• Alessandra D'Innella

    Alessandra D'Innella

    Alessandra D’Innella is a lens based artist living in London. Central to her work lies an exploration of the creative process, how this is affected by cultural identity, memory and influences in art from different cultures and traditions and how these factors can aesthetically affect and transform our perception.

  • Mitran Kaul

    Mitran Kaul

  • Arnaldo Abba Legnazzi

    Arnaldo Abba Legnazzi

    Arnaldo Abba Legnazzi is a Milan-based italian photographer.
    In August 2014 he graduated with honorable mention at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. During those years he refined his vision by working with celebrity and portraits photographers like Douglas Kirkland and Joe Pugliese.

    Arnaldo is attracted to photography by the need to record and to document: narrate the world’s protagonists and tell their stories

  • Alexander Newman

    Alexander Newman

    Alexander Newman was born in Oshawa, Canada to Jamaican parents and spent his childhood moving between locations in the Northeastern United States, China, and the Midwest. He graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute with a BFA in Photography in 2017, and has since relocated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he currently lives and works. His work is heavily influenced by the power of the geographic site. Diasporic identities, the uncanny nature of modernized landscapes, and the presence of ancestral power in physical space are all elements which inform his practice. As a visual artist who works primarily with film photography, he sees this medium as a tool to create a complete and infinite observation of space, a process which allows one to pass through a deeply layered present, informed by both memory and spiritual power. He is a part of an artistic collective, In Rapture, where he is the principal photographer, and his sister, Dr. Rachel Grace Newman, is the creative director. His artwork has been featured in internationally circulated publications, as well as in exhibitions in Europe and North America.

  • Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen

    Henriette Ebbesen

    Henriette Sabroe Ebbesen, born April 5th 1994, is currently residing in Copenhagen, Denmark, where she works as a fine art photographer alongside studying medicine at University of Copenhagen. Ebbesen has always been interested in the painting media, but her passion for fine art photography started recently in 2015, when she came to Georgia Southern University, GA, USA on a Rotary Scholarship to study art from 2015-2016. Ebbesen is interested in reflections and uses reflective surfaces to decompose space and objects within the picture frame in order to create surreal effects in her photographs.

    Ebbesen’s photographs have been exhibited both in the USA and Europe, and she has been featured and published by magazines like Blink Magazine, Kaltblut Magazine, Musée Magazine, and Vogue Italy. Ebbesen has also won several awards and honorable mentions in different photography competitions, including two of Life Framer's monthly competitions. Ebbesen's portfolio is currently featured on Photo Vogue Italia with whom she recently exhibited in Milan, November 2017 during "Photo Vogue Festival", a photo festival organized by Vogue Italy.

  • Konstans Zafeiri

    Konstans Zafeiri

    My name is Konstans Zafeiri and I would primarily define myself as an artist rather than as a photographer.
    I experience photography as a means of expression, an invaluable artistic outlet.
    My main need and intention is to explore my inner existence, interpret reality and life, and offer an aesthetic and conceptual alternative to the restrictions we are defined by.
    Our perception, the way we experience the world around us, is severely limited by both our bodies as well as by the societal norms that shape our sense of reality; we are born into boundaries.
    Through my art I aim to fight more and more towards my personal freedom, to defeat my own prejudices, overcome my daemons and share with others this effort of trying to offer an alternative way of thinking.

  • Jeff Blucher

    Jeff Blucher

    Jeff Blucher continues to define his artistic expression through his own balance of calculation and experimentation. He photographs the world around him with intention, creating images that have meaning, beauty, and thought behind them. He is primarily self-taught.
    Jeff enjoys using a variety of cameras and techniques, both film and digital, and has a love for the surprising nuances that can be found in a vintage camera, or even a plastic “toy” camera. He does his own processing and enjoys spending rainy evenings with a fresh roll of film in the darkroom in his home.
    For subject matter, Jeff often chooses natural subjects, and enjoys creating images that show the juxtaposition of man and nature. He is forever enticed by his love of capturing images on film, and his work is characterized by depth, interest, and the hint of story.

  • Erika Ritzel

    Erika Ritzel

    Erika Ritzel lives in Minneapolis. She received her BFA from Webster University in St. Louis and her MFA from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. A majority of her photographic work deals with space, family, memory, nostalgia, and loss.

    She received a grant in 2002 from the Illinois Humanities Council to complete a project on the flood of 1993, which destroyed her father’s hometown; a Minnesota State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant in 2008, 2013, and 2018; and has been selected for the second round of the McKnight Fellowship of Photographers twice. Her work has been exhibited at the Palm Springs Art Museum in California, the Minnesota Museum of American Art in St. Paul, the Minnesota Center for Photography, the Coalition of Photographic Arts in Wisconsin, the Phoenix Art Museum in Arizona, the Medium Festival of Photography in California, the Carlisle Photo Festival in England, and at the GuatePhoto Festival in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

  • Angelo Vignali

    Angelo Vignali

    During my academic and professional experience, I have developed a strong need to communicate my vision of reality to others through an appropriate language.
    Over time i deepened a continuos interest about the human environment, how it is influenced by society and modified by economical interest.I photograph the things that interest me most by exploring various techniques.
    Making and using images gives me a personal key to interpreting reality. It helps me to metabolize and connect different interests such as cinema, literature, history, visual arts, philosophy.

  • Evgeny Nuzhaev

    Evgeny Nuzhaev

    Evgeny Nuzhaev (1987) is a design-generalist based in Switzerland. His main focus lies on exploring his own creativity and mapping out his inner-universe.

  • Natalie Chen

    Natalie Chen

    1994, Taiwan-born, L.A.-based fine art commercial photographer.

  • Simona Bonanno

    Simona Bonanno

    Simona Bonanno was born in Messina, Italy, in 1974, to a family involved in the arts. She received her first camera from her mother when Bonanno was studying photography at the School of Arts in Italy. She has also lived and studied in Paris where she still frequently works. Her photographs have been included in several exhibitions in Europe and abroad.
    She currently lives in Messina, Italy. She works between her city and Paris.

  • Hannah Laycock

    Hannah Laycock

    Hannah Laycock (1982) was born and grew up in the North-east coast of Scotland. Between 2005–2015 she lived in Brighton and London during which time she cultivated her skills in fine-art and commercial photography.

    Hannah specialises in portrait photography, currently inspired by her diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis in 2013. Her subtle, contemplative and sensuous work on MS contributes to contemporary photography, particularly art and portrait photography, and to illness narratives that come in various forms in contemporary culture: from memoirs to performance art. In two of her latest bodies of work, Awakenings and Perceiving Identity she explores her feelings of uncertainty, fear, loss and liberation, intuitively delving into and questioning the notion of neurological ‘lack’.

    This is not the first time Laycock explores illness as Railing at the Enthrallment to the Failing of the Light (Parts I–II, 2009) had documented the emotional terrain of her family’s life following her father’s diagnosis with motor neuron disease.

    Laycock’s two MS related projects correlate to her earlier art and portrait photography; Fragility and Primacy Subject, which deal with fragility, image and desire, and power relations between subject and observer.

    Laycock uses photography as tool to reach out “to help the general population, patients and health professionals to tell and listen to the complex and unique stories of illness” through the use of visual language. “To re-imagine health and wellbeing care based on trust and trustworthiness, humility, and mutual recognition” in order to better understand such conditions as motor neuron disease or multiple sclerosis.

  • Inge Prins

    Inge Prins

    Inge Prins studied Fine Art at Rhodes University, majoring in photography.

    She majored when analog cameras ruled the earth and digital retouching was in its infancy. Because of that solid grounding in technical photography, she always strives to get things right in-camera and she’s known for her meticulous attention to detail.

    Inge works as commercial photographer, based out of Cape Town.
    Inge works regularly for several global Homeware brands and her editorial clients include Monocle, Wallpaper, WSJ and Forbes. She aims to regularly do personal projects and her work has been exhibited locally and internationally.

    She’s also known for her upbeat playlists, boundless energy and the remarkably high number of striped garments in her wardrobe.

  • Ilka & Franz

    Ilka & Franz

    Ilka & Franz are a German/ Austrian photographer duo based in London (UK). Their work blurs the lines between portraiture and still life and is often humorous with an unexpected twist. While their unmistakable use of colour is vibrant and bold, their conceptual undertones are often subtle and of child-like naivety. Ilka & Franz draw their inspiration from pop culture, kitsch and surrealism as they put a playful spin on the ordinary. The duo work on editorial and commercial commissions in the UK and abroad.

  • Lucas Ziegler

    Lucas Ziegler

    Lucas Ziegler, born 1978, is a swiss-based photographer, who has recently finished the art school ZHdK in Zurich. During his studies he started to pursuit his own long-term projects. Also he has started to photograph for several indie magazines. In his work, he focuses on faces but also objects, such as empty paperback-boxes in the city's streets and lumps of dirty snow underneath travel buses. What has started as a childish game with every day objects or empty places, reveals a close look at habits and behaviours – a look into how we consume, love and move forward. Faces, materials, interactions, that’s what catches Lucas Zieglers interest and lets him study topics and things over a long period of time, until he is satisfied with the examination of those objects, or gets bored.

  • Amy DiMare

    Amy DiMare

    I grew up in a place where most people come to vacation. A small corner of Utah's south east desert, Moab. A high aired desert filled with endless adventure, possibilities, and opportunities. I'm one of those people who always returns to my home town, but it's hard not to when home is a such a beautiful place. I make a lot of art about where I'm from but I also like to incorporate my home into art about my travels. Having an amazing home base to always come back to makes it easy to travel but never a pain to come home. My photography is a blend of landscape, city-scape, and an eclectic blend of collage.

  • Mia Krys

    Mia Krys

    Mia Krys is a visual artist currently based in Portland, Oregon. Her work is centered around women, the female form, and movement, pairing old school darkroom techniques with an experimental approach to portray moody, thought provoking narratives.

  • Camilla Piana

    Camilla Piana

    Camilla Piana was born in Autumn, on 1988, in Italy.
    From 2014, she is a documentary fine art photographer.
    Through a cinematographic and contemplative vision of landscape and portraiture,
    her research is focused on the relationship between dream and reality,
    truth and comedy, documentary and poetry. She is working on two long-term projects, one in Eritrea, one in her country of origin. Actually she lives and works in Milan, Italy.

  • Jake Mein

    Jake Mein

    Jake Mein, born in Ngaio, Wellington, 1988, is a photographer based in New Zealand. He holds a BDes (Hons) in Photography from Massey University. His work explores the sense of belonging, home, and the deterioration of familiar places. His recent work has looked into his hometown, Christchurch, following the 2011 earthquake which destroyed the city. Jake’s work has been exhibited locally as well as in shows in London and Australia. His project Six for Gold was published by the independent publisher Bad News Books.

  • Gavin Smart

    Gavin Smart

    I’m a freelance photographer and digital assistant based in Edinburgh. Alongside my professional activities I’m currently studying towards a BA in Professional Photography at Edinburgh College.

    I originally trained as a classical and jazz musician at London’s Guildhall School of Music, before moving to Paris as an artisan baker, working with leading French boulangerie Eric Kayser. My photographic work is as diverse as my background, bringing together many creative elements in my work. I draw particular inspiration from the art, design and photography that I was exposed to during my time in Paris.

    I enjoy working with clients and businesses from all walks of life, capturing their unique stories with authenticity, sensitivity and creative flair. I am comfortable working in many different photographic situations, with a strong interest in composite production and image manipulation, although portraiture and documentary remain close to my heart.

  • Matthias Forster

    Matthias Forster

    Matthias Forster is a swiss-based photographer. He attended a self-taught photographer class and graduated in photography at the Swiss school of journalism. He is primarily working on long-term projects. His field of work are mainly subjects of public and urban space. In the last 15 years he traveled Asia extensively and spent a lot of time exploring major cities. Furthermore he is working on projects focusing on the balancing act between photography and painting.

  • Rob Payne

    Rob Payne

    Rob grew up in sunny Dorset, United Kingdom where days at the beach and long walks in the countryside fuelled his love of natural landscapes. Rob wasn’t born with a camera round his neck, much to his mother’s relief, but started his photographic career in a foundation course at Bournemouth Arts University. Another degree and a lot of practice later, Rob started assisting in London. He was lucky enough to work and learn alongside some of the industry’s big hitters.

    Rob turns the ordinary into extraordinary. He takes everyday scenes, landscapes or objects and creates a unique atmosphere around them using light, colour and composition. This ‘atmosphere’ is hard to pinpoint. It has been described as ethereal and unearthly with an otherworldly feel about it. The atmosphere can of course change depending on the feelings that the picture is trying to evoke. Rob likes to think it’s something that people might easily overlook but once captured in a photograph has a permanence, palpability and quiet beauty for all to see.

  • Navinn Nava

    Navinn Nava

    Originally from Singapore, I moved to Brisbane to pursue my degree in photography as an advertising major and I am doing freelance photography and doing assisting work to learn how the pros do it.

  • Miltiadis Igglezos

    Miltiadis Igglezos

    Miltiadis Igglezos was born in 1981 in Davleia, Greece, where he lives until now. He has studied architecture in the Department of Architecture of University of Thessaly (Volos, Greece) and photography in the Leica Academy (Athens, Greece). He is a freelance photographer. His professional work focuses in architectural photography. His personal work is mainly characterized by the depiction of the transformation of natural, agricultural and urban landscape.

  • Rémi Moreau

    Rémi Moreau

    I was born in France in 1992. I’m graduated from a two year degree in digital graphic design (Paris-2014) and a two year higher degree in fashion image, media and editorial (Paris-2016). I currently live and work in Montreal.

    My work is the development of a magical universe where the visible and the invisible encounter. I want to offer my own perspective - phantasmagoria. To depict a supernatural universe gives me the chance to step away from reality and speak about it from a different point of view.   

  • Alyson Belcher

    Alyson Belcher

    All of my work is united by my obsession with the two most basic elements of photography: light and time. My projects have ranged from self-portraits to abstract landscapes. I have worked with many photographic processes, ranging from the earliest type of camera (pinhole) to the latest in digital technology. New projects are born out of a need to communicate something internally and curiosity about different ways to work with the medium. I look for the relationships between darkness and light, stillness and movement. My subjects usually demonstrate changes that take place slowly over time, whether it’s in nature or the human body.

  • Renata Dutree

    Renata Dutree

    I’m a Dutch photographer and I specialize in staged photography, frequently using social themes as a basis for the works. I like to create my own world.

    I specifically enjoy highlighting certain aspects and ignoring others, a way in which I aim to influence the viewer’s gaze. In a painterly fashion I create portraits of people, still lifes of flowers and dead animals.

    It is an ongoing quest for beauty and inner strength. In a subtle way something or someone unveils a certain message.

    I draw the viewer in, but leave it up to them to discover the more universal aspect of the story.

  • Jill Booker

    Jill Booker

    I am a fine art photographer, living in Winnipeg, Canada.

    I often feel lost in the noise of the outside world and the thoughts that rattle out of control within me. To escape this noise, I seek moments of quiet, of stillness. Of simplicity. Moments of poetry and harmony. For me, these moments are mostly found in nature. The pattern of bare branches on a tree, the curve of a blade of grass, the colour of a flower. These mundane, ordinary things that I encounter in my everyday life make me gasp. I pause, savour them. And for that moment, I find relief from the noise.

  • Cara Louwman

    Cara Louwman

    Cara Louwman (The Netherlands, 1967) is a contemporary fine art photographer specialized in creating images that tells a story. She uses photography as a mean to stage an idea and to present new perspectives on contemporary subjects. Het photographs are characterized by the use of multiple layers. She creates images that are often different from a direct representation of reality. At this moment, Cara is particular interested in portraying the interface between art and science.
    In July 2017, she has completed her study Photographic Design at the University of Applied Photography. Cara's photographs have been exhibited at BredaPhoto Festival (September-October 2018), ZomerExpo in Museum de Fundatie (May-August 2017) and Kamp Amersfoort (from April 2015 onwards).

  • Eddie Ryan

    Eddie Ryan

  • Nina Röder

    Nina Röder

    Nina Röder was born in 1983 in Germany and graduated with a Master of fine Arts from Bauhaus University Weimar with the focus on staged photography. Next to her artistic activities she is a PhD candidate with the research topic about performative strategies in contemporary photography.

    Nina's photographic work is exposing hidden structures of biographical stories in which she is combining aspects of the theatre, performance and stage with the timebased image space of photography. Her photographs have been shown in international exhibitions and photofestivals such as Voies Off Festival in Arles, the European Month of Photography in Berlin or the Goa Photo Festival in India.

    Nina lives and works in Berlin.

  • Zoe Barker

    Zoe Barker

    Zoe Barker often shoots in locations that have been abandoned or are on the verge of major change, and there is a poignancy to these projects that reminds us of the transience of things and the fragility of life. She has always been particularly drawn to domestic settings. Her images are full of stillness and yet also filled with life, the everyday details she captures resonating with the lives of those who have occupied these spaces - portraits in absentia. Seeking out the 'extraordinary in the ordinary,' she believes if you take the time to look you can find beauty anywhere. It could be something as mundane as an old chair, a door handle, a light switch - the beauty is always in the details.

    Zoe has a passion for the qualities of film and shoots on 120 roll film on two very different cameras -  a Mamiya RZ67 and a Holga.

    Zoe is a contributor to Millennium Picture Library. Selected exhibitions include:

    - Honourable Mention in Documentary Category, Julia Margaret Cameron Awards 2019
    - QuayCrafts 'Out of the Box' - Carisbrooke Castle, Newport, 16 Feb - 3 Nov 2019
    - 'RetroSpective' - Solo exhibition at Space5 Gallery, East Cowes, 4 - 28 Oct 2018
    - Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries London - 2017 & 2018
    - Visual Arts Open Finalist - November 2017
    - QuayCrafts 'Out of the Shadows' - Dimbola Museum & Galleries, Freshwater, Oct - Dec 2017
    - 'Out of the Ordinary' (collaboration with Paul Waite) - Paul McPherson Gallery, Greenwich, 7-28 Nov 2015
    - QuayCrafts 'Beyond the Red Rope' Convalescent Home for Officers - Osborne House, 7 Sept - 1 Nov 2015
    - 'Saba - Rust of Time' - Solo exhibition at Dimbola Museum & Galleries, Freshwater, July - Oct 2016
    - Winner Documentary Category British Life Photography Awards, 2015 (Mall Galleries, London) -
    'House of Two Sisters'
    - 'Relative Spaces' - Solo exhibition - Geffrye Museum, London, Oct 2009 - Jun 2010

  • Joel Jimenez

    Joel Jimenez

    Joel Jimenez (b. 1993) is a Costa Rican visual artist based in Barcelona, Spain.

    His work is influenced by the conceptual analysis of space and its possibilities to convey human conditions, emotional and psychological states; and how it correlates with social issues in our contemporary society.

    Throughout his images, he reflects on the dynamics of identity and memory between people and the environment they inhabit.

  • Jules Perrenot

    Jules Perrenot

    Jules Perrenot is a Melbourne-based but French-born photographer. He's currently finishing his Bachelor of Photography at Photography Studies College. Aiming at fashion photography, he believes in displacing, disrupting, classic commercial aesthetics.

  • Nathalie Dekker

    Nathalie Dekker

    Nathalie Dekker (1976, The Hague) is a Dutch photographer, she lives and works in Overveen, near Haarlem and Amsterdam.

    She has a fascination for translating words into images, in the purest simplest way. She jot down words that fascinate her. The words themselves trigger her imagination and she knows how to capture their essence in a contemporary way. The unique way she looks at them is both unexpected and accessible. Just with a little bit of difference and playfulness, she knows how to amaze you with her work.

    Nathalie graduated with honours from the Amsterdam Photo Academy in May 2018. She was selected as New Dutch Photography Talent 2019 by GUP and one of the 100 greatest emerging photographers of Europe, Fresh Eyes 2019 by GUP. The series Wallflower has been selected by Editors' pick of the open call of 2018 by Life Framer and she won 2nd place (Silver Star Award) ND Awards 2018.

  • Wolf Silveri

    Wolf Silveri

    For 15 years I am working as a freelance photographer (people/ portrait) editorial as well as corporate. B2B and B2C. Born and raised in Austria, based in the Munich area and in Vienna. I work in the studio and on location.

    All my demands for quality, reliability, and dedication. I contribute 100% to my job and my work. To get something good you have to give something of yourself. In fact everything. Whether you like my photographs and my look, I think you have already decided.

    The people that I portray come from many different backgrounds, which is a great asset to my work and to myself. My photographs and my own projects have been published in numerous magazines, campaigns, and books.

    call me +49 176 2353 0809 or write me [email protected]

  • Johanna Laleh Von Holst

    Johanna Laleh von Holst

    Johanna Laleh von Holst is a Berlin based photographer and art director. Her projects are primarily on women, objects and surreal surroundings, while she always tries to flip the obvious around. She sticks to colors, like flies to honey.

  • Nina Vossen

    Nina Vossen

    I was born and raised in Almere, Flevoland, The Netherlands, while most of my familie lives spread across the world. Flevoland, a flat and dull, yet pretty area, is my country’s youngest province and the world’s largest artificial island. About a hundred years ago, the Dutch drained a bunch of water and created land in its place. My hometown Almere didn't exist before the 1970s and is still very much developing itself.

    With my personal written and visual stories, I reflect on my identity and how it’s influenced by my culture and surroundings. At the same time, I investigate how the identity of a place can be affected by a person or people. How does this interaction work? I use my thoughts, observations, experiences, conversations with others, and literature to investigate how I relate to my surroundings and the other way around. I am my own case study, because I believe the more personal and intimate a story is, the more universal it becomes.

    You'll often see my photographs and texts combined with each other. I tend to use both media separately as well, depending on the project.

  • Lorella Schoales

    Lorella Schoales

    I currently live in NY with my husband and 3 kids.
    I am a 48 year old artist and I earned my Masters degree in Fine Arts and since have gone on to work as an Art Educator for over 20 years. I tell my students that it’s never to late to do something you love. I decided to take my own advice and turn my passion of photography to the next level and show my images to the world.

    Two of my great passions in life are nature and photography. I seek to document the things I see from different and unique perspectives and to share with others how to “see” things and not just “look” at them. Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it. I want to get people to see things in a new way
    Everything has beauty in it but sometimes you have to look at it from a different perspective to find it. I like to find it in a way that nobody has ever seen before. Even something that is already beautiful has a “beauty secret” which I am determined to find in everything I photograph.
    Im hoping people walk away with a sense of awe and wonderment about my images and appreciating its unique perspective.

  • Cyrille Dubreuil

    Cyrille Dubreuil

    Born in Lyon (France) in 1968, Cyrille Dubreuil studied art history at Paris Sorbonne University, and has specialized in architecture, industry and construction photography for 20 years. He is a member of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) and French professional photographers union (UPP).
    Influenced by the documentary method of The Dusseldorf School of Photography he always looks for straightforward and accurate representation of places and architectures. “Mainly concerned with forms and perspectives, my approach of photography may seem dispassionate and distant but always aims to create emotions with subjects which generally remain unnoticed”.
    In Hong Kong, he worked on city landmarks such as Two International Finance Center and International Commerce Center, the Ngong Ping 360 cable car, the Guangdong Province liquefied natural gas terminal and the CSPC Nanhai petrochemicals Project in China.
    In Paris France and in Milan Italy, he followed the construction of major electric power stations, and worked with several architects, focusing for example the Overlord Museum or the World Expo Belgian Pavilion. That is where he started his work on large-scale logistic platforms.
    Now based in New York he continues to build his personal vision and aesthetic on urban landscapes and the impact brought by technology in recent years.

  • Maurizio Esposito

    Maurizio Esposito

    Maurizio Esposito was born in Naples in 1982 where he lives and works. In 2012 he went to New York to follow the class “Regarding Intimacy" held by Saul Robins at the International center of Photography of New York . During the last year his works has been exhibited in several Museums: at Museo d’arte contemporanea Madre of Naples (2011), Fondazione Forma per la fotografia of Milan (2011), Centro di fotografia d’Autore of Bibbiena (2012). In 2015 he was selected to take part to the second edition of Laboratorio Irregolare, the indipendent masterclass held by Antonio Biasiucci. Last exhibitions: at SMMAVE of Naples (2017), Galleria del Cembalo of Rome (2017), La bottega di Cecè Casile, Milan (2018), Tiefkollektiv/Profondo collettivo 2 Art Festival in Bolzano (2019). Villa Pignatelli – Casa della fotografia, Naples (2020). Roonee 247 art gallery, Tokyo (2020). His works are included in several collection as Collezione Cotroneo (2019) and Luciano Benetton’s collection (2017).

  • Yiannis Trifonopoulos

    John Trifonopoulos

    Yiannis Trifonopoulos (b.1986) is a graphic designer and a photographer based in Kavala, Greece. He is a member of Photoclub of Kavala since 2015. He has attended workshops with Eleni Mouzakiti and Stratos Kalafatis.

  • Frederike Kijftenbelt

    Frederike Kijftenbelt

    Frederike Kijftenbelt (1978) is a Dutch photographer living in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.
    She is intrigued by small everyday details striking her eye. Often unnoticed but with a particular kind of beauty. A recurring theme in her work is how men and nature should and can coexist - both in conflict and in harmony. After having worked in journalism and marketing, Frederike started studying at the Amsterdam Photo Academy in 2018.

  • Michael Koch

    Michael Koch

    Michael Koch was born 1973 in Braunschweig, he lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany.
    He studied communication design, art and photography and history of photography in Essen,
    at Folkwang University, from 1998 to 2004 (Diploma).
    His photographic work is exhibited internationally.

  • Shinya Masuda

    Shinya Masuda

    Shinya Masuda was born 1965 in Nagoya, Japan. He currently lives in Tokyo.
    A French chef turned photographer.
    After graduating from Nagano Art and Design School, majoring in Visual Communication Design, he worked as a commercial photographer at photography department of design production company.
    He then met Mr. HASHI, the Action Still Life photographer in New York, and studied under him for a year and half at HASHI STUDIO TOKYO. He now works as an artist.
    In 2013, after winning an award at art competition in London, he has begun working internationally.
    In 2018, he participated at World Photo Festival in Italy and Contemporary Photography Biennale in Paris for the first time.
    In 2019, with support from The Center for Fine Art Photography, his first solo show in United States will open in October.

  • Dorota Kozieradzka

    Dorota Kozieradzka

    Dorota Kozieradzka
    Photographer, painter. Born in Poland.
    Graduated from the Faculty of Painting of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (2007). Began her photography studies at the Direction of Photography Department of the Łódz Film School in 2018.
    Finalist of biennales, festivals and contests such as Starak Family Fundation Challenge, Fish Eye (2006, 2011), Bielska Jesień (2007), Warsaw Festival of Art Photography (2007), Siemens Fine Art Award contest (2007), Art Supermarket (2007) She is a Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Scholarship "Young Poland" laureate and co-founder of Projects: Fontainebleau (Centre of Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, 2009 ), "The legend" (Studio Gallery, Warsaw, 2011). Finalist of Siemens Art Award Competition (2007). Works in home and abroad collections e.x. Dietrich Mateschitz, Luciano Benetton Collection: Imago Mundi collection.
    Here works were shown at Preview Berlin Art Fair 2012.

  • Seyhan Camgoz

    Seyhan Camgoz

    Seyhan Camgoz is a Melbourne based photographer and creative artist, known for her storytelling approach. She is equally interested in the moments and her works consist of sequences to implement these moments on still photographs.

    "I am not interested in what something looks like, I am passionate about to explore what it feels like while photographing my subjects."

    Her work and style are influenced by many different aspects of historical art. She likes to look at pictures and all kinds of art forms from history to inspire and create her compositions. She can get obsessed with anything if she observes long enough.

    Her works feature an array of subjects, including celebrity portraits, female nudes, self-portraits, and still-life images. Her Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in photographing came before her further education studies in photography and film. Seyhan graduated in Master of Photography by the Deakin University of Melbourne, Australia.

  • Eduard Zentsik

    Eduard Zentsik

    Eduard Zentsik is a prolific Estonian-based artist of many faces. He’s developed radically different artistic personas, refusing to link his name to a single signature style, technique, or theme. Instead, Zentsik mixes genres and media and playfully subverts the traditions of old.

    Painter, photographer, graphic artist, designer, author of installations, performances and musical improvisations. Organizer of youth exhibitions and projects. For over years of creativity had more than a hundred personal exhibitions and took part in numerous joint projects. Participant and winner of international Photographic and Art competitions. Numerous works are in private collections around the world.

    My overall impression is that your work is very strong, well-formed and cohesive. It’s engaging, absorbing and playful, and you exhibit a clear technical ability alongside adeptness for storytelling and art. It’s the type of work that has an immediate visual draw, but then offers elements that slowly reveal themselves and linger, and that’s a powerful combination. It’s the type of work that I return to with anticipation.

    Let’s start in detail with your artist statement. While your images should speak for themselves, an artist statement is something that many photographers overlook, or hastily pen before sending their finished work out for review. I encourage all photographers to put the same care into crafting a statement as their photographic work.
    I don’t feel like your statement does your work justice.
    It’s too cumbersome and confusing. While statements can be poetic, unless written extremely well they can come across as pretentious or awkward. I would encourage you to try to write something more straightforward and less metaphorical. Avoid jargon and convoluted or flowery language unless it has a specific role. Also, don’t give technical details. It’s your opportunity to plant seeds in the viewer’s mind, to offer contextual background, or hints towards understanding your work’s meaning – perhaps the more unusual or important aspects. You want your viewers to engage with your work on their own terms, but you also want to give them an upfront opportunity to care. It also helps to add a splash of your personality and use the first person.
    Perhaps it’s something you could explore in discussion with a fellow photographer, a passionate friend, or even better, an editor or critic? Engaging in a dialogue may help you hone in on what you really want, or need to say.

    Moving on to subject matter and viewpoint, or in other words the overall thematic impression of your work, your work is strong in both regards – an interesting perspective on a fascinating subject. I feel like I’m diving into a white world with you, and I can feel your personality as a photographer shining through. It is clear that you have engaged with the subject deeply. This is no mean feat – it can be harder to find something new in areas that many photographers have already trodden – and so I admire it hugely.

    Technique is of course fundamental, and a cover-all term for a range of elements – composition, framing and focal point, use of lines, perspective, layers and negative space, exposure, sharpness, depth of field and so on and so on. Like all good art, there are no hard and fast rules for what’s right or wrong, but that doesn’t negate the need for a general level of proficiency, and generally the best photographers know which rules they’re breaking.
    You exhibit a fantastic technique which is a joy to review. High-key photography isn’t easy, but your images are fascinating.
    Your style of composition is simple and artful. I’m particularly drawn to image 7 for example where the elements combine effortlessly.
    You display a real command of your camera, but there’s a level of uniqueness and personal style that shines through too. I feel like a particular photographer took these pictures, rather than any photographer.
    You employ fantastic use of light and shadow – each image has all the details it needs to catch the viewer’s attention.
    Post-processing can be divisive, but your use of it is elegant and strengthens each image, rather than overpowering them.
    Well done!

    And finally on to image sequencing and editing, which although I’m discussing last, is something often overlooked but fundamental to the ways in which your work will be interpreted by the viewer. By carefully considering the order in which your images are viewed you guide the viewer on a journey – perhaps a chronological one, or one that ebbs and flows, or one that’s jarring. It’s a subtle, but powerful tool for influencing how a viewer interacts with your work.
    I think further consideration is needed. While you may or may not have started about sequencing and editing, it strikes me as something you should reflect on more deeply.
    There’s no clear narrative or flow from image to image. How do you wish to guide the viewer, and what rhythm do you want to create? I don’t get a sense that this has been considered. For example, you may wish to take images that are visually similar (e.g. images with forests or images with fields) and space them out across the visual journey. Or you may wish to start the viewers in one place (for example, inside the city) and leave them somewhere totally different (in the middle of the nature).
    You may also want to think about initial and final impact. Or in other words, starting and ending with your best images in order to make your viewer want to see more from the start, and leave them with a strong impression at the end. I feel that images 2 and 7 are the strongest – if you agree, think carefully about where you position them.

    Thanks so much for sharing your work with me. It’s a privilege to be able to review photographers’ work, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know yours. You have a very impressive and rounded body of work, and so there were few areas in which I could provide real constructive criticism. Nonetheless, I hope you found my thoughts to be valuable, and I hope it provides you with some ideas on which to reflect. You’re producing some fantastic work, so keep it up!

    COLORS – We’re delighted to announce the winners from our seventh theme of this edition, judged by Marion Tandé - Manager of the Department of Photography at MoMA, New York.

    Honorary Mention by Eduard Zentsik (@photo_zentsik).

    Life Framer comment - "An amusing slice of life, with the bright primary colors of the ponchos filling the frame at odds with the boredom of the spectators as they wait out the rain for the sport to recommence. By turning his lens away from the action (or here lack of it) and towards the audience, Eduard gives us a frame full of expressions to pour over."