to change path. I graduated in Philosophy in Trent in 2010.
    I started working on photography in 2008, taking part in many workshops in Italy. These experiences led me then to look for a more professionalizing path.
    I was admitted to the National School of Photography in Arles, France, (École Nationale Supérieure de la photographie) in 2012, where I graduated with honors in June 2015.

    For me, art is a unique access to the world, a threshold that mirrors the relationship between my inner being and what surrounds me.
    The perceptive and sensorial experience of reality can open our mind and our creativity to unattended and unknown places.
    In those places -both real and unreal- I try to find my place, in the attempt to translate in images the connection with the people and the landscapes I meet.

    Photography often goes hand in hand with other media, like sound and video, or with the complementary voices that create a junction among subjectivity, otherness, identities, territories and landscapes.

  • Emiliano Zúñiga

    Emiliano Zúñiga

    Photographer graduated from Veritas University in Costa Rica. He studied Anthropology at the University of Costa Rica for one year. Certificate of the Climate Compliance Conference program by Richmond Vale Academy, Saint Vincent & The Grenadines. Currently president and co-founder of the nonprofit Costa Rica Initiative, a healing center focused on facilitating work methods with the intention of freeing participants from deep-rooted fears, self-judgments, limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors. On the other hand, the author elaborates personal photographic projects that seek to establish a relationship between the symbolic and the documentary.

  • Skott Chandler

    Skott Chandler

    Skott Chandler is a photographic artist, and educator at Black Hills State University in Spearfish, South Dakota.


  • Gabriel Kovats

    Gabriel Kovats

    Gabriel Kovats was born in Maramures, in 1971, he lives and works in Bucharest, Romania. Graduated Economics in 1998, he studied photography at Photopoetica School of Photography in Bucharest between 2011-2014.
    His photographic work was exhibited in Romania and Europe in several group exhibitions.

  • Duy Phuong

    Duy Phuong

    Born in 1984 in Long An, Vietnamese photographer Duy Phuong grew up surrounded by photography. His parents, building their photo business from scratch, offered their services for family events and eventually opened their own modest studio.

    After entering university to study for a degree in photography in 2006, he was selected in 2008 by Jean-Luc Amand Fournier from the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie d’Arles for a three-month residency. His work was displayed the following year at the Musée du Quai Branly as part of the Photoquai photography biennale exhibition.

    Since returning to Vietnam he’s devoted his energies to his personal photographic projects. Holding Water is a five-year-long project documenting Tri An Lake and of the lives of its people; dealing with the cyclical nature of life, it often blurs the line between truth and fiction. He balances form and concept in a way that is both provocative and restrained.

    Starting in 2012, his work has increasingly gained recognition both at home and abroad, with numerous personal and collective exhibitions at the Centre Culturel Français in Hanoi and Hue, at Casa Italia in Ha Noi, at Sao La Art Space in Ho Chi Minh City, at Richard D.Baron Gallery in Ohio, and at Saatchi Gallery in London as well as the Angkor Photo Festival in Cambodia, Photo Kathmandu in Nepal, the Singapore International Photography Festival, the Sequences Photography Festival in Romania, the WITP Annual Emerging Artist Exhibition in England, the Poznan Art Week in Poland and the Start Art Fair in England. In 2016, he was invited by photographer PiPo Nguyen-duy who teaches at Oberlin College in the USA for one-month residency and solo exhibition along with a series of lectures and workshops.

  • James Rosen

    James Rosen

    I'm a commercial photographer with a passion for travel and storytelling. Ive spent most of my career living and working in Montreal, Canada. Currently represented by Civilized Photo World in New York City.

  • Naiwen Zhang

    Naiwen Zhang

    My name is Naiwen Zhang, born and raised in China, I recently graduated from International Center of Photography - Bard MFA program and currently live in New York. My practice includes photography and videos. I am interested in time and memory. My works are focusing on telling non-liner stories of my inner world in response to the outside reality

  • Boris Joseph

    Boris Joseph

    My name is Boris Joseph. I was born in 1974 in Paris. I studied Architecture and Plastic Arts. It is during humanitarian missions, in India, that I start practising photography and video. It is the beginning of a series of numerous trips which will take me back to Asia again and again. In India, I am achieving a thorough study of the Untouchables. In Tibet, since 2005, I have been focusing my attention on the changes that the country has known after 50 years of colonization. Since 2010, I have published in several magazines such as Le Monde, Aftenposten, The Independent, Internazionale, GEO, Grands Reportages, Newsweek Japan, La Vie, Corriere de la Serra. Several of my pictures of Tibet have been acquired by the Bibliothèque Nationale de France.

  • Juliette Cassidy

    Juliette Cassidy

    Juliette Cassidy was born in the north of Spain and at the age of 20 she moved to the United States to finish her degree in arts at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston.

    After graduating, she travelled across 19 states of the North American country, developing the series “People we know, these Americans”, in which she focused on the emptiness brought by the most brutal capitalism in one of the richest countries in the world: the United States of America.

    Afterwards, she moved to Mexico City followed by Los Angeles.

    Although she works in the fashion industry, her most personal work leans towards documentary photography, which is, at times, influenced by fashion.

    she is currently based in London.

  • William Mark Sommer

    William Mark Sommer

    William Mark Sommer (b. 1990) is a film photographer residing in Sacramento, California. Mark has earned his BFA in Photography from Arizona State University and he has exhibited over the United States and Internationally. He has been featured in publications like Stay Wild, Float, Aint Bad, Booooooom, Analog Mag, The Modern-Day Explorer, among others. Mark also has self-published 10 zines and looks to self-publish his first monograph in 2020.

    Within Mark’s series he utilizes a long-term documentary mode of storytelling to explore themes of human nature, preservation and empathy. He photographs to further his understanding of a diversity of human experiences, exploring what we hold dear and how our actions shape our environments. He looks for his work to challenge stereotypes by showing the unseen and giving a voice to the misunderstood.

    Growing up in the small-bypassed town of Loomis, California, Mark was shaped by the culture of the Lincoln Highway. Experiencing this culture gave him a deep admiration towards small town America and its the history along the fading highways. Following these experiences and admirations has taken him all over the Western United States and brought him a closer understanding with complexities of American culture by seeing history in person and understanding its progressive nature in forgetting the past.

  • Anu Kumar

    Anu Kumar

  • C M Hutchinson

    C M Hutchinson

    C M Hutchinson has been an educator in the arts for over seven years after graduating from Bard College in 2011. His most recent work focuses on the US-Mexican border as object. From Brownsville, Texas to San Ysidro, California, C M Hutchinson explored the southernmost roadways and communities in an attempt to better understand this rarely seen, but often spoken of region of his home country. Utilizing a 4x5, 35mm, Instant, and phone camera, he examines the visual realities of the border.

  • Alex Bartsch

    Alex Bartsch

    Alex is a documentary photographer and filmmaker from Strasbourg, France. He moved to the UK and studied Arts and Media at the University for Creative Arts. Now based in London, he has spent the last five years documenting the locations of record sleeves photographed in cities around the world.

  • Alessio Pellicoro

    Alessio Pellicoro

    Born in Taranto (1994), Alessio Pellicoro lived there until I came to Rome for University studies. Recently graduated in July 2019, I studied photography for three years at IED Rome (Istituto Europeo di Design).
    I discovered photography when I found some old dusted cameras of his father in a broken bench...
    Photography became the reason of my life and the only way for him to see and describe "...the world behind my house" as Luigi Ghirri would said.

  • Bert Pot

    Bert Pot

    I am a cinematographer with a background in photography.
    In between filming I travel the world with my family to capture my encounters on film with a Hasselblad Xpan and a medium format Rolleiflex.
    Since I shoot fiction as a filmmaker, I turned to reportage/street photography as a reaction to my work behind the movie camera.

  • Hudson Rodrigues

    Hudson Rodrigues

    My name is Hudson Rodrigues, I'm a 38-year-old Sao Paulo based web designer. I was born in Sao Paulo and therefore have a intimate relationship with the city. I started taking fotos here, back in 2007. The street has always attracted me and I have been living its culture since a very young age. I love the people that live in the streets, with all their mistery and follies. There is a peculiarity in them that makes me wants to see more, and then show the world how I feel. In the search of capturing this particular aesthetic, I experiment new ways of shooting street pictures. And I try to find myself in every corner.

  • Manuel Micheli

    Manuel Micheli

    I’m Manuel, an Italian freelance photojournalist based Tuscany. My passion for photography has been around since I was a teenager when my father gave me a film camera.
    I love my job, I just love being a rebel.
    OLYMPUS OM-D E-M1 Mark II + EM1X + Zuiko Lens PRO

  • Laurent Ouisse

    Laurent Ouisse

    Laurent Ouisse was born in Nantes (France) in 1963. Independent photographer since the 90’s, he developed his work in the arts and culture by gathering with creators and artist. He makes long-term reports abroad, especially in India. In 2010, he won the 2d Prix du public at the FIEE at Paris with a subject about India. In 2015, he published his first monographie Delhi and Mumbai. In 2018, Chroniques Nomades Festival “ Des villes et des hommes “ at Auxerre France invited him to exibit his work about the indian subcontinent.

  • Babis Kougemitros

    Babis Kougemitros

    Babis Kougemitros was born in Athens, Greece, in December 1975. He studied Political and International Sciences at Panteion University of Athens. He made his first contact with photography by participating in the Athens University Photographic Circle, where he got acquainted with the works of the classic photographers. That was also the time when he shot his first black-and-white films.
    In 2006 he attended the seminar “Introduction to Artistic Photography” conducted by Platon Rivellis, which helped him deepen his understanding on the work of classic photographers, while providing him his first technical knowledge about digital photography and processing. As a member of the Rivelis’ Photographic Circle, he presented his work at Benakis Museum and participated in the team exhibitions of the abovementioned photographic association many times.
    In 2009 he studied Photography and Audiovisual Arts at the Athens Technical School of Photography. During his studies, he mastered his technical skills and focused his interest especially on artistic photography and the work of major contemporary photographers. His twofold commitment to the technical and artistic side of photography, allowed him to work as a professional photographer while practicing artistic photography in numerous occasions.

  • Tomaso Lisca

    Tomaso Lisca

  • Jan Schuenke

    Jan Schuenke

    Jan Schuenke is German fine art and commercial photographer specializing in architecture, landscapes, and interiors. Born in Starnberg, Germany, in 1978 Jan received an old SLR camera from his father when he turned 14. He is a seasoned and experienced traveler, fascinated by the diversity of culture and nature, which informs
    his perspective for his photography.  From Sydney to Tokyo and Vancouver, Jan has wandered and photographed all over the globe. He now lives and works in Munich and partly in New York. His fine art photography often shows the influence of humans on nature and vice versa and has been exhibited in Frankfurt, Munich, Perth, Seoul and Melbourne.

  • Romain Farge

    Romain Farge

    Romain Farge is a French self-taught outdoor - natural and urban - photographer based in Paris. His work is mainly based on improvisation, observation and capturing the scenes who took place under his eyes.
    With his approach, Romain Farge captures authentic slices of life, suspended moments, and incongruities of life with a photographic eye full of lightness, kindness and poetry.

  • Forrest Walker

    Forrest Walker

    Forrest is an internationally acclaimed photographer from Portland, Oregon, USA. His work has been awarded and exhibited across multiple continents and showcases his passion for documenting the world candidly in vibrant colour with unique interest, along with a love of exploration and fearless drive to take risks and cover life everywhere and anywhere. He is also the sole creator of the highly ranked photography blog, ShooterFiles.com.

    Forrest recently completed his 5 year long photography work covering over 100 major cities across 75 countries and most major regions of the world, where he walked an average of 20km per day photographing all corners of the cities’ life. He focused on capturing both the diversity and connections found in daily life across all regions and cultures, with unposed images that explore the layers of life within major cities and reveal the commonalities of human experience everywhere.

  • Ruth Stoltenberg

    Ruth Stoltenberg

    Ruth Stoltenberg is a photographer based in Hamburg, Germany. Her work primarily focuses on, and sees her intensively engaging with, places that have been shaped, abandoned or left in a state of upheaval by history. Her most important photo projects are the work on the Stasi prison in Berlin and on the Schengen border region. Her works can be found in a number of prominent collections and have been exhibited, recognised and published nationally as well as internationally. Since 2019 she is vice president of the German Photographic Academy.

  • Takanori Kawahara

    Takanori Kawahara

    A photographer living in Japan.

    He is taking pictures of Malawi in Africa and the Mekong river region in Southeast Asia.

    Also, he is proceeding a project in Japan to focus on the industries which are essential for people’s lives, such as agriculture and fisheries.