• Alessandra D'Innella

    Alessandra D'Innella

    Alessandra D’Innella is a lens based artist living in London. Central to her work lies an exploration of the creative process, how this is affected by cultural identity, memory and influences in art from different cultures and traditions and how these factors can aesthetically affect and transform our perception.

  • Arwe Art


    Arwe’s passion for the arts started in his early twenties when he became an avid art collector. At the height of a successful business career, a burn-out caused Arwe to reconsider what was truly important in life.

    His fascination with human behavior and his passion for the arts have merged into a unique creative vision, utilizing the mise en scene as his palet and the ambiguity of human behavior as his voice.

    Working closely with his models, Arwe searches for the moment when they are ready to shed their projected self-images and show who they really are.

    At this moment of release, he registers their true vulnerability and openness.

    In order to reach this state of release and freedom, Arwe lures his models out of their comfort zones with what he calls ‘dramatizing elements’, causing a conflict between the models’ assumed identities and their true self.

  • Evgeny Nuzhaev

    Evgeny Nuzhaev

    Evgeny Nuzhaev (1987) is a design-generalist based in Switzerland. His main focus lies on exploring his own creativity and mapping out his inner-universe.

  • Pietro Baroni

    Pietro Baroni

    I was born in Italy (1977), currently based in Milan.
    I explore social and gender related issue in our society.
    My artistic research investigates the "self", exploring its relationship with the world, with the social and natural space that surrounds the human being.
    Body, identity, and emotions are my key words.
    I got a degree in Natural Science for which I carried out a research project about lions in Tanzania and for five years I had been a geological and naturalistic guide in Iceland and Morocco.
    I visited Sarajevo several times after the war for humanitarian purposes where I shot a documentary.
    I am now working using photography, video, installations and mixed media.
    I am a Leica Camera Ambassador.

    If I could live a different life, I would only swap with an extreme mountain climber: one who pushes his mental and physical limits and makes discoveries.

  • Micaela Mau

    Micaela Mau

    Micaela Mau (born in 1986) is a German-Italian artist. She has studied visual communication at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome and at the School of Visual Arts in New York as well as Foreign Languages and Literature at the Università degli Studi Roma Tre.
    While studying and working abroad in Tokyo, Frankfurt and London she developed an interest in photography, fascinated by the ambiguous relationship between photographic image and reality.
    She currently lives and works in Florence, Italy.

  • Philippe Savoir

    Philippe Savoir

    I am currently working on a series of colors that will be grouped under the title "Sitons" and will include 6 series relating to a color (black, yellow, green, blue, pink and a mysterious color). A color inspired by the encounter of a model, which I don't necessarily know, but which I imagine and dream, trying to reveal it while metamorphosing it by color.

  • Oskar Alvarado

    Oskar Alvarado

    Born in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. He resides in Barcelona where he combines his work as a Photography teacher with the production of personal works. He holds a Bachelor´s Degree in Fine Arts of the Basque Country University, from which he receives a grant to develop the photographic project Conexiones in an artist residence in Arteleku Art Center in San Sebastián.
    Later he moves to Barcelona to study photography and a MA on Curatorial and Cultural Practices in Art and New at Media Center d’Art i Disseny MECAD, ESDI.
    He has been one of the winners of the Helsinki Photo Festival 2018 (Finland) and his work has been selected in different international festivals such as the Voies Off Awards in Arles (France), Solar Foto Festival in Fortaleza (Brazil) and the Addis Foto Fest in Addis Abeba (Ethiopia).

    2017- present. Graduate Diploma in Management, Preservation and Dissemination of Photographic Archives. UAB, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Spain
    2003 MA on Curatorial and Cultural Practices in Art and New Media. MECAD, ESDI. Barcelona, Spain
    1996-97 Grisart International School of Photography. Barcelona, Spain
    1989-94 Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts. UPV, Basque Country University. Leioa – Vizcaya, Spain

    AWARDS & MENTIONS / Selection
    2019 LUCIE FOUNDATION. Chromalux X Fine Art Scholarship. Los Angeles, USA – Shortlisted
    2019 PHOTOESPAÑA. Discoveries PHE19. Madrid, Spain – Selected
    2019 ATHENS PHOTO FESTIVAL. Athens, Greece – Shortlisted
    2019 BELFAST PHOTO FESTIVAL. Belfast, Northern Ireland – Shortlisted
    2019 LIFE FRAMER. Night life. London, UK – Editor’s pick
    2019 FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS. London, UK – Nominee
    2018 HELSINKI PHOTO FESTIVAL. Helsinki, Finland – Winner
    2018 TOKIO INTERNATIONAL FOTO AWARDS. Tokio, Japan – Gold Winner and Honorable Mention
    2018 INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS. Los Angeles, USA – 2nd Place Winner
    2018 SOLAR FOTO FESTIVAL. Fortaleza, Brazil – Selected
    2018 12TH POLLUX AWARDS – THE PHOTOGRAPHY GALA AWARDS. York, UK – Honorable Mention
    2018 PH21 GALLERY. Nocturnal, a Curated International Photography Exhibition. Budapest, Hungary – Selected
    2017 BURN EMERGING PHOTOGRAPHER FUND, Burn Magazine. USA – Shortlisted
    2016 ADDIS FOTO FEST. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Selected
    2016 ATHENS PHOTO FESTIVAL. Athens, Greece – Shortlisted
    2014 VOIES OFF AWARDS. Arles, France – Selected

    2016 Insomnia. La Grey, Space for Contemporary Creation. SCAN Tarragona 2016, International Photography Festival. Spain

    2019 Insomnia. OUT FROM THE MIST. Frank Moran Gallery. Brisbane, Australia.
    2018 Insomnia. PH21 GALLERY. Nocturna, a curated international photography exhibition. Budapest, Hungary
    2018 Insomnia. HELSINKI PHOTO FESTIVAL. Galleria Futura and Kellohalli. Helsinki, Finland
    2016 Insomnia. ADDIS FOTO FEST. Sheraton Addis H. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    2019       Where Fireflies Unfold. BIPA Best 50th photographers,  Valid Foto Gallery. Barcelona, Spain
    2018 Insomnia. SOLAR FOTO FESTIVAL, Centro Dragão do Mar de Arte e Cultura. Fortaleza, Brazil
    2014 Insomnia. VOIES OFF AWARDS, Archbishop’s Palace court-yard. Arles, France

    2019 Where Fireflies Unfold. BURN MAGAZINE
    2019 Mimetic. PHOTO-LETTER
    2019 Insomnia. LIFE FRAMER, Night life Editor’s Pick
    2018 Lucernario. DER GREIF, Guest Room. «Post HomoSapiens» An online exhibition curated by Mónica Allende

  • Ilka & Franz

    Ilka & Franz

    Ilka & Franz are a German/ Austrian photographer duo based in London (UK). Their work blurs the lines between portraiture and still life and is often humorous with an unexpected twist. While their unmistakable use of colour is vibrant and bold, their conceptual undertones are often subtle and of child-like naivety. Ilka & Franz draw their inspiration from pop culture, kitsch and surrealism as they put a playful spin on the ordinary. The duo work on editorial and commercial commissions in the UK and abroad.

  • Navinn Nava

    Navinn Nava

    Originally from Singapore, I moved to Brisbane to pursue my degree in photography as an advertising major and I am doing freelance photography and doing assisting work to learn how the pros do it.

  • Katarzyna Heeringa

    Katarzyna Heeringa

    Katarzyna Heeringa (b. 1969) is a photographer of Polish descent. Upon completing her studies she moved to the Netherlands. At the age of forty-five, after a long career in a different branch, it was time for a change. She decided to enrol at the Amsterdam Academy of Photography (Fotoacademie Amsterdam). This rigorous three-year programme allowed her to fully develop herself as a photographer, to choose the right path and to be where she is now.
    She lives in Woerden.

  • Matei Focseneanu

    Matei Focseneanu


    2019-7 "Home Made Empire", Collective exhibition, Espace Forêt 11, Flon, Lausanne, Curator: Magali Dougoud

    2019-4 "Month of Photography Los Angeles", Collective exhibition, Santa Monica Art Studios, Arena 1 Gallery

    2018-7 "A handful of strange", diploma collective exhibition, Espace Doret, CEPV, Vevey, Switzerland. Curators: Virginie Otth

    2017-7 "Des mondes meilleurs", collective exhibition, Espace Nonante-neuf, Les Rencontres d’Arles, Arles, France, Curators: Mathieu Bernard-Reymond, Virginie Otth

    2017-2 "Évidences du réel. La photographie face à ses lacunes", collective exhibition, Musée d’art de Pully, Pully, Switzerland, Curators: Stefan Burger, Patrick Hari

    2016-9 "Des mondes meilleurs", collective exhibition, Festival Images, Vevey, Switzerland, Curators: Mathieu Bernard-Reymond, Virginie Otth

    2015-9 "Sehnsucht", collective exhibition, Vitrines du Rivage, Vevey, Switzerland, Curators: Reiner Riedler, Publications


    2019-6 Paris PX3, Gold prize. Press, fashion category, for the work "Ici c’est l’aquarium, dehors c’est l’océan"
    2019-5 Moscow International Foto Awards, 1st place (golden winner). Fashion editorial category, for the work "Ici c’est l’aquarium, dehors c’est l’océan"
    2019-5 London International Creative Competition, Honorable mention. Student category, for the work "Ici c'est l'aquarium, dehors c'est l'océan"
    2019-1 Tokyo International Foto Awards, 2nd place (silver winner). Fashion editorial category, for the work "Ici c'est l'aquarium, dehors c'est l'océan"
    2018-10 New York IPA, International Photography Awards, 2nd place. Political editorial category, for the work "Ici c'est l'aquarium, dehors c'est l'océan"
    2018-10 PhotogrVphy Magazine. Nominated to Photography Grant for the work "Ici c'est l'aquarium, dehors c'est l'océan"


    2017-7 "The Fallen", collective publication, Vision Magazine, #169, Beijing, China, Art director: Eric Nehr, Stylist: Elin Björsell

    2016-9 "Album 06", Théâtre de l'Arsenic, collective publication, Lausanne, Switzerland, Directed by: Sandrine Kuster, Giorgio Pesce, Virginie Otth


    2015 - 2018 The Higher School of Photography, CEPV, Vevey, Switzerland, Diploma in Visual Communication Design

    Workshops with Balmer Hählen, Valérie Belin, Philippe Brault, Adam Broomberg, Bureau A, Stefan Burger & Patrick Hari, Asger Carlsen, André Cepeda, Donigan Cumming, Petros Efstathiadis, Gilbert Fasteneakens, Claus Goedicke, Anne Golaz, Geert Goiris, Roberto Greco, Stanley Greene, Yann Gross, Guillaume Herbaut, Bogdan Konopka, Eva Leitolf, Laura Lewinsky, Helen Van Meene, Awoiska van der Molen, Eric Nehr, Christian Patterson, Reiner Riedler

  • Fern Berresford

    Fern Berresford

    Fern Berresford is a London based director and photographer.

    A storyteller with work spanning across film, music videos, TV commercials and photography.

    Fern’s work combines clever concepts with beautifully bold aesthetics.

    She has a witty and distinctive visual style, often creating quirky characters that belong to the weird and wonderful worlds she constructs.

    Whatever the medium, film, TV or photography, Fern’s imagery is full of atmosphere and cinematic drama.

    Her work has been recognised across the industry picking up 2 British Arrows for her commercial work, a film funding prize from Ideas Tap, a nomination for the Young Directors Award at the Cannes Lions and her first film ‘Man Made’ was the winner of Best Film at the Women In Film Festival.

    Fern’s photography has also received numerous awards including D&AD, Creative Circle and the International Photography Awards in New York.

  • Mia Collis

    Mia Collis

    I'm a professional photographer based out of Nairobi. My latest body of work includes a celebrated coffee table book, The Unsung Heroes commissioned by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and Sunday Best at Weekend Studio featured above. I was born in Kenya, educated in Britain with a major in Anthropology.
    Instagram -

  • Julia SH

    Julia SH

    I frequently take pictures of female models with body types that aren’t normally featured in photography. I often frame these models in a fine art context (e.g., by portraying them as sculptures in a museum, paintings, etc.) in an effort to halt the viewer from making an immediate sexual value judgment, and hopefully open the door for the viewer to find aesthetic interest in the geometry and textures that make the models’ bodies unique.

  • Wolf Silveri

    Wolf Silveri

    For 15 years I am working as a freelance photographer (people/ portrait) editorial as well as corporate. B2B and B2C. Born and raised in Austria, based in the Munich area and in Vienna. I work in the studio and on location.

    All my demands for quality, reliability, and dedication. I contribute 100% to my job and my work. To get something good you have to give something of yourself. In fact everything. Whether you like my photographs and my look, I think you have already decided.

    The people that I portray come from many different backgrounds, which is a great asset to my work and to myself. My photographs and my own projects have been published in numerous magazines, campaigns, and books.

    call me +49 176 2353 0809 or write me [email protected]

  • Johanna Laleh Von Holst

    Johanna Laleh von Holst

    Johanna Laleh von Holst is a Berlin based photographer and art director. Her projects are primarily on women, objects and surreal surroundings, while she always tries to flip the obvious around. She sticks to colors, like flies to honey.

  • Pierre-Louis Ferrer

    Pierre-Louis FERRER

    French photographer specialised in infrared and ultraviolet photography, former engineer in optical instrumentation dividing my work between personal artistic series, photography teaching and professional projects in the fields of cosmetic and healthcare.

    My passion for the properties of light and optical sensors, concretized by my scientific studies, directs my photographic work towards a main axis: the imperceptible and the invisible, in the service of dreamlike and offbeat ambiances.

    My first projects are based on long exposure work in urban environments, offering a refined and mysterious vision of places usually populated and agitated.

    In 2012, I began to learn about infrared photography, a niche technique that allowed me to extend the spectrum of my photographs to a world invisible to the naked eye. I’m experimenting a lot with this poorly documented technique. I offer an alternative vision of my environment, borrowed from fantasy.

    Thereafter, I work on ultraviolet photography technique, applied to the human body. I always follow the goal of revealing details that are invisible to the naked eye by revealing a vision that is both raw and fragile to the human being.

    My photographic works also aim to question the spectator on the notion of perceptible and real environment and on his sensitivity to apprehend the world, confronting him with alternative visions of his environment.

  • Leila Fakouri

    Leila Fakouri

    I am a multi-media visual artist focusing on art direction, set design, and photography to create unique and surreal visual content.

  • Iris Kivisalu

    Iris Kivisalu

    Iris Kivisalu (1983) is a photographer currently living in Tallinn, Estonia. She's studied journalism and sociology which both contribute to her unique style of melancholic beauty often paired with documentary storytelling found mostly in portraits, work with creatives, street photography, but her fashion work is more rare. Iris Kivisalu’s work can mostly be described by a very strong orientation to details through a timeless approach. “I’ve never liked to present straight guidelines for reading my material, it’s important that the viewer’s senses will start painting with the canvas I’ve presented. It’s never about pleasing the mind with simple esthetics, it’s more about layering.”

  • Julija Goyd

    Julija Goyd

    I am Lithuanian photographer and artist living in Berlin.
    From an early age I have been interested in the subject of the body and its representation in the arts. My early practices and works try to balance between neutral decay of bodies and its exploitation within social and economic boundaries. Lately my focus has shifted towards more abstract representations involving eroticism and studies of nature, mainly focusing on a subject of water.
    I'm careful not to spoil my interest in water with convoluted interpretations. It is imbued with connotations of eroticism and transcendence, and I am happy if I manage to capture them in my work. But I also try to stay open to other meanings and dive even deeper into exploring water's nature as a physical space. As a result, a viewer is exposed to water’s physical properties, which are not only changing our perception of space and are alien to human’s life, but also are crossover links between imagination and reality.